Friday, October 26, 2012

Finvance Free Exchange System

Finvance, one of the most successful HYIP and one of our Top Most Favorite Program and is offering an 8% daily for 28 days, sent out a newsletter today regarding their unique FREE EXCHANGE SYSTEM.

As one of the leading programs in the industry and over 50,000 active members, Finvance can easily be categorized as a the most successful program. One of the adverse effects of having too many members in the account is the possibility of database crashes. This is actually a normal incident considering the fact that the information could overload the database.

Unfortunately, Finvance experienced a technical issue today regarding their unique FREE EXCHANGE SYSTEM. As a resolution, they have already escalated the issue and a term around time is provided by their service technicians to be fully optimized early next week.

Nevertheless, all transactions are still on going and is up to date.

Latest HYIP Added: Majestic Profits + Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added a new program in My Own List today. MajesticProfits is a brand new program that opened two days ago. It offers six investment plans and varies depending on how much you are going to deposit.

The minimum amount for deposit starts at $20 and with 2.8% daily interest for 65 calendar days and goes as high as 5% daily for a $10001 deposit.

MP JUNIOR2.8% daily65 days$20 $1,500
MP START2.9% daily65 days$1,501 $3,000
MP POPULAR3.0% daily65 days$3,001 $5,000
MP ADVANCE3.5% daily65 days$5,001 $7,500
MP PERFECT4.0% daily65 days$7,501 $10,000
MP PRO5.0% daily65 days$10,001 No limit

One thing that also sets MajesticProfits apart is the 4-level referral system. Unlike other referral systems, there is a limit to how many referrals can be registered in a specific level. Level A offers 6% for 1-10 referrals, Level B offers 5% for 11-15 referrals , Level C offers 4% for 16-22 referrals and Level D offers 2% for 23 up referrals. It also ALLOWS multiple accounts in one IP address which is actually rare in the industry.

Although I am not a fan of compounding, MajesticProfits has a compounding feature which you can set up at desired rate. They also offer principal return feature at the end of term. This will then give you further good earnings upon maturity.

MajesticProfits accept deposits from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and BankWire Deposits. For cash-outs, you will be able to receive your requested amount either instantly or within the next 12 hours if the instant feature fails with a minimum of $0.01 required to make a request.

On the technical side, MajesticProfit runs off with a licensed GoldCoders script and is fully SSL-encrypted by the now very established Comodo to protect your personal information. It is also hosted by a dedicated server of AntiDdos.

The wordings of the said site are pretty mashed up. This means that you can notice some copy-paste sentences common on different programs, so I will not go further in this section.

For support, you can either reach them through a live chat support (unfortunately, I was never able to verify since I have not chat with the customer support despite having an "online" button and is only prompted to send a message instead) and an email support if they are not around. You can also reach them on their official Facebook website or follow them on their tweeter account.

But what I like most about MajesticProfits is that despite how young this mid-long term program is, it is already registered in multiple monitoring sites which is a big plus. In fact, this is one of the few programs that have so many monitoring sites registered right off the bat. We can have a good conclusion that enough time and marketing planning has been put into it  before its launching.

Nevertheless, since we are in the HYIP industry and there is no definite results as to what and which programs are going to last, I strongly advise to always take the necessary precaution and exercise due diligence. Consider investing in MajesticProfits as part of your wide and diverse portfolio. Lastly, invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose.

Featured Program of the Month Interview Part 2

The HYIP Bulletin proudly brings you once again our Featured Program of the Month. The Featured Program of the Month section brings you exclusive first hand news, updates and interviews from the admin of the program themselves.

Our featured Program for this month is no other than our current Top Most Favorite Program, PrimeX7. we have already done our first interview with them (found here) and we are once again gathered to get to know more about PrimeX7 through the admin herself - Marion "Blue" Bumbacher.

So seat back, relax and enjoy the show! PrimeX7 Interview Part 2

PrimeX7 Latest Surprise Treat

PrimeX7, our currently reigning Top Most Favorite Program and offering 7% daily for 23 days and other diverse investment plans such as 157%-207% after 7 to 28 days sends out another surprise treat for us all.

A few days ago PrimeX7 sends out an invitation to all the members of the said program to participate for "The Battle of the Primes" contest. This was originally designed to help the company grow and to ultimately celebrate the program's first month online.

Today, they have added another exciting mechanics to the said contest to heat things up for the celebration of their first month. I would say that everyone can participate in it and everyone can definitely benefit from it. A 7% bonus will be given to all those who will be doing a deposit via their payment processors and another 3.5% bonus for those who will be depositing via their account balances in the next 7 days.

Here is the entire newsletter:

"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

One of our main goals in PrimeX7 is to share with you the feeling of belongingness, uniqueness and true ease. To emphasize on this matter, we have already brought you "The Battle of The Primes" for our existing family members. - But what about the new members?

It is time for us to reveal the true meaning of PrimeX7
Prime is equivalent to first in excellence, while X is for extraordinary and seven is for luck! 
And to heat things up, we will be activating -----
the 7% extra bonus button to all deposits done from payment processors 
AND 3.5% for deposits from your account balance for the next 7 days starting today!

