Thursday, November 15, 2012

Platinum Vertex Full Program Review

Hello everyone. Finally the day for the launching of our featured program of the month has come and after slight waiting for the readers, I do believe that we should get to know more about this program. Of course, there is no other better way to do it but to do a thorough review on them. If you are one of those who is still unsure if the program will match you or not, then let this review be your guide.

As a wrap up, Platinum Vertex is a mid-term program that introduces themselves as two groups of companies combined together to maximize the opportunity of the current platinum market's condition. I can see a lot of potentials in the program and they have done their homework in customizing and making their program unique from the others.

Phinance On Scam Status

Phinanci has been tagged under scam status after 48 hours of not processing withdrawal requests. Mutliple attempts had been done to contact the said admin but unfortunately, the said admin have not sent any replies.

Thus the program is now officially tagged under scam status.

The HYIP Bulletin Bi-weekly Ranking, News and Updates Report 11/15/12

Hello everyone. It is another issue of our The HYIP Bulletin Bi-Weekly Ranking, News and Updates Report. It has been a very busy week for me lately and it seems that time is not enough for me to finish all the piled up stuff.

I apologize for some delays but do understand also that your reported is working hard in his real life work too. LOL. Nevertheless, I will never forsake you guys and I will always make sure to update you with whatever news there is to know.

Also, be informed that I will be going for a Vacation break from November 16-21 so news and updates during those dates might be a slightly delayed for publication. Nevertheless, I will try my best still to update you with the very important matters.

Now, let us go  to the important matters which are the updates since our last issue.

Here is the current results of our Top 5 Most Favorite Programs. This week has a lot of changes in the rankings and you will see what I am talking about when you see them. for now, here are the first 5 programs from the survey.
5. InvStrategy

As you can see, only Stallion Gold and Benson Union are the old timers of the first 5. The rest of the programs are practically new in joining the rankings. I would like to remind everyone to please continue voting because prizes are given away for the Voters of the Week and the Month. You can see the mechanics on how to win here!

My Personal List
Since the last issue, I have added only one program. This program is very much awaited and I personally think that the wait is worth it. It is also The HYIP Bulletin's Featured Program for the Month of November.
1. Platinum Vertex - Platinum Vertex is a Mid term program offering 4.5%-6 daily for 40 business days. You can see my full review of the program here.

Problem Programs
These programs were the ones who failed to pay for the last 48 hours. These programs maybe have stopped paying for whatever reasons it could be - either hosting or server issues, or personal and health issues. Nevertheless, not paying is not paying and thus they will be marked under problem status. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO NOT INVEST IN THESE PROGRAMS.
Rate of Return
Russia Network Investment
True Expert
FX Credit Fund
Galaxy Shares
Success Deposit Inc
King Finance
Rich World

Scam Status
These programs have been confirmed to be non-paying. These programs could either be those who failed to send cash outs after the given 48 hours, or the programs who explicitly inform everyone that they will be closing shops.
Total Investment Solutions
Best Investment Club
Online Marketiva
Invest and Trust
Primex Service
Felgold Partners
MC Private Capital
Gulf of Mexico
Grand Victoria

I am glad that unlike the previous updates, we seem to have a slightly lower count of programs in the programs and scam section. I hope that this improvements continue to be like this and that as December gets nearer, there will be even less programs that will be marked under problem or scam status. 

This Update’s Strategies, Tips and Tricks Reminder:

HYIP Pros Do Extensive Research. They obtain and analyze as much information as possible before making any investment decisions. They do not invest unless they have hard evidence that these sites will bring them profit. They verify the validity of a particular program’s real investment opportunities: They check the “WHOIS DATA” so that they will be able to get the detailed information about a particular business. In addition, HYIP Pros verify particular HYIPs trading history and qualification. They make the optimal research before investing their money.

Benson Union Webinar Update

Benson Union, one of our Top Most Favorite Program and is currently rank 3 sent out a newsletter today for an update on the upcoming Webinar to be held this November 15.

The said announcement also contains the specific time that the said webinar will be held. You can simply go to the link they sent for the said webinar on Thursday 1:00 PM Eastern Time. Here is the said link:

The said webinar is a live conference together with the CEO of the program and if you have some questions or concerns related to the Benson Union, he is the best person to ask your questions to.

Benson Union is a long term program running for 302 days now and is offering a daily profit of 1.2-2.45% daily for 170 business days. It has a compounding and principal return feature.


Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear active and potential investors of Benson Union! Tomorrow we will hold 4th webinar with Mr. Wellington, the CEO of Benson Union. Meeting URL: . Meeting time: 1:00 PM Eastern Time (EST). Please visit meeting URL to find what time it will be in your location. Meeting will last 60 minutes and Mr. Wellington will share some information about all events which happened since previous conference. Everyone will be able to talk to CEO in realtime video conference. Please be patient because Mr. Wellington will be overloaded with questions tomorrow. Do not miss this event! "

Dividend City New Deposit Bonus

Dividend City, one of the Top Programs enlisted in The HYIP Bulletin sent out a newsletter today about their new offer for depositing investors.

The said newsletter says that a profit of 200% is to be expected if you deposit more than $10. This newsletter actually gives me the scare because this types of moves normally give us an alarm that the program might be having some cash issues and could be a move to get more deposits before an actual scam happens.

I just hope that I am mistaken because if not, they we have to start asking ourselves this question "is it realistic and practical enough."

Anyways, I think you do know already as to what to do because basically it is very hard for programs to maintain such EXTREME high return, and will definitely kill the program on the long run.

Divident City's review can also be seen here and admin's interview here.

Here is the newsletter:
"We are proud to announce our new investment plan, it's called "200% after 1 day". 200% is for all investments starting from $10. Please notice that this special plan is available for everyone, but it's for limited time."