Thursday, December 6, 2012

Platinum Vertex FREE CASH PRIZES!

We received another newsletter from the Rank 1 Top Most Favorite HYIP today. Platinum Vertex is promoting its program in a different way in comparison to others and has already made its indentity by breaking the usual promotional strategies like ads and banners by doing events instead. You can see the program review and the interview of Platinum Vertex admin here.

In by absence (no electricity due to the typhoon that hit our area), I missed another newsletter also from the said program so I will be placing these two updates under one newsletter. I apologize for this.

First thing I want to point out, WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT. As much as possible, I want all of us to participate in this event since the admin is giving out a CASH PRIZE OF $50!

That is 100% risky free CASH PRIZE and all we have to do is post our BEST CHRISTMAS GREETING either on their testminonial page which can be accessed through our back office, of via our shoutbox, or via their Facebook page. This is FREE CASH GUYS, thus let us all go for it!

The newsletters inform us that they will be doing some changes on their website in order to make it look more "Christmas themed." We can see now that the usual slideshow of their products had been replaced with the different events this month. Also, they have announced the days that they will not be paying out this December.

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Here are the newsletters
"Newsletter from the CEO #2
Good day to all Platinum Vertex Members,
First of all, we would like to say thank you so much for the MASSIVE and IMMEASURABLE trust and support you have given to Platinum Vertex.

Since early this week, we have been receiving a lot of deposits from the Palladian and Rhodic plans. We absolutely know your concerns when you invested your money in these plans, most especially that the Christmas season is coming near. Just to picture things out for us all, Christmas is also the time of the year wherein we spend our cash buy precious gifts and stuff for ourselves, or our love ones. Instead, these people have entrusted a part of their savings to Platinum Vertex. You can be at ease because your money is safe with us here in Platinum Vertex.

We will make sure that you, as our partner, will benefit from the profits we also are making from the offline business. This is the most demanding time of the year for us all and a lot of our brothers and sisters are buying Platinum Vertex\'s products and goods. We are also starting to increase the production because our franchises are booming too! We are very glad about these great developments and we could not have done it without all you guys! Indeed, it is an absolute WIN-WIN scenario for us all.

This time around, it is our turn to return the favor to you guys! As promised,we will keep our word by staying true to our promise of providing you innovative and exciting developments every time.

Here are the things in store for you:

1. Depositors Hall of Fame Page - investors of the Palladian and Rhodic plans are our PREMIUM members and deserve the RIGHT TO BE RECOGNIZED. I have already assigned Platinum Vertex\'s personal IT Team to create a very special page for you all. Should you not want your name to be included in the list for whatever reason is, please inform us via email at [email protected]
2. The Platinum Vertex products slideshow will be temporarily suspended this month because we will be replacing them with the Christmas Events!
3. All Event Mechanics can now be found on the different banners so watch out for them!
Lastly, I would like to announce the two days that Platinum Vertex will not be paying this December. This is to prevent any losses while maintaining the sustainability of our online company during the unproductive days of our offline company.

1. December 10 - Platinum Vertex will not be doing any business transactions during this day for the Company Christmas Party. Please be informed ahead also that there will not be processing of cash out requests since all departments, including the financial sector will be busy preparing for the company Christmas Party.
2. December 25 - Platinum Vertex will not be doing any business transactions this day in honor of the most celebrated season of the year, Christmas Day. All business transactions will resume on the 26th.

If you have some suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via our Ticket Support and we will send you a response right away.

Happy Holidays!


CEO - Platinum Vertex"

Newsletter #2
"Christmas Event Banners Up
Hello to all the Platinum Vertex members,
We are very happy to announce that the Christmas Banner Slideshows are finally up.
Feel free to check them out and take note of the dates for the different events. You can also check out the schedules at our Fun Calendar page.
Do not forget to post your different Christmas greetings on our shoutbox, testimonial page, or Facebook page.
The best Christmas Greeting WINS $50!!!
Let us hear your greetings now! Cut off time is this Friday 2359 GMT+8 time.
The winner will then be announced this Sunday via newsletter.
Platinum Vertex Team "

Epic Royal Fund Upcoming Events Announced

Epic Royal Fund, an EXCLUSIVE HYIP that has been online now for 15 days has sent out the latest news, updates and plans of the program. Epic Royal Fund pays out in a weekly or monthly basis. and requires a minimum of $10 for cash out. Depending on what type of membership you have, your earnings also vary. Here are the list of investment contracts:

