Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Website Live Chat Support Down for A Couple of Hours

Pleasant day to everyone. I regret to inform that I might not be reacheable via live chat today.

The HYIP Bulletin is supported by Zopim, an easy and powerful tool that helps provide on time live chat support to the subscribers. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstance their datacenter provider, Internap, just lost power in one of their facilities, LGA9, as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

In relation to this, the said chat support will not be useable for a couple of hours. The good news is that the Zopim team is currently working on a lightweight version to provide temporary service to the Zopim users.

Let us keep our fingers crossed so that I will be able to cater your inquiries and questions once live! For the time being, please feel free to send me an email if you have questions, comments, suggestions or violent reacions!

Here is the newsletter from Zopim:
"Service Disruption Notice
UPDATE 31 Oct 2012, 0715AM EST

Our datacenter has been running on reserve power until recently. The team at Internap is working very very hard to restore power but one of its facilities LGA9 recently lost power due to a fuel pump failure. Zopim's service has gone offline ever since.

News from a reliable source tell us that fuel is running out at Internap's datacenter. We would have manually carried diesel 17 stairs up to our facilities like how
Squarespace does it (kudos to the team) if we were in New York. But we are not, so we couldn't physically relocate our servers either.

That said, rest assured that Zopim can still run without relying on our servers in Internap's datacenter. We're currently working on a contingency plan which will allow us to restore service to our customers. This involves setting up connection to our existing proxies located worldwide. It's taking some time but once it's done, you will be able to login to a lightweight version of our dashboard to chat. Expect some advanced capabilities will be limited for the time being. We'll post a more thorough update once this lightweight version is up.

We're currently testing the widget and dashboard to make sure everything is in place. Based on current estimates, the lightweight version of the dashboard should be live in a couple of hours.

Thank you for your patience once again. Follow us on
facebook or twitter for more updates!"

Featured Program of the Month Now RESERVED!

Hello guys, and most specially to my followers and subscribers.

I just received a confirmation from a very promising program who will be launched this November. Slot for the Featured Program of The Month is already taken and RESERVED. Tune in for this program as this will be a very interesting one! Start saving up money and deposit during day 0!

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Weekly Warning, Problem, Scam and Updates Report

Before we proceed with the formal weekly report, I would like to ask a minute of your time to please help pray for those victims of the Hurricane Sandy.

WEEKLY CLOSED HYIPS - DON'T INVEST!!! These programs have already been marked on the scam list by the monitoring boards!
Royal Union
Zoey Fund
Hot Best Fund
Golden Economy
Pana Business Co
Core Finance Provider
Finance Benefit
Extra Deposit
Profit - EU
Erupt Money
Afri Investment
Reactor Fund
Monetary Club

Selective Payment Report - These programs have been reported by our subscribers and with proofs. Some of these are still listed as paying in other monitors so make sure to read The HYIP Bulletin Scam and Problem Reports before investing!
Basic Winner
Core Finance Provider
Invest In Cars

Problem Status - These programs have been reported to have delays on pay-outs for whatever reasons it may be. In 1-2 days time these programs will now be marked under scam list if pay outs are still not delivered and the admins do not reply to us
Fx Capitalism
Online Increment
Royal Profit
Ponzi Invest
Debt Relief Limited
Global Banker
Martinika Invest
Global Concept
Eu Depositary
Brotex Finance
Monetary Club and Profita Limited are still trying to get new investors despite the fact that they are no longer paying. Watch out and do not fall into the trap!

If you have issues and/or concerns about programs on problem or selective paying or scam status, please notify us right away and as much as possible provide proofs so that we can help each other! Send me an email at [email protected]

We are on the final stretch of our search for the very first TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM OF THE MONTH. Do not forget to vote for your favorite program!

Once again, before I end all notifications it is a must for me to remind everyone that the HYIP industry is a tricky one. Due to its uncertainty, everyone is REQUIRED to exercise due diligence before investing. Keep your investments within reasonable level and make sure that you are investing in a wide, diverse portfolio. But most important thing of them all is to always make sure that the amount you have invested is only an amount you are ready to lose.

Until the next report! Peace to all!

