Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 2 and Week 3 Winners of the Voter of the Week in The HYIP Bulletin Weekly Events Announced

Finally, the moment that all voters and readers have been waiting for. After a very long and scrutinizing investigation and tracing of the IP addresses of the voters, I have finally obtained the results for these week and last last week's Voters of The Week Winners.

Before the announcement, I would have to apologize for the delay of last last week's result due to the fact that I was on a vacation and I do not want the result to be inaccurate.

Now since we are moving forward, the following are the winners of last week and last last week's race for the Voters of the Week in The HYIP Bulletin Weekly Event!

1. The winner of our Weekly events that won last last week (November 12-18) is from Vietnam with IP address! CONGRATULATIONS TO Mashir Kuman!

2. The winner of our Weekly events that won for last week (November 19-25) is from Philippines with IP address! CONGRATULATIONS TO Kerwin Malaga!

Please email me your preferred E-currency information at [email protected]

Until next week's results! KEEP VOTING!!!

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Phinanci Reconstruction Update

I am not sure if you were already around when Phinanci was existing about 2 or 1 month ago, but it was a supposed mid to long term program that already been marked under scam.

Today, they are trying to redeem themselves and "improve" their program by doing an overall construction of their program. We have heard about the said reconstruction last week, but now they are telling the previous members that their could be a slight delay on this matter.

Another thing they have mentioned is the fact that those who have "lost" or have not profited yet will have their remaining investments placed on the latest plan.

As for me, I would have to sound the buzz and alarm for this since we all know for the fact that the Black Christmas phenomenon is coming, and this could be a move from them to get more money.

In any case, unless we have really proven that the program has totally renewed its trust to the members by doing prompt and updated refunds and payments, then I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO INVEST ON THIS PROGRAM.

Lord of Profits Back Online After Short Downtime

We received a newsletter today from Lord of Profits, ranked 19 from our Top Rated HYIP Programs and reviewed here, that their site is back online. 

Unfortunately, there was no explanation as to why the said website cannot be accessed but what is important is that the program is now back online and is paying perfectly.

Here is the newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin

Just letting you know that the site is back online.

Thank you!"

AVO Explains Pending Cash Outs

We received a surprising update from AVO today, a former top program from our survey poll and perhaps had been one of the most successful programs during its paying period. Unfortunately, the said program is now facing multiple programs and one of which is the selective pay out and other serious cases of pending huge cash outs. This is a no wonder considering the fact that the program has been running for quite some time and with very huge deposits from its members.

The program has stopped sending out all the supposed cash out request as it normally did last two weeks ago. As explained on the newsletter, Liberty Reserve has set a limit to their account causing the said huge problem.

I have heard a lot of complaints recently from the said payment processor doing such activities, and if I am not mistaken, also from another payment processor doing such exact same thing to the previous BWWU program about SolidTrust Pay. This gives us a clear picture that we need to only take care of ourselves against the scam of the HYIP program admin, but sad to say also with the payment processors IF EVER THESE ALLEGATIONS ARE TRUE!

This time around, it is AVO's turn to ask help from its members to send emails to Liberty Reserve to remove the limit on their account so that the payments can be done to the members, or better yet that Liberty Reserve pays the investors their money back. I ABSOLUTELY do not have any objections to this, but what I really did not like is the fact that THEY SENT OUT THEIR EXPLANATION WAY TOO LONG!

Is it because they heard of the rumors, which I too am not sure if true or not, that there are people committing suicide for putting too much trust and money on their program!

I hate to say this but I think both parties could be at fault in here. In any case, I suggest to do what AVO asks you to do if you want to TRY TO RETRIEVE YOUR MONEY, and I will also do what I can to assist on my part for this process. But be warned that on usual cases, nothing happens from both their end.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin
AVO INC has been in business a long time and we pride ourselves in being a honest company that has always looked after their clients. AVO has a MAJOR problem and we NOW need your help to get it resolved. Last week without any notice LibertyReserve put a limit on our funds which has precluded us from paying any withdrawals to our clients.

Just so you know even though we have a Perfect Money account we do not keep funds in it and we deposit/transfer all our money from PM into our LR account every time. When we need to pay PM withdrawals we transfer money from LR to PM but all money is kept in LR.

What we need you to do is to contact LibertyReserve by all means possible emails, support tickets, chat etc requesting that they release the limits on AVO funds so we can pay withdrawal requests. If they do not release our funds then you need to request your initial investment back directly from LibertyReserve.

We apologize for all the stress this has caused many of you over the last week but rest assure it was not our doing. We have no idea why LibertyReserve has put a hold on our funds and we have tried everything in our power to get it resolved now we need your help. CONTACT LIBERTY RESERVE NOW AND DEMAND THAT THEY RELEASE THE LIMIT ON FUNDS FOR AVO.

You can check our LibertyReserve account in the main page of our website

We have published a post in our FaceBook page about this too. Please join our FaceBook page to get funds back from LibertyReserve.

Send your full deposit info to compliance @ and their support page and mention that your funds are limited in U5699172

Share this information with all your AVO clients, friends and post in forums and blogs and let people know what LibertyReserve has done to you and AVO. We will start to process withdrawals when Liberty Reserve releases the limit on our account.

We will publish news when they unlimited our account."

TrackInv or Track Invest Inc. Program Review

TrackInv, which is short for Track Investment Inc, is the latest program that was added on My Personal List today. The said program is classified under mid to long term program. The said program was released in the industry last November 21, 2012 and is just 4 days old. Their goal is to help to simplify your financial life, freeing you to do what you value most.

TrackInv offers you a total of 4 choices investment portfolios and each plan differs on the minimum amount of investment to start off, daily interest received, number of days until maturity, and amount of profit received by the end of term. It is important that we have a good look on each one of these investment plans in order to determine as to which one you want to place your money should you decide to add TrackInv in your list.

Before we look into the investment plans, I would like to inform you beforehand that the investment plans have almost the same dynamics and the thing you should take into consideration also is that the more risks you take, the higher the returns. Nevertheless, your priority is to take care of your investments and thus make sure to invest on your comfortable amount and pace. If you think that you do not want to continue with the investment term and decided to withdraw your principal before expiry, you can do so with a penalty of 30%. I do not recommend this action if you want to really earn, not unless there are existing signs that the program is becoming unstable.