Friday, November 9, 2012

Scam Warning Alarm! Carbon Deals Is Not Back to Paying

If you are a member of the program Carbon Deals, you might be one of those who received this email. The admin of the said SCAM PROGRAM sent out a newsletter today informing everyone that all pending transaction requests had been processed.


I still have pending cash outs on my account and I am still not paid, thus this program will remain under scam status.

What's worse is that it is planning to scam some more. Ali, the admin of the said program and a famous scammer of the industry, is tempting those who do not know about the story by offering a 20% bonus if you invest within the next 4 days. 


Here is the newsletter:
"Esteemed Members,

As I am sure you found out this morning, we have resumed payments today and already paid all pending withdrawal requests.
We are already back to paying status on most monitors and will be so on all of them shortly.

Even if we had a difficult few days, our members never doubted us and we have already exceeded 8000 accounts in just 4 weeks online.

To show our appreciation to our members who supported us during this difficult period, we are giving a 20% bonus to all new deposits for the following 4 days.

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus"

The HYIP Bulletin Just Got Bigger and Better

Why Invest in The HYIP Bulletin?

The HYIP Bulletin's vision is to reduce the risks and maximize profit to the HYIP Industry. In relation to this, I have customized the site to bring about change and make sure that almost everyone, if not all profits from it.

Do take note that EVERYONE and I literally mean EVERYONE is here to do business - not just the investors but ALSO THE PROGRAM ADMINS. Each element is EQUALLY IMPORTANT, irregardless of how noble or crooked their intention is.

Thus I have decided to create two principles of The HYIP Bulletin.
1. Pro-investor principle
2. Pro-program admin principle.


  • The HYIP BUlletin has a Featured Program of the Month which is a PAID ADVERTISMENT worth $600. This has the inclusions of SOLE 728x90 banner of the website, publishing of program updates, programs reviews and admin interviews.
  • Affordable enlisting. Enlisting is only $50 with service inclusions of program review, optional interview with the admin and published updates sent to The HYIP Bulletin subscribers. Or  you can enlist in the FREE enlisting section
  • Affordable advertising. Advertise for $30 only on the advertisements list ($30/week per slot ONLY). Lower slots are cheaper too!
  • EVERY MONTH, A PRICE OF 500 USD is given to the declared Top Most Favorite Program of the Month and will be placed in Top Most Favorite HYIP of the Month Hall of Fame.
  • The program should be at least 15 days old to QUALIFY for Top Most Favorite Program of the Month.
  • Top Favorite Programs are chosen NOT by how much The HYIP Bulletin has received from the account's investment nor from referral commissions but through the votes of the members and viewers of the industry through the Survey Poll.
  • Voting on the said Survey Poll can only be done once per day. It is designed to restrict multiple voting in one day.
  • Encouraging members of the program to vote is allowed.

There is an old saying, two heads are better than one.
With the uncertainty of the HYIP industry, getting scammed is common if you are not careful enough. In most cases, you would have to forcefully say good bye to your money.
But is there any harm in trying to retrieve your money back?
Let me help you. Although it is not for certain, I will do my best to assist you in trying to retrieve you lost money.

The HYIP Bulletin Featured Program Update: PV Anticipated Launching Date

The HYIP Bulletin received an email from the Admin of our Featured Program for the Month of November today.

The said email is regarding the upcoming launching of their program which is known for now as "PV." I think the purpose of the admin is to create "noise" for the said program in order to peak the excitement of the people before launching and they are doing a great deal of a job with this matter.

Every day, more and more people are sending me emails inquiring about the said program. As much as I want to fill you in with data guys, I also am not very much knowlegeable about the program yet. I too am getting more curious about it and I am keeping my hopes high since they mentioned that their website and program is something customized and well-prepared and thought of. I do hope that with my interest at this level already will not be put down once we see "PV" online.


Here is the email from PV's admin:
"Good day The HYIP Bulletin,

We would like to inform you that the website is 80% complete now. I do understand that you are very much curious about the said program but we want to make sure that everything is perfect up until the launching of the program.

We are also making sure that the program and its system is tested for any system glitches or free from issues because we are definitely going to make this the "BIGGEST THING IN THE INDUSTRY."

Rest assured that once everything is up and ready for launching, you and your subscribers will be the very first in the line.

The anticipated launching will be this weekend if things go well according to our plans.

Best regards,


Caspian Capital Sends Their First Newsletter

Caspian Capital, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs, sent out their very first newsletter today to announce a milestone of the program. Caspian Capital (reviewed here) is now officially 2 weeks or 15 days online!

Classified under short-mid term program, Caspian Capital can now be labelled a successful program for those who has been with them and did their deposit on day 0! Out of the six plans that they have, five are already completely cycled. Figure wise, the admin has announced that some of the members are earning as much as 280% already. That is a huge accomplishment!

Lastly, they are also announcing the interview of the Caspian Capital Admin publish by yours truly. In case you missed the said interview, you can view it here.


Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hi The HYIP Bulletin,
This is our 1st newsletter to inform you about the latest developments. Firstly we would like to thank you for your support, trust and confidence in our program. We are growing stronger every day and it is all because of you. We are now online for 15 days and five out of six plans have been cycled today. Members have earned up-to 280% during the period.

Recently we have been reviewed by Money News Online (MNO) admin Paul and Hyip Bulletin. Also interviewed by Hyip Bulletin and this can give you more insight in our company and programs.

You can see the direct links of the said review and interview here:

Please let us know if you want to see any improvement in our services.

Thank you again;

Caspian Capital LLC"