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TivSol Reaches New MileStone

TivSol, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the survey poll is very glad to send out a fresh newsletter today. TivSol (reviewed here) offers 3-5% daily and pays up to 30 or 90 days depending on the type of plan has now been officially online for 11 days.

Yesterday, they reached a very good and extra ordinary milestone of 4000 ACTIVE members in that span of time which is totally a great achievement! The said newsletter also contains a brief explanation about their investment plans and how the two investment plans differ from each other. They are also reminding everyone about the total amount of time their cash outs will be processed or total amount of time some support tickets could be attended.

Unfortunately, it appears that some members of TivSol did not quite or might have overlooked the fact that cash outs will be processed with 1-24 hours and are instead sending out support tickets for this. Given the fact that TivSol have had such tremendous growth in just a very short amount of time, it is a no-wonder that they will be receiving more than 500 mails daily. Nevertheless it would be better if those issue mention above are not included. Thus TivSol felt the need to send out the reminder that they should just wait patiently wait their cash outs rather than clutter the inbox for this time wasting mails.

Here is the entire newsletter:"Dear Tivsol valued Member’s

From the desk of our company director: Phillip Soler;

Company Updates
Total Investment Solutions achieve another great milestone on its 10th day of operation, we have a total of 4,000 active members, Our company will do its best to serve you better and provide our members an effective advertising solutions for your products and websites.

Member’s update – Investment Plan Explained
1. SURF PLAN – This plan required $10 to join, and you are required to surf 10 ads daily to be eligible for tomorrow’s 5% earnings. If you miss a surfing day, you will not lose any profit, since it will only be delayed, this plan expires when you earned 150% from your investments, and this includes your principal + 50% profit. This plan runs for 30 Calendar Days
2. NON – SURF PLAN - This plan required $10 to join, You are not required to surf on this plan, Your earnings will be credited after 24 hours from your investment. This plan will earn you 3% daily for 90 Calendar days. And will expire at 270% + and your principal will be returned at the end if the investment plan
3. WITHDRAWALS – All withdrawals are processed within 1 – 24 hours after your request, please do not send us a support ticket asking about your withdrawal, it will be processed in a timely manner within 24 hours.
4. SUPPORT – We receive up to 500+ emails daily please allow us up to 1 – 36 hours to respond to your inquiry.

That’s all for now, see you on the next update!!
Warmest Regards;
Phillip Soler"

AntiDDoS Attacked and Downtime Websites

We received a report today that all sites hosted by the AntiDDoS are down AGAIN. They are currently experiencing a massive attack which resulted to inaccessibility of so many sites being hosted. This is not the first time this incident has ever happened. In fact this down-times have been happening too frequently in the past two weeks already.

Also, there are other host providers experiencing the same attacks. Most common site that are affected by attacks and are down today are the following: MajesticProfits, SkyCrown, Finvance, PipsFund, EVO Profit & PerfectFinance.

The recent series of attacks done to the different host providers from the HYIP industry are getting more common and frequent and I just hope that they will be doing something more drastic about this. It is already given that there are people who have nothing to do in life but attack the hosts, and try blackmailing different admins or programs just so to produce cash for their selfish ego through DDoS attacks. The least that these "AntiDDoS" provider can do is to protect their consumers and UPDATE their system frequently specially if their current system cannot handle such attacks anymore. They keep asking for this huge amount of money monthly only to provide incompetent results. Why do I say so? Like I've said, this is not the first, nor the second time it has happened. Much more, a series of attacks just within the week or two weeks time. If the progress is not enough, then the progress is no good at all. The consumers are entitled to the service that they are paying. These AntiDDoS are marketing are much more expensive protection than the others but how come they cannot provide that quality worth the consumers paid. They need to do something about this!

Lastly, if you think these cases should be taken likely, you better think again because if a particular program will be down for over 12 hours at least, it can really harm them! In fact it can lead to the programs' downfall! Imagine how much of a money can programs lose with thousands of members to be paid on the day where they are not earning. So I do hope you guys will also understand why I am frustrated about this situation. Not only are the program admins frustrated about this issue but also the investors who will be loosing money once the program decides to close shop too!

If you can and you will, I would appreciate it if you help raise the alarm and awareness of the people in the industry. Let this venting message of mine reach these host providers so that they may also know the consequences of the negligence they are causing.