Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Benson Union Winners for Cash & Prizes!

Finally the results are out for Benson Union's Cash & Prizes!

Benson Union, one of our Top Most Favorite Program who never went down to ranks lower than 3, released a newsletter today for the winners of their latest promo - Cash & Prizes.

Offering 1.2-2.45% per day for 170 business days, Benson Union is now considered to be one of the best long term programs today with a lifetime of 280 days to date. If you want to know the full detail of the said program who has been dominating our Survey Poll every week, you can click here.

Last week, they had a promo for their representatives who are very much active in promoting the said program. Winners are decided basing on how much referral commissions the representatives get and how much active referrals (referrals who deposited) they get.

The winners of the said promo are the following!

You can also view the list here:

Top Most Favorite HYIP Programs (Week 3)

It is now the third week of this month’s Top Most Favorite Programs in the HYIP Industry! Everyone is very excited to know who will be the reigning top program of the month.

But for the time being, we are going to take note of the programs that are included in this week’s Top Most Favorite Programs.

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PrimeX7: Currency Exchange & The Battle of the Primes

PrimeX7, our current number 1 in the Top Most Favorite Program Ranking, has sent out a newsletter today regarding the integration of currency exchange in their program. They are also reminding everyone about the nearing of October 30, 2012 wherein the said program will finally be celebrating its first month. And together with the celebration will be prizes for the first referral contest.

We can divide the said promo into two category - 1) The Battle of the Primes & 2) The Ultimate Prime.
The first category decides a winner by how much referral commissions he or she gets and there will be three winners for the said category. On the other hand, the second category decides the winner depending on how many active referrals he was able to get during the said period of promo. There will only be one winner in this category.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

Currency Exchange is currently available.

You can go to your back office, and then choose "Exchange Currency".
Rate might be different from time to time.

Also, "The Battle of the Primes" is OPEN for celebrate our upcoming birthday !

The rule is very simple. Whoever gets the biggest amount of referral commission from October 23 until the celebration of our very first month of PrimeX7 which is on October 30 gets the title "The Ultimate Prime." There will also be consolation prices for the 2nd and 3rd placers.

Prices are as follow:
1st Price : $200
2nd Price : $150
3rd Price : $100

We do understand also that it takes great interpersonal and social skills to represent a company. As means of our gratitude we will also be giving a consolation price to the representative who gets to have the most number of active referrals. The said representative will then get the title "The Mega Prime" and will receive a bonus of $100!

Have Fun and Enjoy

Diamond Asset Second Month Online

Diamond Asset, one of our TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS offering a daily interest rate of 1.8-2.5% daily for 120 business days plus your principal back, is celebrating their 2nd month on business today.

Diamond Asset had been consistently in the rankings and considered to be one of the good long term programs today.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Client,
Today 23rd October, 2012 marks our 2nd month online. We use this moment to thank all our members for their great support towards the growth and progress of Diamond Asset.

We are also grateful to MONITORS and promoters for their continuous support.

For any questions please us an email to [email protected]

Best Regards,
The Support Team."

Phinanci Surprise Prize

We received a newsletter from Phinanci today regarding some easy cash prices that can be availed by simply posting your payment proofs on Facebook, Money-maker-group and TalkGold and increasing public awareness.

Phinanci offers two investment plans which is the 20 days expiry and 50 days expiry. The first plan gives you a daily return rate of 6% with daily net profit of 1%. You profit will be received as one time together with your principal upon day 20 and thus you have to wait for 20 days before you can request for cash out. The minimum deposit amount is $10. Total ROI is 20%. The second plan offers a daily return rate of 3% per day and 1% daily net profit. In this plan, you can request cash outs daily for 50 days with minimum deposit of $50 and an ROI of 50%.

There are two programs for these, namely "I love Phinanci" and "Share our Alexa Ranking." The goal of the said two programs is to promote awareness to the public about the said website.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Surprise Prize
We are running two small prize giveaways on our Facebook page as well as in our forum threads in MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold.

"I love Phinanci"
Post your payment proof on our Facebook page or on our MoneyMakerGroup TalkGold threads and win random monetary surprise awards directly to your payment account. Only requirement is to include in your post "I love Phi", "I love Phinanci" or anything that follows the same notion.

Share our Alexa rank
Share our growing Alexa rank on your Facebook wall and win a prize of $5 USD directly to your payment processor. The only two requirements are that your Facebook account is public and you that you are a member of Phinanci.

You can find the Alexa rank post on our Facebook page:

Good Luck to All! And Have Fun!

Team Phinanci
Follow Phinanci on Twitter and Facebook"