Monday, November 5, 2012

Stallion Gold Will Have No Interest On Monday

Stallion Gold, one of the Top Most Favorite Program and currently our number 1 ranked won't be sending out profits this Monday. In case you do not have Stallion Gold, it is a long term program paying a daily interest rate of 1.5% to 4% for 100 business days. Stallion Gold also has a principal returned feature that is different from the rest. Their principal feature is returned in 4-folds of the 100 business days and in 25% of your capital left. Therefore, every after 25 days, 25% of your capital is returned and you can either cash it out or do a re-deposit. The minimum amount needed to invest in Stallion Gold is only $1!

The reason why there will sbe no cash outs for this coming Monday is because of national holiday in Dominica where StallionGold is located. Since the program is paying on business days, then there won't be pays for us this Monday.

Here is the update:
“National Day of Community Service
Dear investors and website visitors, due to the National Day of Community Service holiday celebration within the locales affecting our business operations, no profits will be credited to users accounts for the day of upcoming, November 05, 2012.”

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Pips Fund Confirmed Scam Status

Pips Fund is already under Scam Status as marked by monitoring boards, . The said program has stopped paying for 3 days ago with the alibi that they are experiencing technical issues on their program.

After 12 hours of no cash outs, we sent out some support tickets to check on the status on the said program after 2 days of silence from their side, we decided to tagged it under problem status. As per practice, once a program does not respond to summons, despite warnings given then the said program is tagged under scam status.

Today, the said program is not a confirmed SCAM. Please do not invest further on Pips Fund!

TivSol Reaches 15,000 Members and Program Contests

TivSol (Total Investment Solutions), one of the Top Most Favorite Programs in The HYIP Bulletin, sends out a newsletter today regarding the current status and statistics of the program after 15 days of operation.

The program have been consistent and perfectly paying so far and the said program allows you to earn a daily income of 3% or 5% daily depending on the type of plan for about 50 or 90 calendar days. I strongly urge you to read about TivSol here.

TivSol has grown steadily since the it started and today, they have reached a new milestone of 15,000 members in total. This is a very huge achievement considering the fact that the said program has only started for 15 days. The said newsletter also outlines the current contests they are having which is the payment proof posting contest, referral contest and the most active surfers. Mechanics of the said contests can be seen on the newsletter.

Aside from that, normal reminders are also included such as telling the members not to send out multiple tickets which could slow down their process of answer each member's inquiry and the waiting of cash outs. Both processes have a turn around time of 24 hours thus patience is a must.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"From the desk of Phillip Soller
Company Updates:
Big Success; Our 15 days of operation has been a great achievement,
we have over five thousand members and almost all are active, Tivsol has continue to keep a steady growing pace and improving day by day. We now have a video and have made new flash banners which you can find on the members area page.

This week will be a week of celebration and surprise as we would be unlocking more opportunities to all member, everyone have the chance to win one of many prizes we have set out, try to participate in any of the below contest.

Payment Proof posting contest - Show your creativity in posting your payments proof in MoneyMakerGroup and TalkGold Forum

Most number of Referrals - grab your referral link from your promotional banner page and start to build your downline.

Most Active Surfers - if you have an active investments start surfing now and be one of the winners of our weekly top surfers.

Members Update
1. Support Ticket - please bear with us while we answer all your question and inquiries, do not send multiple support email, because this will only slow us answering emails.

2. Withdrawals - All withdrawals are being processed within our time frame within 1 - 24hours, please if you have not received your earnings and its past 24hours then contact our live chat as some few members need to input the right account numbers in thier members area profile.

We take our members seriously and try to offer the best earning and advertising services, we are Total Investment Solution the best among the rest."

The HYIP Bulletin Reviews: AWTC Full Review After 1 Month

Good day everyone. Today we will be looking into one of the programs from our Top Most Favorite Program. The one I am referring to, and I am sure that most of you are familiar is AWTC biz. The said program is no longer new to the industry since they have now been online for about a month now. Let us check what this program has for us. This will be an opportunity for those who are not yet in the program to know more about it.

First thing that we are going to look into is their investment plans. They are offering basically three investment plans - AWTC General, AWTC Advanced and AWTC Special. The first two practically are the mid to long term plans allowing you to have a daily earning of 4% and 4.5% daily for 35 business days. (Full review here)

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