Saturday, October 27, 2012

HotBestFund, GoldenEconomy and AfriInvestment on Problem Status

Latest Update on our problem status programs are HotBestFund, GoldenEconomy and AfriInvestment. These three programs have already stopped paying so please do not invest further.

On the other side of the story, SiriusUnion and Monetary Club are now on the Scam Listing.

Finvance Starts Weekly Newsletter

Finvance, one of our Top Most Favorite Program and undoubtedly one of the best and most successful program today have sent out their very first weekly newsletter today. Finvance offers 8% daily for 28 business days with a minimum of $20 as deposit. They accepts all major currencies such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. What sets them apart from the other programs, which is also one of the major reasons as to why the program has become extremely sucessful is its unique FREE CURRENCY EXCHANGE. This means that you can request a different currency as a means of payment without any charge.

Newsletters have become a practice by admins to keep their members updated with the program's current status, but often times used only when programs or certain programs or promo arise.

This move is a very good initiative by Finvance, although not unique, but considering the fact that they are now one of the biggest program in the industry, it is necessary to keep their members updated from what is happening from time to time.

The said newsletter talks about the total acitve deposits of the account which has already reached a "WOW" amount of $6.5M ($6,500,000.00) USD. Considering the achievements of the said program, I do not think that there could be exagerration in here, and if ever there is then it definitely is not that much since clearly Finvance has already proven its worth and backed up with the sheer number of active members they do have.

Finvance is already reminding their members of the current pay out schedules which was changed 2 days ago. With the number of accounts that their system is doing and cash outs also done manually for security reasons, it is not a mystery that some cash outs can reach up to 48 hours, or even 72 hours for those having STP as currency.

Lastly, Finvance has to deal with the overload system of the FREE CURRENCY EXCHANGE. Most of the members have come for this particular feature of the program and we can have a theory that this system has been used, over used, and perhaps misused by the members (we do not have a definite and concrete proof or say to this) but I think this is a very good moment for the company to replenish funds which could have gone dry over the past few weeks.

Nevertheless, Finvance has, have and will remain strong for the next days to come. Like I've said, at this point in time already, Finvance has nothing more to prove.

"Hello Investors,

We are going to be starting an end of week newsletter and this is our first! It will address Finvance as a whole and also allow everyone to peek into Finvance a little as well. As of today, Friday, we have over $6.5m ($6,500,000.00) USD in active deposits. That is an amazing increase in active deposits for one week. Today, Friday alone, we processed over $280,000 in withdrawals. Missing deposits will be added throughout this weekend (Interest is earned Monday through Friday). Please be patient with our team if you have submitted the missing deposit information to us.

I would also like to re-iterate our payout schedule. It is extremely important all our members are aware of this, as there are less and more withdrawal requests on a day to day basis. Our workload fluctuates, so we have set this timeline below so we have workable room to provide every investor a positive experience with Finvance.

Liberty Reserve Withdrawals: Up to 48 Business Hours
Perfect Money Withdrawals: Up to 48 Business Hours
EgoPay Withdrawals: Up to 48 Business Hours
SolidTrustPay Withdrawals: 48-72 Business Hours

Our exchange system is under a technical maintenance, and I am expecting it to be online by the beginning of the new work week or possibly even late Saturday or Sunday. Thank you to the over 10,000 members who on a daily basis use our free exchange system. We are excited to offer it and get it back online again for you.

As always, we urge all our members to read our FAQ:

Thank you for making Finvance #1 in this industry and helping Finvance continue to break membership and investment records each and every week. This passed week was no exception. We not only broke our single day amount of investments record this week, but we also broke our new membership weekly record this week.


Top Most Favorite Program of The Month Climax

Good day everyone. The HYIP Bulletin started doing ranking survey this month of October with the intention of trying to identify the Top Most Favorite Program. Having said this, we created a survey form wherein all HYIP investors and players can vote for their favorite program.

It is with great pleasure and honor that the said Survey has now become one of the most anticipated rankings in the industry. I am very grateful to all the help and support that you guys have, but most specially to the subscribers. Without you guys, The HYIP Bulletin will not be able to attain such victory.

Now that the last week of the month has come, we are very much excited to see the very first program that will be placed in our Top Most Favorite HYIP Of the Month Hall Of Fame.

