Monday, December 31, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year

Good day everyone. Today is a very special day and I am sure that everyone agrees with this.

In this very special occasion, I would like to thank everyone for being with me this year. We have been through a lot of things this year and one of those our the shared ups and downs from the HYIP industry.

Nevertheless, we would like to pause for a while as we reflect on the things that has happened to us this year. Regardless if it is a fruitful one or not, ULTIMATELY we are still blessed by the fact that we have survived the so called "DOOMS DAY." We are still living in this world and this alone already calls for a celebration. As long as we are still breathing, there is always  room for us to rise from the deepest moments.

As we move forward, let us learn from our yesterdays and face tomorrows with a new smiles and new hope. It is a new beginning for all of us as we face a new year ahead of us.

I would like to deviate today from our usual daily HYIP news and updates and just simply want to send out this SOLE NEWSLETTER FROM ME TODAY.


New Enlisting: Stravia

A new potentially promising program has been added to my Personal List Section today. Stravia is a middle to long term investment program that has been online in the industry now for 21 days and have been continually gaining the trust and support of a lot of investors.

Stravia offers a total of 4 investment plans but due to its straightforward plan, it is not very hard to understand. Do take note that all plans are bracketed and this means that the higher amount you invest, the higher is your daily rate. All of the plans also have the compounding feature, which personally I do not recommend doing before you reach your break even point but nevertheless offers higher return as soon as you reach the maturity period. All plans also offer the principal return feature which means that upon maturity, you will be able to get back your invested amount plus the additional compounded interest should you opt to do compounding.

In order for you to join, you simply need the minimum amount of $10 only and the daily interest increases as the higher amount is invested as previously mentioned from 2.7%, 2.8%, 3.0% and 3.5%Stravia is also one of the programs who has the edge over the other HYIPs when it comes available currencies you can deposit into. All the prominent E-currencies are available and these are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay.

Feel free to check out Stravia and do not forget to sign up under my sponsorship link found here in order for you to avail the RCB or referral commission back feature that is exclusively offered by The HYIP Bulletin. Please come back later for the publication of Stravia's full program review.