Friday, December 14, 2012

Benson Union Announces Their Christmas Event

It is very noticeable now that Christmas is fast coming, and this is also the case here in the HYIP industry. Some programs are already gearing up for the season and one of those is Benson Union.

I believe that this program is no longer a stranger to us all since it has long been consistent in being one of the Top 5 Most Favorite HYIP Program. This long term program is already 331 days old and is nearing its 1 year mark which is a very good achievement for them. Benson Union is paying 1.2-2.45% daily for 170 business days and has compounding and principal return feature.

They have sent out a newsletter today informing everyone that over $25,000 prizes at to be given away this Christmas as cash deposits this coming Christmas. Considering the huge amount, I just hope it won’t affect the program in a big time too.

An awarding of the 3 best representatives will also be given and this will surely go to that individual who received the largest amount of commission from its referrals.

Here is the entire newsletter:
Christmas gifts coming!
Dear investors! Benson Union informs about upcoming deposits giveaway. We changed giveaway policy and decided to gift deposits on Christmas, December 25. There will be over $25,000 prizes! We will also award 3 best representatives of 2012. Stay tuned!

Track Invest Inc. Also Joins In Celebrating Christmas

Another program has joined the caravan for Christmas events in the HYIP industry. It is no other than the middle to long term program that has been online now for 19 days. I am referring to other than TrackInv.

TrackInv pays a daily interest rate of 3.5-5% for 60 calendar days with principal already included in the earning. You can see the full review of the program here.

It has created its own trade marking by sharing that “friendly and approachable” image to everyone.

Today, they sent out a newsletter to inform everyone that 2 SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 will be given out this coming December 26, 2012. The said two phones will be awarded to the Top Investor and Top Referrer.

Here is the entire newsletter:

Christmas Promotion | Track Invest Inc.
Dear Member,

We are pleased to announce our Christmas Promotion. We will be giving away Samsung Galaxy S3 to two winners every month. First two winners will be announced on 26 December 2012.

There are two categories for the winners; One for the Top Investor and other for the Top Referrer. The promotion will continue during the year 2013 as well.

Please let us know if you want to see any further promotions or improvements.

Thank You,

Track Invest Inc.

Your Fast Track to Success! 

ProForex Site Back & Bank Wire Feature Added

We received series of newsletters from Proforex Union today regarding an update on the issue related to their website and a new additional feature to the program.

Proforex Union is currently ranked 14 in the Top Most Favorite HYIP list and is a long term investment program that pays 1.2-2.4% daily for 60 calendar days It is already 76 days online. It has the compounding and principal return by end of term feature.

The newsletter informs as that the website is finally back and fully operational. Other than that, a new domain has been included. You can now access their website either using a or

They have also added a new depositing process which is the BankWire Transfer. If you want to deposit at least $1000 (minimum bank wire transfers) then you can do so by sending it through BANWIRE - ALFABANK – LIQPAY.

Here are the newsletters:

Professional Forex Union. New domain
Dear investors. Domain in the zone "COM" was successfully restored. We also bought another domain for our site in the area of "NET"

Sincerely, yours The Professional Forex Union team.
Contact Customer Service: Support

Professional Forex Union. BANWIRE - ALFABANK – LIQPAY
Added new ability to open and withdraw deposits through BANWIRE - ALFABANK - LIQPAY

For instructions, please contact us.
[email protected]

Sincerely, yours The Professional Forex Union team.
Contact Customer Service: Support

Professional Forex Union. Domain was successfully restored
Dear investors. Domain in the zone "COM" was successfully restored.
Please check.

Sincerely, yours The Professional Forex Union team.
Contact Customer Service: Support