Friday, December 28, 2012

Short Term Invesment Programs Strategies, Tips and Tricks

In my absence last Christmas, I received a lot of escalations and concerns regarding how to improve their skills in playing with short term investment programs.

I hope you have been following really close to my bi-weekly updates because there are a lot of tips I have previously included when it comes to investing in short term investment programs. We have practiced a lot of our skills in investing with them for the past weeks and sad to say there are still few who failed to read my instructions on how to do it.

This prompted me to create a separate newsletter with regard to my strategy on investing with short term investment programs. I hope that this will help you in the future and even in the current investment programs that you have. If you have also other tips and tricks about short term investment programs, please feel free to send it to me so I can share it to our fellow readers, followers and subscribers.

As you have noticed by now, every time I enlist a short term program, I always ensure that you will be informed of the risks and possible benefits you can get. Fact is that you can earn A LOT from short term programs if DONE CORRECTLY. It is also a fact that we cannot predict as to what could happen by tomorrow or by the next day due to its fast paced nature. The key strategy I want to inform everyone is to be PATIENT and NOT TO BE GREEDY!

Here are my 5 golden rules in investing with them:
1. Invest only on amounts you CAN AFFORD TO LOSE! This is applicable not only to short term investment programs but to all the HYIPs as a whole. Do take note that the nature of the HYIP industry is very uncertain and LUCK is such a huge factor. We ride on it! Skills are only part of the things that can help make you earn.

2. ALWAYS invest on investment plans that earn DAILY. There are a lot of investment plans that are available and diversification is also good but it is ALWAYS A MUST to invest on the DAILY plan. The rest are just for “extra income if lucky.”

3. Always aim for PRINCIPAL RETURN in the shortest amount of time. This means that you have to make sure that you can get back the investment you did. If you invested $100 for example, aim for getting your capital in LESS THAN 6 days!

4.  Leave your profit as your account balance after 5 days! This means that after you have WITHDRAWN your capital, all that will be left on your account balance is your profit! The DAILY EARNINGS OF YOUR PROFIT are then the ones that you should be cashing out daily. By doing so, you have already ensured that you are in PROFIT rather than in LOSS!

5. In the event that the program is reported to do SELECTIVE pay outs, NEVER REQUEST HUGE AMOUNTS. In general, request only VERY SMALL AMOUNTS (usually less than $5-7) and in proper time spacing in order to TRY TO DECEIVE the admin. If you get lucky, they might process your cash outs. As soon as you get paid, wait for 8-12 hours do send a request again. Do this over and over again in an attempt to get back as much as you can before the admin TOTALLY stops paying. On the other hand, if you ever do huge cash out request, might as well say goodbye to your money without getting a single cent.

Do take note that this is NOT a 100% guarantee that will work. This is just my usual strategy which lucky has always been working really well for me.

I hope that this will also benefit you and you will also share the same lucky that I did in the short term investment programs.

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Felmina Alliance Increase Referral Commission as Holiday Gift

We received a newsletter holiday treat from Felmina Alliance today. Everyone is entitled to receive an increase of 10% referral commission whenever they deposit via bank wire of e-currency.

Do take note that the original referral commission rate is only 5% and with this update is now 10%. You can have that extra amount from my RCB or referral commission back should you decide to deposit within today until January 6, 2013. Those who have signed up under my account and have done a deposit will receive the full amount back which I received as commission!

So what are you waiting for? If you think that Felmina Alliance is one of those potential great programs that is going to last for a long time like it is now this coming 2013, then grab this opportunity for this will only last until January 6, 2013.

Felmina Alliance, ranked 6 in the Top Most Favorite HYIPs and is paying for 1-1.6% daily with compounding and capital return by end of term feature. It is running strong for 536 days making it one of the longest running programs in the industry.

I will be placing this update in my Promising Program Updates today.

Here is the entire newsletter:

“Holiday Season Gift!
Dear thehyipbulletin,

We at Felmina Alliance Inc. are sure that you are enjoying your Holiday Season!

To make it even more enjoyable we are offering all members a referral commission bonus whereby you will earn special 10% referral commissions on all bank wire and e-currency deposits made by your referrals from Friday, December 28, 2012 until Sunday, January 6, 2013. For bank wire transfer deposits the deadline will be Sunday, January 13, 2013. This offer applies to both regular customers and regional representatives.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.”

Founders Fund Move to Problem Status

Founders Fund has been moved to problem status today due to some reported cases of selective pay outs. Basing on the investigation I obtained, cash outs which are greater than $8 are not being processed.

Should you be one of those who were affected by their scheme, please send to me an email so I can escalate it to the correct people.

In relation to this, please do send out a cash out request of more than $8since this could cause your request to be on pending for more than 24 hours, or worse be not processed at all.

My advise is to send multiple cash outs of lesser than $8 and in a timely manner (another request after the previous request has been processed) so that you will be able to save at least a few of your dollars than your entire money. Although this is not a 100% guarantee that you will be able to have your cash outs processed, at least this has a higher success rate.

In any case, please DO NOT invest further on the program.

Prospera Nova’s Tutorial on How to Invest and Withdraw

Prospera Nova’s Tutorial on How to Invest and Withdraw

We received the “traditional” form of newsletter that was sent out from Prospera Novatoday. To those who do not know, Prospera Nova has very well made its own signature through its “informative” newsletters. Each newsletter contains steps as to how to fund accounts, how to keep accounts safe from hackers, and so on and so forth. Today’s newsletter is a no exception to that.

This time around, the latest newsletter contains step-by-step explanation as to how you can deposit on the recently added investment plan which will last up until New Year. (See the newsletter of the said investment plan here). It also contains the walkthrough on how you can change the compounding percentage of your deposits. And lastly, a guide on how you can ensure that your cash out requests will be properly processed.

These guides are to address the 50% population of Prospera Nova’s investors who are all inexperienced in the HYIP industry.

Prospera Nova, a long term investment program running for 112days now and paying for 2% daily up to 365 business days. They also have the currency exchange feature which gives them uniqueness to other programs. PLEASE DO TAKE NOTE HOWEVER of the very huge exchange rates for other currencies.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
Dear investors,
We are well aware that we need to re-design our user interface and add some tutorials as well. Around 50% of our support tickets are inexperienced members asking about how parts of our webpage operate. We shall work on that. We cannot give you a deadline, but it will be done as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we shall dedicate this newsletter to explaining three areas that seem to confuse you the most.

- When we have introduced out celebratory New Year’s plan, a lot of users could not understand how to invest in it. If you wish to do so, you are to go the New Deposit form. Observe that there is a drop down list in the Plan heading. Just click on that and you will be able to select what plan to invest in.

- Many users could not find a way to change their compounding percentage. To do so, you need to go to My Deposits. Then you may select the compounding percentage you want next to each of your deposits.

- We would like to note that, before you do your first withdraw, you should double check and verify that the data on your account is correct. Make sure that you have the correct accounts for your payment processors listed. What confuses our users most of the time is SolidTrustPay, many list their account number or e-mail instead of the username. What we need to deliver your money is the username (the same one you use to log on to SolidTrustPay). We cannot send a payment to an account number or an e-mail address.

In a nutshell, those are the three biggest problems. If you are still unclear on a particular thing, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our support staff is here just for you.

As this is likely the last newsletter you shall receive in this year, the entire team behind Prospera Nova would like to wish you a happy New Year and all the best in the upcoming holidays as well as the year that follows.

Thank you for your trust.

Best Regards,
Prospera Nova Support