Investment Contract: 7 Day Fixed
Duration: 7 calendar days
Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 8%, Member - 8%, Sponsor - 10%, Guarantor - 12%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 7 days

Investment Contract: 15 Day Fixed
Duration: 15 calendar days
Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 20%, Member - 20%, Sponsor - 25%, Guarantor - 30%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 15 days

Investment Contract: 30 Day Fixed
Duration: 30 calendar days
Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 50%, Member - 50%, Sponsor - 60%, Guarantor - 70%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 30 days

Investment Contract: 60 Day Fixed
Duration: 60 calendar days
Rate of Interest: Newcomer - 130%, Member - 130%, Sponsor - 170%, Guarantor - 200%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity after 60 days

Do take note that Epic Royal Fund has chosen to be away from the public's eye and had been keeping their program on private status thus you will not find it in a lot of monitoring sites. In order to join, you need to have a SPONSOR. If you are interested in venturing in the said program, you may use my SPONSOR ID (thehyipbulletin) or simply click this link.

ACTIVATION IS MANUALLY VERIFIED and the activation of your account lasts up to 12 to 24 hours so please be patient. Although a bit tasking, it allows the company to properly validate the SPONSORS of each applicants.

Since the newsletter is pretty long, I will just put the different topics in the said newsletter. Please see full newsletter below.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Members,

It gives me great pleasure to bring you greetings from Stockholm, Sweden, on behalf of the whole EPIC-Royal Team, a group of devoted professionals who are passionate about investing. We all welcome you to join us in our efforts to make EPIC better as we strive to continually develop and improve our services to meet the challenges of tomorrow and set the highest standards possible.

We intend to continue this development and establish long-term relationships with our valuable Members and Partners. That is why I am excited to announce a whole series of events which will take place over the next few months - there will be much change, progress and excitement within the Club!

Below is a brief outline of the upcoming events:

1. Interview

Within about two weeks or so, I am going to be interviewed by one of the most respected and longest-running online investment blogs. The Interview will cover many important topics including the history of EPIC Royal, full background information on the company, its business model and future plans for development as well as the key people involved in the management of the Fund. Don't miss this event - you will not be disappointed!

To make the Interview more informative, interesting and complete, please send your questions, suggestions and ideas to [email protected]

2. Social Media

We realize that we need to give Members an easier way to team up, communicate and access information on our day-to-day work and activities. Therefore, I have instructed our Programmer to add a few social widgets to our Website, so that you are always aware and well informed about what is happening within the Club. Simultaneously, we are developing a Facebook page and designing a Twitter profile - they will appear on the Splash page in a week! Further developments in this area include adding Google+, maybe LinkedIn, etc.

3. EPIC Wealth Blog

As many of you have noticed, we try to keep our Blog up to date with the latest updates and events. And in the next few short weeks, I plan to create a personal Blog section, where I can share some background information about myself, my role within the Club and what I do at Royal Caribbean Investment. I will be regularly posting articles about different events and activities I attend and on topics such as Offshore Tax Havens, Investing and Banking.

I will try to make it as informative as possible and I also hope you will let me know what you think about the Blog and what we might do to improve it.

4. Statistics & Reports

We will be introducing a new section on the Website in early January 2013 - Statistics & Reports. This section will house several different "real-time" reports and provide full insight on the infrastructure of the Club and its investment potential. We feel that this solution will be helpful for both new and experienced Members/Investors as it provides accurate analysis and reporting at any time (24/7), dramatically increasing the transparency of all internal business processes.

Registered Members will be able to access detailed Member Statistics, generate reports on how many Investment Contracts are established, find out which of them are Active/Expired and browse the overall Financial Statistics of the Fund.

The following are just some of the Reports we will integrate:

- Summary;

- Performance;
- Investment Contracts;
- Charts & Graphs;
- Member Accounting;
- Membership Breakdown;
- Processor Breakdown;
- Top Sponsors;
- Top Asset Holders;
- etc.

The Statistics & Reports section will also become an efficient starting point for all new (prospective) Investors. However, they will be allowed to access the Summary and Performance Reports only prior to registration.

5. Due Diligence & Documents

During the month of December, we will partially disclose the restricted information and materials contained in the 'Due Diligence Resources' section of the Website.

