Monday, October 29, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Now Accepts Payment Via PexPay

Good day loyal subscribers. I have very good news for you. I are happy to inform everyone that The HYIP Bulletin is partnered with PexPay. We are also very happy to announce that The HYIP Bulletin now accepts payments via the said payment processor.

PexPay is one of the latest emerging and preferred payment processor of the online market and is also becoming a widely accepted payment processor in the HYIP industry.

In the next few days, The HYIP Bulletin will be conducting an exclusive interview with the CEO of PexPay. If you have some questions, comments, concerns or suggestions that needs to be addressed during the said interview, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

Tune in for the said interview to be published soon!

Latest HYIP Added: FRMOEG + Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added a new program in My Own List today. Frmoeg, the latest program created by Jacob has now been finally released. For those who do not have any idea who this admin is, Jacob was the previous owner of the program IntraFunds which was forced to close shops after 2 weeks time due to some "difficulties." Nevertheless, do take note that he is the first Admin to explicitly admit that he is running a ponzi scheme and also the first I know that sent out refunds after the program's closure. I am not sure as to why he has done this, which some are even speculating that he might just be leading investors into the new program which will not last long again, but a refund is a refund and it is up to you guys if you are going to join the said new program or not. Also do take note that he has mentioned in this news program that this will be his last  and if things do not go out well once again, he still is going to issue refunds.

Frmoeg is an abbreviation for Fei-Ranis Model Of Economic Growth, which is a dualism model in developmental economics or welfare economics developed by John C.H Fei and Gustav Ranis. According to this theory, the primitive sector consists of the existing agricultural sector in the economy, and the modern sector is the rapidly emerging but small industrial sector. I find this significant to be relayed because even I am amused as to how Jacob connects his program to the said dual sectors. If we are going to analyze this move, I would say that Jacob has done his research more than we do. Nevertheless, for the more experienced HYIP players, they do not really mind this that much.

As for the investment plans, the program offers two - daily and weekly. Both plans have the same minimum deposit which is $20 and maximum of $14,999.99. The daily plan pays 5% per day for 30 calendar days with principal included while the weekly plan pays 20% weekly for 6 weeks. If we are going to compute for the ROI, the daily plan gives you a total of 50% profit after 30 days, while the weekly plan gives you 120% after 42 days. This does not make sense at all because even if compounding is available in the weekly plan, it still gives a much lower profit in the end. Thus, I would have to recommend you guys to stick to the first investment plan. If you are still confused, you are very much free to use the calculator available on the site to plan for your investments.

Frmoeg accept deposits from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. For cash-outs, you will need to log in to your account and request your payouts which you will receive within the next 24 hours with a minimum of $0.01. Requests can be done every day except during Sundays. He might be honoring his religion which could connect to having a day off on Sunday or just simply a regular rest day for him. Frmoeg also offers a referral program of 4% commission for every deposit from the payment processors of your direct referrals.

On the technical side, Frmoeg runs off with a licensed Probiz Script which is a notch higher than other scripts' rating and the site is fully SSL-encrypted by GlobalSign. The program is hosted by CloudFlare which might be a bit too much on average for the industry but is backed up by the dedicated server of RackSpace Cloud. The cost is a little higher than the rest, but with that comes a lot more dependable up-time and a better bandwidth.  You get what you paid for, and, from my studies, Rackspace is as competitively priced as the other top players in this space.

The wordings of the program is pretty much personalized and when I say personalized I mean it literary. There is not much to read other than Jacob telling you about his program, what he is running, and how he is getting the funds to pay you. You can say that it is very upfront and transparent to the investors. It will then depend on the investors if they like the approach to invest in a ponzi program or not. For support or questions you can reach Jacob either via the live chat box or via a support ticket if he is offline. 

Lastly, before I am going to end this review, I once again want to remind you that we are in the HYIP industry and there is no definite results as to what and which programs are going to last, I strongly advise to always take the necessary precaution and exercise due diligence. Consider investing in Frmoeg as part of your wide and diverse portfolio. Lastly, invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose.

Finvance Server Downtime

Finvance as we all know by know has become one of the most successful program in the HYIP industry. The program is offering one investment plan which is 8% per day for 20 business days and has been online for 105 days now.

Unfortunately, Mark, the admin of Finvance, reported that their server experienced some severe attack on BlockDos’ DNS infrastructure which prompted them to update the DNS servers. This is the reason as to why the website cannot be accessed as of the moment.

While the propagation of the new DNS is ongoing, Mark is also happy to announce that the fixing of their Currency Exchange feature is now back up and functional.

PrimeX7 Now On Problem Status

We received escalations today from other investors and boards that PrimeX7 is doing some selective cash outs.

As normal procedure for such incidents, the said program will then be planed on Problem status and will only be changed is admin has explained their side with the next 24 hours. 

Failure to give an update can lead to the program being marked as scam.

Phinanci Contest Winners + 1 Month Celebration

Another program from our Free Listing Section sends out a newsletter today announcing the winners of their latest contest. Phinance offers two investment plans with 120% ROI after 20 days with a minimum of $10 for the deposit and 150% ROI or 1% profit per day for 50 days for $50 minimum deposit. It is worth taking note that after 1 month online, Phinanci has now reached a total of 1000 members and with $50,000 paid back.

The following are the winners of their contest:
goldendigger; nautilus83; moneyrocks; hemsagar; Phoenix14; easywang; surfer57; surfluv; ebusiness; wbrightfl; luifer; humdgz; pstovall; moneyup; kunteppei; tahoaquoc; antant; hunattila; mohamedzamorano; Stef26; cyberdigi; bobby120; justcantlose; Armynu; mshort; zainirye.

