Friday, November 23, 2012

Lord of Profits Official Facebook Group and Fan Page Now Available

Lord of Profits, the latest program added in My Personal List section has sent out a newsletter today. To know more about the said program, you can check out its review here.
Social Media websites has become a very common marketing to almost all type of business today and this also goes to the HYIP industry. One of the most common social media website which is proven to help the different programs is Facebook.
In relation to this, Lord of Profits has also announced the availability of their programs official Facebook Group and Fan page.
William, the program’s admin is inviting everyone to like and/or follow their two Facebook accounts for you to be able to get the latest updates and news straight from the admin themselves.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
Hello The HYIP Bulletin

Do you have a Facebook account? If so, please visit this page and like our official facebook page.

Additionally, you may also join our Facebook group at

Thank you for being part of our Kingdom of Profits, the Lord of Profits is very pleased.

Promising Program Updates Section Added

Hi to all the readers of The HYIP Bulletin. I would like to inform everyone that I have decided to create a new section in the website.

Here onwards, I will be posting some "Promising Program Updates" from the programs enlisted on My Personal List section.

If you noticed, there are two types of enlistings in the website.
a.) Investors Choice (Top Favorite HYIP Programs) - determined through voting by investors
b.) My Personal List - added after I deliberated and tagged them as potentially profitable


Please be INFORMED ahead of time that only the programs found on My Personal List section are found here. Also, I would have to inform each one of you that the said updates are VERY SPECIFIC AND SELECTED based on my PERSONAL OPINION that such updates can be a POSSIBLE indicator that the program is doing good AT ITS CURRENT STATE.

Please be warned also that the said updates in here are NOT A 100% ASSURANCE that the program will become A SCAM OR NOT! Use the information found in this section as to ASSIST YOU ONLY in determining if the program is still potentially profitable or not.

Lastly, make sure to CHECK THE DATE as to when the said update has been published since every single day in the industry can change dramatically.

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SureInv Full Program Review

Hello everyone! It is a new day and a new beginning most especially for me who was on a very long trip away. If you have noticed, there are a few minor details that I might have missed such as who won the $20 as Voter of the Week as our weekly program, but need not worry because I have already scheduled the said announcement later for today.

I have also updated the rankings so as you can see, there are a lot of new faces in The HYIP Bulletin Top Most Favorite which perhaps most of you know (considering the fact that they were from your votes). I so am very sorry to hear that there are a number of programs who have already closed shops, which is becoming more common specially this season. I hope that there will be lesser of those from our listings. Unfortunately, as much as we want to predict the future, there are just some things that are out of our control.

Fortunately, we have our free will and strong drive to move forward. Having said this, I will be introducing you all to two new programs that were recently added in My Personal List Section.

Lord Of Profits Full Program Review

Another program enlisted to The HYIP Bulletin is Lord of Profits. It is now on its 8th day online and the program can be categorized under short to mid term program. As you all know, these types of programs composes the general population of the HYIP industry. Although they have more risks involved, they have also proven to be the programs who can provide fast profit if things go pretty well. if you are up for the higher risks but proportionally rewarding profitable gains, then let us continue in reviewing Lord of Profits.

First thing we are going to check out are its investment plans. All investment plans are very much straightforward and practicaly have the same minimum and maximum amount for investing. You can start off with as low as $5 and as high as $25,000 (only one program has a maximum of $50,000 and I would not recommend investing that much personally, not unless you are just super rich and the thought of losing that amount is nothing for you). 

AVO Now Under Scam Status

I received an update from the monitoring boards that AVO is already marked under scam status with a number of monitoring sites.

Do take note that NOT ALL MONITORS are stating that the program is on scam status due to SELECTIVE PAYMENT.

Thanksgiving Day! List of Programs With No Interest for Today

Today is declared an official Holiday for our brothers and sisters from the United States.

In connection to this, since there are programs who practice the "No Interest During Holidays" it is normal for you not to receive earnings on the following programs.

The reason for this said occurrence is the alleged unprofitable marketing day in their different businesses.

Here are the programs declaring no profit for today:
Benson Union
Felmina Alliance
Lord of Profits
Stallion Gold

On behalf of The HYIP Bulletin, we would like to greet everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Lastly, I would like to quote a part of Lord of Profits' newsletter sent out today.

"We all want to wish all American members a happy thanksgiving. May your banquet be filled with blessings and your turkey be roasted perfectly. Enjoy this day and have a good time with your family."

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