Monday, April 29, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin is Now Staying in A New Home

After some serious attempts and consideration of trying to get my old website back ( and after so many multiple attempts of sending emails to my previous host provider, I have decided to finally give up on getting it for now.

I have to settle for the time being on staying with the a new hosting site which is and start a  new.

Please be informed that starting today, the new website is available at

Do tune in for more updates as I bring back to everyone the latest news and updates, rankings and ratings from the HYIP industry.

For those who still do not know my email address, you can always keep in touch with me through my permanent email address at [email protected] Thank you.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Latest Website Update for The HYIP Bulletin

It is finally up and running. Please be informed that the new website is now As most of you noticed, the previous website has been done. This was due to the fact that the previous host provider was no longer capable of hosting the old domain due to the dramatic increase of the traffic.

In relation to this, I have searched for a better hosting provider and came up with the final point that godaddy has the recent more competitive hosting provider around.Unfortunately to my dismay, my old hosting provider does not want to provide my old website. I know it really is shocking and very disappointing on my part. I have work sooooo hard with my old website and they do not want to give it back to me.

It all started when suddenly I noticed some changes on my hosting services. It all began when I told them that some of my access rights suddenly went missing. They they tried to resolve it. It came to a point that after a few days, my website suddenly went down. And much to my surprise, I received a email from them that I broke their terms of services. What the heck?! Which part of it did I break? I too am wondering. Well, I tried to send them an email but unfortunately they did not reply even a single one of my multiple emails.

It has been too long and i mean really tooo longg that I have been in convenienced with what they have done to me and I am forced to get a new hosting service with godaddy. I hope that this time around I will not be disappointed. I understand that there are a lot of you who I still have not given the RCB. Please give me time to recuperate and I promise you, one way or another, I will really reallly realllllly give it all to you one at a time.

 I have recently quit my other job so that I can finally focus on The HYIP Bulletin and although there are a lot of things to do, and not to mention start a new, I hope that you all guys will support me in my endeavor.

Please be informed also that starting today, I will be keeping in touch with all of you guys in my email [email protected]

Please send me an email there.

Thank you so much.