Friday, November 16, 2012

AWTC and Majestic Profits Moved to Problem Status

I am having pending cash withdrawal requests for the said two programs, AWTC and Majestic Profits thus prompted me to move the said two programs to problem status.

The said programs issues newsletter yesterday about "opportunities" that seemed to good to be true and thus making me suspect that these two programs might now be on pre-scam status.

In any case, do not invest until further notice.


BeWealthWithUs Update for the Scam Due to STP

if you were around long enough to reach the program BWWU or BeWealthyWithUs, you will be able to relate.

To those who did not, here is the short story. BWWU is a short term program who showed very good potentials at the start. There were a lot who invested in the said program. Unfortunately, a sudden scam happened but this time around it was not in control of the admin. This is due to the fact that STPay or SolidTrustPay closed their account for "fraud" documents used in validating their account. Thus, the company was forced to stop.

Now they are back to inform everyone that STP should issue the refunds as promised, but since none still were not refund they have filed a law case against STP.

Read the news here:

"Hello The HYIP Bulletin

Good Morning!

Have you received a full refund from STP?

I want to remind you their words:
"Unfortunately, due to the admin of violating the terms of their account with SolidTrust and attempting to defraud their own members, we cannot re-open the account. We will be refunding as much back to members as possible starting November 15."

Their accusations and excuses they have provided to us were false and we prooved it.
We have contacted Canada's Attorney General to make inspection inside of STP cause of their money laundering process going on with a legitimate cover. I want to remind you who are you dealing with - Marc and Stella Hiemstra's - cheap scammers who have created back then at 2006 HYIP called - when they scammed their members and possesed members money, it was enough to create a bigger scam project which is now SolidTrustPay.
For more information go to:
Take note that they are having serious cash flow issues and that is why priority option withdrawal was removed without any notice. Many members contacted us because they have not received their money from refund or priority withdrawal. Meanwhile another successful company was affected by STP policy of blocking accounts giving funny unreasonable excuses - please read

Know that we are not alone, and we will fight them back together by any means of an action of law. Please know that also when this case will be solved, and STP will refund all members with 100% amount, then we will refund all members as well.

We will demand a public trial, and when we will win this case, because it is just a matter of time, we will demand 10 million USD reparations for defamation and damages they did to us.

If you have any money at STP, please withdraw it immediately because this company is going down due to cashflow issues and illegal activity.

Please spread this message everywhere and dont let STP fool you.


Dividend City on Scam Status

Dividend City is now marked under scam status after 48 hours have passed. A few days ago, the said program sent out a very tempting plan which was suspected to be going for the scamming state.

Today, the said program has officially been marked on scam status after multiple attempts to contact the administration has failed to get his attention and no reply was made.

Please do not invest in here anymore!


Benson Union Webinar Video

Hello guys. As you all know already, I will be going for a vacation but nevertheless, I will make sure that I can still update you with the daily news.

As for today, before I leave the house and ride my way to the airport, I will be leaving you with Benson Union's webinar that happened  last night (Philippine Time).

Basically, webinar is like a monthly seminar of Benson Union and all its activities that happened and will happen.

Here is the link. Hope you enjoy it.

Here is the newsletter:
"Dear investors! The 4th webinar held by Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of Benson Union, was successful and surely much more active than previous ones. Everyone can watch the recording here: Next webinar will be held a few days before Christmas and Benson Union will launch huge giveaway by Christmas holidays to make our investors feel happier! Thanks for your attention!"

Platinum Vertex Day 1 Update

Platinum Vertex, the recently launched Featured Program for the month of November has sent its first newsletter and report for day 1. You can read the full review of the program here:

The said program have had some minor problems upon the start such as inability to deposit Liberty Reserve or SSL encryption not reflected but the said program managed to bounce up right away after a very prompt and quick responding technical team.

As of the moment, no further issues are encountered and the program has finally done its smooth sailing. To those who are on board, I would to say good luck to us and let us keep our fingers crossed for believing in this program's potentials.

The said newsletter also highlights social fan pages such as facebook and twitter were we can follow.

Do take note also that the said newsletter informs its members on the type of management that the administrations are trying to portray. Should you have any questions or concern or suggestions to them, you are very much welcome to contact them.

Lastly, they are asking for your assistance to report any issues that you may encounter along the program too.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello everyone!
We are very happy to announce that the launching of Platinum Vertex is a huge success! Over hundreds of members have already signed up and have active deposits in their accounts since the start of launching.
We would like to thank you guys for the overwhelming support you have given to us.
Be informed also that we have our twitter and facebook account for you to know the recent news and updates. We will be very happy if you could spend a moment of your precious time to like us and follow us.
Despite all the hard work and preparations done, we recognize that there are minor things that we might have overlooked too. We thank everyone for being very understanding and being very proactive in reporting these to us ASAP. Our dedicated team is very much proactive to address these issues right away.
We promise that will always trying our very best to make your experiences with Platinum Vertex a very meaningful and wonderful one. We will always make sure that you feel the very essence of being our partner in this journey.
Should you encounter some issues or concerns or perhaps have wonderful suggestions to improve Platinum Vertex, please inform us ASAP as we are very much willing to hear our your voices. Do send us a message via support ticket using our account or technical tab so that this will be address right away.
We have more plans to come for the said program and we really hope that you will love your stay with us. We will soon be explaining our very unique referral program and we are very certain that you will love it!
Lastly, please visit our UNIQUE FAQ which should answer most of the questions you have for us.
Once again, an endless thanks to all the support you guys gave us!
Platinum Vertex Team"

Majestic Profits New Plan

Majestic Profits, one of our Top Most Favorite Program and currently ranked 9 in the Survey Poll sent out a newsletter today informing about the new plan available. Majestic Profits is running online now for 22 days now and offering 2.8%-5% daily for up to 65 days. Full review and Admin interview here.

The program claims that they are currently being offered with a very good opportunity presented by their traders thus they are willing to present this one day plan to those who are willing.

The said plan will have a minimum deposit of $500 and that if you are going to deposit a $10,000 for example, your investment grows up to $13,500 after the next 24 hours.

It has now become a common trade for programs who are having cash flows to be doing such tactics in order to attract those investors who tends to become erratic about it. I just hope that this is not the case for Majestic Profits.

But before anything else, and even before you try to consider depositing with the said amount and plan, do ask yourself if these types of opportunities are real.


Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin

We are glad to announce that we have received an excellent offer from our traders, that made us able to propose special profit for limited time. Since this is a one-time offer, you are highly advised to react as soon as possible. Period of the special plan is 1 calenda day. Both of the capital and earnings are fully guaranteed and there is absolutely no risk of losing funds. Deposits are accepted through LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. You can sign in to your current account and make deposit in this plan from Deposit Funds section.
If you invest $10,000 LibertyReserve in this plan without compounding, you will receive $13,500 in your LibertyReserve account after 24 hours.
Minimum deposit - 500$."