Saturday, December 1, 2012

Featured Program of November: Platinum Vertex Interview

Mabuhay! Hello to all the readers and subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin. Today is a very special day for a couple of reasons. First and foremost is the Celebration of Saints Peter and Paul. Another thing is that November 30 is also the Bonifacio Day, which is a holiday for remember one of the Heroes in my country, the Philippines. Since there are a lot of Filipino subscribers too, I would like to inform everyone to enjoy the holidays and to always keep the fun at safety level.

Last but most important of all, after being featured for the whole month of November, we will finally be able to get to know for the first time the CEO of Platinum Vertex, Geother. Platinum Vertex is a mid-long term program that has been online for 16 days now and is paying 4.5-6% daily. You can read the full program review here. Although it took us a bit of a wait to hear from them, I believe it is worth it. So sit back and relax while I present to you “The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Geother of Platinum Vertex.”

1.) Hi Geother, although there are a lot of readers and subscribers in The HYIP Bulletin who already knows and follows your program, can you introduce yourself also to the new comers and possible new investors of your program? Please tell us also your role in Platinum Vertex.

- Hello Irving, and to the readers and subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin. Before we continue with the interview, I would like to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to share Platinum Vertex and to all the members for giving your full out support and trust to our program. I am Geother, the CEO on one of the two companies of Platinum Vertex. Eric was supposed to do the interview since he has the better interpersonal skills between us two, but I had to do it for him since he is very much busy with the preparations of the Christmas Celebration that we are going to do this coming first week of December in our offline company. Nevertheless, rest assured that I will do my best to represent Platinum Vertex!

SureInv First Newsletter and Featured Program of December

SureInv (reviewed here) is our new Featured Program for the Month of December. SureInv is a mid to long term program and has been online for 16 days already. The said program is paying 3.5% to 5% daily for 60 business days.

Starting today, we will be able to get to know more about them as we feature the program for this month of December. The said program has also sent out their very first newsletter with the admin introducing himself to the public.

I would also like to inform everyone that Thomas has agreed for an interview to be published on the second or third week this December so if you have questions, concerns or suggestions, please inform me so I can include them on my list. You can contact me at [email protected]

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello all

First at all, a very warm welcome to our now almost 600 clients!

Since this is our first newsletter, please allow me to introduce myself: My name is Thomas Jenkins, but since childhood all call me TJ. My function within the sureinv organization is to oversee the entire project and to entertain our client needs.

Apart from saying 'Hello', I'd like to address some questions/concerns that came up, during the first two full weeks of our operation:

We have received several complaints from clients during the past weekends, who were concerned that cashout requests are not being honored on time and within our 48 hour processing rule.

Please be aware that weekends are excluded from the 48 hour rule, since we do not process payments on Saturday and Sunday. Payments are processed from Monday until Friday only, usually within an hour or two uring our business hours, which are 8am - 5pm GMT.

Some clients wondered, why no interest was credited to their accounts, only hours after depositing!

Well, interest is posted after a minimum period of 24 hours, after the deposit was made, but again - only from Monday until Friday. Why after a minimum period of 24 hours and not exactly after 24 hours, some might wonder? The reason is that the script, or in other words the software running all our transactions might be busy with other tasks at the very time you are expecting your interest. Thus, it can take a bit longer.

Now, all this is explained in detail in our FAQ, which forms part of our Terms of Service. We call on all our clients to please read our FAQ before contacting our support department - better even before getting involved with us.

Another important topic is, that you can only have six active deposits with us at any given time. [Mentioned in the FAQ as well!] It happened that some of our clients had not noticed this fact and funded their ePurse with additional funds to invest, and only after funding noticed that this was not possible. Moving funds from the ePurse to the Cash Balance was not an option, so their funds stuck in their ePurse. We have asked our programmer to come up with a solution and since yesterday funds can be freely and immediately transferred from the ePurse to the Cash Balance and be withdrawn from there. Please note that funds will remain of the same payment handler. Exchanges to other payment handlers are not possible. If you need to move funds from your ePurse to your Cash Balance, please click on the 'Currency Manager' link in the clients area.

Since launching sureinv a few weeks back, some reputable online bloggers and monitors published reviews about our venture, both in English and Russian languages. If you have some time during the upcoming weekend, please visit their sites and get informed about the latest news and trends in the online investment world:

The Hyip Bulletin

Good Investors Online

Sorry if I missed something here! If so, please drop me a line and I will mention it in our next newsletter.

We'll be back soon with more news, updates and information around sureinv. Stay tuned!

Best regards,

The HYIP Bulletin Formally Shares Its Knowledge and Skills to HYIP Insiders Organization

HYIP Insiders

I would like to formally announce that starting today, November 30, 2012 my knowledge and skills will be shared to newly created and soon to be a prominent organization in the HYIP Industry.

The organization that I have joined is HYIP Insiders Org. It is composed of a group of monitors, bloggers and veteran investors in the HYIP industry.

Our goal is to help keep the HYIP industry healthy and safe for young and old investors alike by making sure that all necessary information will not pass our eyes and ears so that the public will be able to know about it. We are your brother, sister, mother, father, relatives, investigators, detectives, doctors, consultants, teachers, friends, and police in this HYIP industry!

Hope this journey of mine will help improve The HYIP Bulletin by keeping you updated with the latest trends, news warnings and updates.