Under the new EPIC Disclosure Policy, the following documents will be disclosed:

- Fund Overview;

- Technical Security Sheet;
- Monthly Fund Fact Sheet;
- Performance Reports.

Private Information, including but not limited to Company Registration documents, Personal Identification documents, draft documents and other materials regarded as commercial/trade secret or personal secret will ONLY be disclosed upon the signing of the NDA.

6. Private Forum

As part of our ongoing development process, we think that a Private Members Forum would be a good way to keep our Members in touch with one another in order that they can share ideas and expertise. As soon as we have about 5000 members, we will use our previous domain name ( to set up the Forum - stay tuned for more information, you will be invited!

The above list of improvements is not complete, we will do our best to improve the service we offer to our valued Members.

In closing, I would like to say thank you to all Members who have genuinely helped EPIC grow and develop since day one! We have undergone a corporate restructuring ( merger with Royal Caribbean ) and significant changes in both ownership and management to become one of the most successful online "private" wealth clubs in Europe. Yet, without the support of persons like you, our efforts would have been in vain.

Ultimately, EPIC is your Club! Its success is bound up in your personal success and the success of each of its Members!



Jeffrey Ericson,

Managing Director and Founder
EPIC Royal Fund / EPIC Royal Investors Intl"

Benson Union Adds More Local Numbers and Webinar Announcement

Benson Union, rank 3 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP and is online for 322 days now, has sent out a newsletter today regarding the integration of additional local phone numbers for telephone support.

As of today, they have a total of 9 languages to choose from. The said local phone numbers are from Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Poland. This is great news for the locals because they no longer have to spend much in order to get to know more about the program.

Another addition to the said newsletter is the announcement of the upcoming webinar for this December. This is another activity that is unique Benson Union. Webinar is a conference call with the CEO of Benson Union which is done in a monthly basis. Through the said con-call you can ask any program related questions or air out concerns to him.

Indeed, these updates are good examples of a program doing the extra mile for their investors. Thus, I will be including the said update in my Promising Program Updates section.

Here is the entire newsletter:
“Dear investors! We apologize for delay of integration local phone numbers for telephone support service but we are happy to announce that its finally done! Since today Benson Union has local phone numbers in Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, Poland. Investors from these countries don't need to spend extra money for international calls anymore! Most of numbers are toll-free. Benson Union phone support has become even more accessible for everyone around the globe. We will keep improving our services and more updates. The next pre-christmas webinar coming soon as well. We will keep everyone informed about details in next newsletter. Stay tuned!”

News and Updates Slightly Delayed Due to Typhoon

Hello everyone. As some of you may know, our country got hit by a super typhoon and one of the areas that was badly hit is our province. Yesterday was really a scary day and the winds were giving me Goosebumps. Luckily I am safe and so is my family (thank God for that!). Unfortunately, because the typhoon was really tremendous it left a lot of damages. Some of which were fallen trees, landslides, floods, etc.

In relation to this, our government ordered that turning off of the electricity in all places for some time in order to prevent electric accidents. Thus, for the much said reason you might notice that some news and updates will not be sent out on time. But rest assured that I will try my best to keep you updated still as soon as I get the chance to do so. This will be ongoing for about a day or two.

Please pray for the casualties and victims of the said typhoon. They need it.

Thanks for understand.

StallionGold Now In Russian

Stallion Gold, rank 2 in our Top Most Favorite HYIP and online for 93 days now, sent out a newsletter regarding the availability of a new language for its website.

Stallion Gold (admin interview here) has hired Russian translators in order to make the program more easily understood by the Russian investors. Reading through the different reviews of the said update, the said translation was done in a high caliber and you can guarantee that it is a fine work done.

I am happy to see that some programs such as Stallion Gold are really going for the extra mile in order to keep their program on top of the rest. For these reasons, I will be placing the said update on my Promising Programs Updates section.

Stallion Gold is categorized under long term programs and is paying 1.5-4% daily for 100 business days. It also has the 4-stage principal withdrawal feature allowing its members to cash out ¼ of their principal investments every 25 days.

Here is the entire newsletter:
“Website in Russian
Dear investors and website visitors, in continuation of our efforts to meet the needs of the international community of clients, it is our great pleasure to announce that the website of StallionGold is now available in Russian. To access the translated version, please use the link located at the top right corner of the site.”