Saturday, December 8, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Bi-weekly Ranking, News and Updates Report 12/08/12

Hello everyone! It is another episode of our bi-weekly rankings, news and updates in the HYIP industry. As promised, these updates bring about the general condition of the industry for the running week.

Before I proceed, the electricity at our town is still not back thus there might be some minor delays when it comes to giving out some updates.

Nevertheless, apirak, a good friend of mine does visit from time to time in the shoutbox section to inform everyone for any possible warning signs and scams. He is also an experienced HYIP player so you can count on him whenever you have problems in my absence.

Now let us proceed with this Bi-weekly release.

Top 5 Most Favorite HYIP
First on the list for this week is the usual ranking of our programs. Here are the current Top 5 Favorite HYIPs from this update basing on our Survey Poll.

You can see that the rankings have not changed much. Platinum Vertex still has the crown as being the number 1 of the programs. This is a no wonder considering the fact that it has a lot of fun events for its investors. Stallion Gold and Benson Union, two programs who remain to be very strong contingents follow Platinum Vertex closely. It is worth taking note that these two programs have never fallen from the rankings for the past 2 months now and had always been consistent in being one of the Top 5 programs so hats off to the admins. 4FX Investment follows the others. This program also has been consistent in remaining on top for the past 4 weeks now and has remained to pay instantly its investors. Finally, last among the top 5 most favorite programs is SureInv who has to picked up its pace for the past few days now. The program also happens to be the Featured Program on the Month here in The HYIP Bulletin. With its latest newsletter encouraging everyone to check out The HYIP Bulletin, the rating of the program has dramatically increased too.

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My Personal List
One program has been added on My Personal List for this update. The said program is a short term investment program and has been online now in the industry for the past 13 days.

1. Innovis Corp.  this short term investment program has 2 types of investment plans - an hourly and a calendar days plan. You can earn up to 7% hourly for 15 hours, or 127% after 1 day, 190% after 3 days, 330% after 7 days, 800% after 14 days, and 2200% after 28 days. In order to join, you will need a minimum of $10 deposit to start in the calendar days plan while $250 as minimum for the hourly plans. You can see the full program review and interview of the admin here.

Promising Programs
The HYIP Bulletin Warning: please read this first before continuing. This section points out some POSSIBLE AND POTENTIALLY good programs basing on EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD program updates or decisions that have caught my eyes lately.

1. Stallion Gold (admin interview here), rank 2 in our Top Most Favorite HYIP and online for 96 days now, sent out a newsletter regarding the availability of a new language for its website. They have hired Russian translators in order to make the program more easily understood by the Russian investors. Reading through the different reviews of the said update, the said translation was done in a high caliber and you can guarantee that it is a fine work done.

2. Benson Union, rank 3 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP and is online for 325 days now, has sent out a newsletter today regarding the integration of additional local phone numbers for telephone support. As of today, they have a total of 9 languages to choose from. The said local phone numbers are from Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Poland. This is great news for the locals because they no longer have to spend much in order to get to know more about the program.

Problem Programs
These programs were the ones who failed to pay after the specific time frame mentioned on their FAQ (usually 24 hours). They may have stopped paying for whatever reasons it could be - either hosting or server issues, or personal and health issues. Nevertheless, not paying is not paying and thus they will be marked under problem status. IT IS STRONGLY ADVISED TO NOT INVEST IN THESE PROGRAMS.

Nubcoyu – selective paying
The Money Galaxy - selective paying
Capital Turbo Ltd - site offline
RichStocks - not paying
Invest-It-Safe - not paying
Genius Merchant - not paying
VIC Money - not paying
Netdeal Club - not paying
Alpari Traders Fund - not paying
Emulation Fund - not paying
DDE Capital LLC - not paying
Earning Trend - not paying
Refer To Wealth - not paying

Scam Status
These programs have been confirmed to be non-paying. These programs could either be those who failed to send cash outs after the given 48 hours, or the programs who explicitly inform everyone that they will be closing shops.

BestProfits (34 days)
Technology Of Power (11 days)
Tobacco Capital (21 days)
Trading Coalition (159 days)
Endat Invest (43 days)
Pristine Funds (43 days)
Loyal Assets Ltd (23 days)
Navitas Trade (48 days)
Hiper Profits (11 days)
Save Inv (12 days)
Alcor Investment (40 days)
Trust Your Funds (18 days)
TOPFXCO (12 days)
Reddito Finance (11 days)
Felmina Alliance Hourly (9 days)
EveryDayOnTop (5 days).

A lot of programs have closed the curtains on today’s update and as most of you can see, a lot of programs have ended up in a very fast way. Most of which have not even lasted for more than 25 days time causing a lot of huge holes in the industry. I just wish and hope that you are not one of those who have invested in these programs. In any case, it is very tempting to keep on adding a lot of programs but before you do so, make sure that you have done your due diligence and enough research before considering a program in your wide and diverse portfolio. This is specially very important now that we are in the Black Christmas season.

This Update’s Strategies, Tips and Tricks Reminder:

Make sure to check out the program’s investment portfolio.
In this industry, checking out the investment portfolio is one of the very important determining factors for a program to last or not. Programs who offer an insane amount of profit in a short period of time is more likely to scam earlier causing a larger hole in your pocket. On the other hand, programs that tend to have a more realistic and “manageable” profit in a period of time is more likely to succeed and last long. Nevertheless, IT IS NOT THE SOLE DETERMINING FACTOR thus all things still need to be looked into.