Looking forward to our first month's online celebration!


TivSol Newsletter

TivSol, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and reviewed here recently added has sent out a newsletter today which is composed of three topics - appreciation, expectations and mass advertising/campaign. 

Although TivSol has just started in the industry and has been online for merely a week (6 days to e exact), they have already become one of our Top Most Favorite Programs in a very short span of time. With hundreds of sign ups every day, Philip Soller who is the director of the said program cannot help but thank all the members and new investors for the trust and support they have shown to TivSol.

Philip is also setting up some expectations to the members with regard to the very innovative plan and application of payoneer cards which is exclusive to its members. Although this may take up some time, and perhaps up to a couple of weeks, the company is making sure that the processing of the said cards will be done in the utmost timely manner. 

TivSol is also encouraging all the members to continually support the program by sharing the news about them on the different social medias and blogs online. They are also asking their members to continue to vote and rate for them in the different monitoring sites and forums. 

Lastly, TivSol has vowed to provide only the best services to their members by issuing pay outs within minutes to 24 hours and to make sure that all inquiries and concerns are attended right away. If by the case that you are not satisfied with their services, you are very much welcome to send out a complain or suggestion letter to their complaints department at [email protected]

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Most Valued,
It is with great pleasure that I the director; Philip Soller of Total Investment Solution (Tivsol) write you today’s news update, I am pleased with the reception from the online industry since the very day of opening Tivsol up till this date. Anyway not a long update just to inform you of what to expect this coming weeks and give my words of appreciation.

Appreciation: It’s not a matter of how beautiful our website is; off course they are many more beautiful websites out there or even a case of our personnel, by conviction you choose to join Tivsol believing we will render you the best of online profit making and advertising solution, for this I say Thank you. I am most delighted with every participant of Tivsol, you’re all great people and we hope to continually offer you the quality of services you all desire which is the very BEST.

Expectations: We are still trying to finalize the issuance of Tivsol payoneer cards to our members, from the look of things this might take a few more weeks however we want you all to have your minds relax while looking forward to positive results.

Secondly, Mass advertising /campaigns would be going out, we shall be published in blogs and seen on top forums and monitoring website and we look forward to seeing some of your contributions, login to Talkgold, MMG, DTM, MNO Forum e.t.c, drop a line of what you think about Tivsol, also try to make honest votes this could help strengthen our program as well as serve you better.

Generally, all withdrawal requests are been processed in a minute to 24hours and we address all members with respect, attending to their individual needs and requests, if we have not served you right kindly send a mail to [email protected], it is our policy to treat all members with respect hence we want to evaluate our services and how we need to improve.

Thanks my friends I shall be reaching you from time to time, for now I would like to leave you with my daily quote “As a matter of fact we run Tivsol but it’s all about you”

Sincerely Yours,
Philip Soller

Finvance New Pay-Out Schedules

Finvance, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and definitely one of the largest HYIP in the industry sent out a newsletter today. It is worth taking note that despite multiple attempts of defaming the company in to put it down, and multiple attempts of creating falsified ratings in the different monitoring boards, Finvance has remained one of the fastest growing and most successful program in the industry.

Offering a daily rate of 8% for 28 days, Finvance has already surpassed the milestone of over 50,000 active members and is continually growing everyday. Finvance has been online for more than 100 days now servicing the 4 major payment processors, namely Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Having witness on how great wonderful their team have been doing, it is of no mystery that have long proven to the HYIP industry how a great this program has become already.

As the company shows, it is their intention to maintain the quality of work that they are servicing to the members. With hundreds and thousands of old and new members signing up or depositing on the system every day, it is of no wonder that Finvance has already reached more than 4 MILLION deposits in the account. The sheer volume and number being put into the system and into their people is so great that they have to device  plan to maintain the caliber of work they have for their people.

Thus to buffer up the said program, they have decided that the original processing time be changed from within 24 hours to 48 hours for Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay while 48-72 hours for SolidTrustPay which is the most used currency. This change will not affect much since Finvance's dedication to customer service and satisfaction will remain of top quality.

If by the case there will be missing deposit issues, Finvance advises you to send out an email to their support team with subject \"Missing Deposit"\.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Finvance Members,

Finvance has surpassed 50,000 active deposits and continues to grow at an amazing rate daily as we pass 100 days online paying to four e-currencies daily: Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Finvance has proven itself as the top choice for investors.

Due to our rapid growth we are instituting a new payout schedule to provide the best service possible to all our investors. It is a measure we are putting in place before our workload reaches that point, so you will see that we have changed payout times even though the majority of our investors receive their payouts well before the stated time in our FAQ.

Withdrawal requests to Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay are paid within 48 business hours and the time of day is subject to the change on a daily basis. SolidTrustPay Withdrawals are paid within 48-72 business hours. There is not a set time period for processing withdrawals.

You may view our full FAQ here:

For those experiencing missing deposit issues with EgoPay or SolidTrustPay, please submit an email with the subject \"Missing Deposit\". In the contents of the email, please include your username and the COMPLETE transaction details in text format.