We invite you to continue voting for the said survey and see it through as we crown our very first Top Most Favorite HYIP Program of the month.


Sirius Union and Monetary Club on Problem Status

We received a warning update from the monitoring boards that Sirius Union and Monetary Club has stopped paying today.

Please do not invest further in these programs unless advised.

Diamond Asset Weekly Update

Diamond Asset, one of the programs who is consistently in our Top Most Favorite Programs, sends out its usual weekly report today. Nothing new has changed in the said program except for the usual and prompt cash outs. Diamond Asset has become a very good and stable program now and is also one of my favorites.

Diamond Asset is a long term HYIP offering 1.8-2.5% daily for 120 business days. At the end of the term, they are also offering your principal back. It also offers a referral commission of 5% for every deposits done. They are also inviting everyone to follow them in their Facebook and twitter accounts to receive news and updates about the said program faster.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Client,

Thank you for maintaining investment relationship with Diamond Asset.

This is to inform you that all Interest Payments for this week has been successfully processed. We appreciate your patronage and invite you to FOLLOW us on Facebook and Twitter, this will enable you to get our Latest News and Updates faster;


Best Regards,
Support Team."

PrimeX7 Bonuses Now Sent

PrimeX7, current TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM and our current featured program of the month and is offering 7% daily for 23 days or 157-307% for 7 to 28 days sends out a reminder to their members before ending the weekdays. You can see the full interview of their, Blue, here.

PrimeX7 has been growing tremendously fast lately and has been receiving very good reviews from their members. This is all thanks to the dynamic admin headed by Blue. PrimeX7 is once again reminding their members about the existing promo bonus of 7% for direct deposits from payment processors and 3.5% from account balances which will be lasting until the 31st of this month in celebration for the upcoming 1st month of the program.

As a weekly practice, she is also informing everyone that all transactions of Perfect Money and EgoPay have been processed while Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay are on progress.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

Hope you have enjoyed your 7% / 3.5% Extra Bonus for your deposit.
Perfect Money and EgoPay Withdrawals have all be processed.
LR and STP are still in progress.

Please be patient and we will not miss you request.
Enjoy the weekend and PrimeX7 are still working and paying during the weekend. 


NewGNi Newsletter

One of out TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM and can be considered as one of the legendary HYIP because of the longevity and stability of the program has sent out a newsletter after a long silence.

NewGNi, perhaps the longest running program offering 1% daily or 6% weekly with an option for principal returned after 180 days, in the industry wants to say hello to us all and of course the most effective way to do so is via a newsletter. The reason why we have not heard from there for a while is because of the fact that there is nothing much of a change that has happened in the program. It has remained strong and stable. Nevertheless, just like any good programs, it has to say its hi and hellos from time to time. 

Another good reason as to why NewGNi has sent out a newsletter is because of the fact that SolidTrustPay today cannot be access which leads to some delays in the payments. This definitely needs to be explained to the members of NewGNi or it could start a panic having the notion that it has been silent for a bit. This is to break that wrong idea.

Lastly, they are also reminding their members of the existing Sweepstakes contest for the month of October 2012. This is in connection to the new emerging payment processor who is become more and more popular. They will be giving out three lucky winners of $50 PexPay funds.

If you want to know more about the details of the said sweetstakes, you can be directed here.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear clients, friends and fans 

After two weeks absence from sending out newsletters, I think it's time to touch base and to say Hello.

Nothing really happened during the last couple of weeks - so there was no need to issue a newsletter, but as we all know no news are good news!

We have achieved our goal of a very stable gradient growth over the last few months and are therefore very pleased how newGNi evolved during the course of 2012.

Now - while I am writing to you, Chris informed me that SolidTrust Pay is currently not loading, happened just during the time we usually process withdrawal requests. So if you are expecting a SolidTrust Pay withdrawal request - we will try again later and if we can't connect by then, we will process them by tomorrow morning. We won't let you wait until Monday!

Before I go, please allow me to remind you about our Sweepstakes contest for the month of October 2012:

This month we are giving away three times $50 in CASH to your PexPay account - the new emerging payment processor from the U.S., which is becoming more and more popular among our members. You can participate in our monthly competition here or via our Facebook page. The competition closes at noon (GMT) October 31th.

Until next time, take care and all the best,

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