Platinum Vertex Weekend Newsletter

We received a newsletter from the current ranked 1 program of our Top Most Favorite HYIP - Platinum Vertex. Platinum Vertex is a middle to long term investment program and is paying 4.5-6% daily for 40 business days. The program is online now for 24 days and have promoting its program through different events and offered cash prizes. You can see the full program review and admin interview here.

The said newsletter tells us about the program being done in the processing of all cash outs requests for the said week. Despite having released a newsletter regarding the inability to processes Liberty Reserve pay outs (caused by Liberty Reserve's unscheduled maintenance , they were able to finish all the pending cash outs for the week later today.

The said newsletter also mentions about the great success of their very first Christmas Event which is the "Best Holiday Greeting." The winner of the said event will be determined through voting during their Christmas Party this Monday, which by the way is considered a non-pay day by the program.

Finally, the last part of the newsletter informs us that everyone is invited for the second Christmas event of the program. This said event is a redo of the "2 weeks online event" wherein posting your testimonials on their Facebook, testimonial page, and Forums can earn you $0.50 each. The final $0.50 can b earned by voting in and giving you a total free CASH PRIZE of $2 should you finish all these tasks.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Good day to all Platinum Members!

We are very glad to announce that all pending cash outs for the week have now been processed. Should you have any cash outs pending for more than 24 hours, inform us right away.

On another note, our very first Christmas Event "Best Holiday Greeting" is a great success! We would like to thank everyone who have participated on the said event.

The official result of the said event will be decided through voting during our Christmas party this coming Monday, December 10, 2012 and the winner will be given the said $50 then after! Also please be reminded that the said same date is a non-business day for us thus pay outs will resume by Tuesday, December 11, 2012.

Finally, next week is another Christmas Event so we encourage everyone to participate for the "1st Month Online Testimonials Event." The said event will end by December 14, 2012 so make sure to avail your FREE $2. To claim your prize, see print ads for details.


Platinum Vertex Team"

Problem Programs: Nubcuyo and Money Galaxy

The latest update we received from the monitoring boards is that Nubcoyu, a supposed long term investment program and is currently ranked 10 in the Top Favorite HYIPs (will be removed soon) has been tagged under problem status after having pending cash outs for 24 hours.

Nubcoyu has been know for its weekly newsletter because of the "novel-like" narration included. Every newsletter per week is well looked forward by its members as each one is curious as to what would be the next development of the admin's family and team story. Unfortunately, this does not excluded them from the fact that they have stopped paying for the past 24 hours now.

Thus, the said program will be marked under problem status. Let us hope that they can bounce back and start paying again so that we can all enjoy its weekly stories. For the time being, PLEASE DO NOT INVEST FURTHER.

On the other end, Money Galaxy, also a supposed long term investment program and had been previously on the Top Most Favorite Programs is still on problem status but the scam status has been lifted because of the fact that the program is still continually paying out its investors from the e-currencies of SolidTrustPay and Ego Pay. The investors of Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money on the other hand have not had their pay outs yet. This then marks them under the problem status. Unfortunately no explanation has been released by the admin yet and despite multiple emails, we are receiving no response.

In any case, we strongly advise not to invest in the said program until all problems have been addressed.

Track Invest Inc. Pending Liberty Reserve Cash Out

We received a newsletter from Track Invest Inc, a middle to long term investment program and has been online now for 13 days. Track Inv is also ranked 11 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP and is paying 3.5-5% daily for 60 calendar days. You can see the full program review here.

The said newsletter tells us about the pending cash out requests from the Liberty Reserve currency which had its unscheduled server maintenance  I am hoping that the said cash out requests will be processed soon since the site is already up and running during the time of writing this update.

Here is the newsletter:

"Dear Member,
Liberty Reserve is unavailable on December 7, between 09:00 (pm) and 1:00 (am) UTC. You can check it at liberty reserve official blog .
All pending withdrawals (Liberty Reserve) will be processed once Liberty Reserve is back and up again. Perfect Money and Egopay withdrawals are and will be processed as per routine.
We appreciate your patience during the time.
Thank You,
Track Invest Inc."

Innovis Corp: All Pending LR Cash Out Processed

We received a newsletter from Innovis Corp today regarding all pending cash outs from LR now processed. Innovis Corp is a short term investment program with 2 types of investment plans - an hourly and calendar days plan. You can earn up to 7% hourly for 15 hours, or 127% after 1 day, 190% after 3 days, 330% after 7 days, 800% after 14 days, and 2200% after 28 days.

Innovis Corp has also recently joined the Top 20 Most Favorite HYIPs and is ranked 20 as of the moment in the survey. You can see the full program review and interview of the admin here.

A few hours ago, Liberty Reserve did an unscheduled maintainance causing a lot of programs to unprocessed cash out requests. One of these programs that was affected is Innovis Corp.

As of the moment, the program has now completed all the pending cash outs so you can expect that the requests of the said cash out is now finished.

Aside from informing their members that the cash outs have now been processed, they also included a side note as to how to resolve the issue should the Liberty Reserve website not work on you side still.

Here is the entire newsletter:
Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola


"A really good news from Liberty Reserve, preventive maintenance was completed and as usual the Liberty Reserve back in the ranks. If you still see a maintenance message please don’t forget to clear your browser cache, hotkeys for it is Ctrl+F5 for popular browsers.
All withdrawals in Liberty Reserve is processed as usual.

Have a great weekends and thank you for a choosing our company."