Phinanci is also announcing their next contest which is a testimonial contest. All the members have to do is to post and share you experiences with Phinanci and winners will be receiving $5-25 bonus on their account.

They are also planning way ahead for the upcoming New Year. Not sure if this is a good time to mention such, but it is part of their marketing strategy I suppose to inform the members and possible members that they will be staying longer in the industry. Up to New Year at least in this point of the newsletter. 

Lastly, they also mentioned that they have done some minor changing on their website design so as to fix the issue of some graphics overlapping each other.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"1 Month Online
Today Phinanci celebrates 1 month online with flawless performance and unstoppable payments.

Closing in on 1000 members and with more than $50,000 paid back to everyone in earnings already, we are growing bigger and stronger each day. We are extremely happy to be a part of such success and we would like to thank each one of you for helping us achieving such great results. Especially our “old school” blog members who have shared Phinanci with their readers are high on the contribution list. Thumbs Up!
So what’s next?

We have new features coming up, like Live Chat where members will be able to address their issues and get the resolved instantly. As with all growth, the level of support must also increase to suit all members needs.

Our first contest has received a fantastic response and we are proud to announce the winners: goldendigger; nautilus83; moneyrocks; hemsagar; Phoenix14; easywang; surfer57; surfluv; ebusiness; wbrightfl; luifer; humdgz; pstovall; moneyup; kunteppei; tahoaquoc; antant; hunattila; mohamedzamorano; Stef26; cyberdigi; bobby120; justcantlose; Armynu; mshort; zainirye.

Please check your payment accounts for a surprise prize – congratulations!! We are planning to have similar contests running on a monthly basis and perhaps a few more around Christmas time for us all to celebrate this cosy get-together time of year. Easter and other holidays will also have special themed contests.

Testimonial Contest
Our next contest is about sharing testimonials with everyone. You will find a link to submit a testimonial within your account area. Share your experience so far with Phinanci and automatically enter into a draw between the best-written versions. Submit as poems, ponderings, jokes, fairytales or anything that takes your fancy to make your testimonial special and the best will win awards ranging between $5-25 directly sent to their payment processor.

We have a nice uplifting surprise coming up in the New Year 2013. We are planning ahead of time and want to be able to accommodate our ever-growing membership base to the fullest of our potential, which is still to be seen and experienced.
Our layout and designWe have received a fair amount of comments regarding our design, so we have decided to address this to all members for reference.Our liquid layout is easy to read and navigate and all out containers are completely based on that viewpoint, rather than the initial container block. It moves in and out when you resize your browser window, so that the page is constantly “filled”. Consequently, every fixed pixel-base layout becomes “scalable”; the content area always remains within the layout box as it is supposed to be and there is no change of producing overlapping boxes as we have seen in the pervious generation of web-browsers.

Team Phinanci
Follow Phinanci on Twitter and Facebook"

InvStrategy LTD Celebrates 30 Days Online!

We received a newsletter today from one of the programs enlisted in our Free Listing Section.

InvStrategy, short to mid term program offering 120-170% after 1-3 days or 240-670% for 6-15 days, has reached 30 days old today. Considering the fact that the program is offering higher than the other programs, we can say that this is a huge accomplishment from the program. I can only imagine the efforts exerted on the said program should be really high to be able to maintain the said high return rate. Thus we can say that at least, most of those who have joined earlier or the said program are now on profit.

Supposedly, the said newsletter should be a good news for the investors since they have reached 1 month online and all that, but what struck me most is the fact that they are adding a much more higher investment portfolio which for me does not fit into the picture. Frankly speaking, I am suspecting that this could be one of the possible signs of an impending downfall for the said program. The new plan is just too unrealistically high and no professional HYIP player would take it as something good.

They also mentioned that their company is a real registered company, and that you can view their certificates on their website from now on. This also raised my alarm signals too. Why show the certificates just now? Is it to justify and cover up the unimaginable increase of rate for the new plan?

Nevertheless, I could be mistaken too. I will leave it to your judgement as to how you are going to take this news.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Dears!

As you may know my name is Steven Alonso and I am general manager of InvStrategy website.

I am happy to say that we successfully passed 30 days online, with total = almost 3,400 members registered and more than 200 thousands dollars = already deposited to our investment plans. I am glad to see so many = members who already in profit and I hope we will reach 1 million dollars = deposits in near future. Anyway, by my opinion it's already fantastic = result and InvStrategy team is glad with current level of growth.

Well, let`s talk about good news!
Due to numerous requests from many of our respected investors of InvStrategy, we are now introducing a = new short term plan, which will offer you a very high return within a = short interval of time. Our new plan is a =931680% after 30 days=94, which = means you will be returned a total of 1000-1680% of your deposit after 30 = calendar days. The total Return On Investment (ROI) for this plan will be = 1680%, out of which, 100% will be your principal, and 1580% will be your = clear profit. For instance, if you make an investment of $1000 in this = plan, your total return after 30 calendar days will be $16800, out of = which, $1000 will be your principal, and $15800 will be your clear profit. = More short term and profitable plans you can find on your =93Make = deposit=94 page. Besides, you can find investment calculator on our = homepage.

Many InvStrategy clients always = ask me - is InvStrategy real registered company?
My answer is yes. InvStrategy group LTD is a subject of United kingdom = (UK) regulations and located in London.
From now on, you have opportunity to check out Certificate of = Incorporation on a new special page:

Join us on Facebook and Twitter:

That`s all news for today, Dear customers.
I hope you enjoy your profit and thanks to be part of InvStrategy.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a profitable week,
Steven Alonso
InvStrategy Group Limited"