Friday, December 7, 2012

Prospera Nova Discussion on How to Fund E-Currency

Prospera Nova, a long term investment program running for 92 days now and paying for 2% daily up to 365 business days sends out another "how to" newsletter.

Prospera Nova has created its trademark by this so called "how to" newsletters and the most common ones are its "security improvements lecture." Do take note that Prospera Nova is also ranked 6 in our Top Most Favorite HYIP and I believe their newsletters plays an important role for that.

This time around, the said newsletter is all about how to fund your E-currencies. This is a very important information and is very valuable both to an old timer or newbie investor in the HYIP industry. I believe that the said "how to" newsletter this time is packed with very valuable information and everyone should read it.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear investors,
Although we done short reviews of all the processors we accept we still receive many emails from users wondering how to fund their accounts. Because of that we have decided to go for a more detailed write up of the process and hopefully answer some of those questions.

-Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money are, as you know, quite alike and are best as far as privacy is concerned. As well, one of the good things about this pair is that there are no chargebacks, meaning that your money stays put once you get paid. Bear in mind that it can be a double edged sword due to hacking so we advise you to take all the steps you can to better your security.
How do you transfer money to one of these processors? You can not do that directly with Liberty Reserve. You need to use one of their exchangers. A list of them can be found here:
Next to each exchanger on the list you can find the ways to transfer money to them and you should pick whatever suits you the best. The most commonly used methods are wire transfer, which can be done from your bank or a WU transfer which you can use from any Western Union branch. Depending on your country, you might also be able to find a local exchanger. If a local exchanger is indeed available, they usually are the best option.

Perfect Money has a similar list as well. Everything we said about LR stands for Perfect Money. The list can be found here:
The only significant difference is that you can fund Perfect Money directly, using a wire transfer, but you must verify your account first.

-SolidTrustPay is, as you may know, slowly raising up as direct competition to PayPal, but as a more secure option with less frauds, chargebacks, etc. You can fund SolidTrustPay directly via wire or bank transfers. Credit cards can also be used. On the other hand, the STP account verification process is very demanding, the fees are high and the limits are low.

-EgoPay is, as we stated before, best described as a Payza proxy and there is not much need to go into detail here. It is, after all, mostly used by Payza users who know how it works. As far as our experiences with it go, EgoPay has very good support and does not seem to be a bad processor. The problem is with Payza, as they seem to be having trouble with deposits as well as withdraws at the moment. Due to that we can not recommend this option.

That would be that in a nutshell. Please do not hesitate to contact us should more questions arise.

Thank you for your trust.

Best regards,
Prospera Nova Support"

The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Ryan Harvey of Innovis Corp.

It is finally Friday and yet there is still no electricity at home since Tuesday. I hope that electricity will soon be back so that I can finally return to my usual sending of updates on time for your guys. I am really sorry for some news and updates slightly delay. This is unfortunately out of my control and I do hope that you will understand that I have to travel downtown where there is electricity so that I can send the daily news and updates.

Anyways, today is another special day because we will be reading an interview from one of the programs enlisted here in The HYIP Bulletin. The program I am talking about is no other than the latest short term investment program namedInnovis Corp. I would like to invite you to read also the program review here. So without further waiting, please sit back, relax and enjoy as I present to you “The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Ryan Harvey of Innovis Corp.”

1.) Hi Admin of Innovis Corp., before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself to the readers of The HYIP Bulletin and tell us about your role in the program?
- Hello! My name is Ryan Harvey. I am the main Admin and founder of Innovis Corp. Investment Company. I control all aspects of our company’s operations and dynamics. Of course, this is not a job for one person, so we have a well-matched team in which everyone does their part.

SureInv Promo News and The HYIP Bulletin Events Sponsor

SureInv, our Featured Program of the Month and currently ranked 5 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP, sent out a newsletter today. SureInv is middle to long term investment program paying 3.5-5% daily up to 60 business days and has been online now for 22 days. You can see the full review of the program here too.

The said newsletter informs its members about being the featured program here in The HYIP Bulletin and talks about the suggested readings that its members should look into, examples of which are the Featured Program Page, PromisingProgram Updates Page, and The HYIP Bulletin Events Mechanics.

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Lastly, I will be doing an interview with SureInv in the next few days and I am inviting everyone to send out your questions, comments and suggestions to me by sending me an email at [email protected]. This will be a very good opportunity for us to determine if they are one of those programs that we are really hoping for – sustainable, long lasting, and profitable!

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Here is the entire newsletter:
“Hello all

We are very glad to announce that we are being featured for the entire month of December by one of the most followed blog in the industry today: The HYIP Bulletin.

In relation to this, all news and updates about sureinv can also be found on the blog as well.

Recommended Readings:

1. sureinv Program of the Month Page (
Here you can find the sureinv program review and program updates for the month of December.

2. Promising Programs Section
This section tells you why The HYIP Bulletin recommends sureinv.

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sureinv will be sponsoring The HYIP Bulletin's Weekly and Month Events this December. Get ready to win as much as $50 every week and $100 by the end of the month!

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