Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stravia Now Paying Instantly

We received a very promising and good news from Stravia today (reviewed here). This newsletter of course earns the right for me to place them in my Promising Program Updates. Stravia is currently ranked 19 in our Top Ranked Programs and is up for 28 days now. It is paying for 2.7%-5% daily for 70 business day.

As previously announced by the program, they were working these past few days with their payment processors in order for the pay outs to be processed instantly. Today, they have finally announced that cash out requests will then be processed instantly. The payment processors it currently is accepting and is currently paying instantly are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Ego Pay.

This is a great news to the investors since INSTANT PAYOUTS can become more promising and assuring to the great number of new programs this 2013. Clearly this is something Stravia is determined to be unique and different from the rest.

All pay outs are verified to be processed instantly during my cash out requests.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin,

We announced earlier that we were testing out instant withdrawals and we are glad to announce that it was a success with our members.

All withdrawals through Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Egopay should be instant now.

If any withdrawals doesn't go through instantly for any reason, we will process it manually in 36 hours or less.

Best regards,
Stravia Inc."



New Premium Enlisting: Alevras Investments

One of the highly promising program I have added to my premium enlisting today is the fast rising star in the industry - Alevras Investment.

This program is classified under middle to long term investment program and is offering 4 investment plans which is pretty much straight-forward and easy to understand. Depending on how much you are willing to invest, the rates also increase. All of the plans pay for 55 calendar days and one of the very great news that all of you are sure to be glad about is that payments are processed INSTANTLY!

The first plan pays 3% daily and requires a deposit of $20 up to $2500. The second plan returns 4% daily for 2501 up to $5000. The third plan gives out 5% daily  for $5001-$10,000 and last but not the least is the fourth and final plan that gives 6% daily for $10,001 and up.

Alevras Investment accepts payments from three major processors and these are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Solid Trust Pay. Again, this program is part of my RCB or referral commission back program so if you want to receive back the commissions I receive from you, do sign up using my referral link here. Please come back later for the full program review.

New Premium Enlisting: Premier League Profits

I have added a new program in my Premium Enlisting today. This new program is called Premier League Profits. It runs its company basing on Arbitrage Betting System which I am sure you guys are familiar with if you were a member of the new private program of NewGni.

Premier League Profits, also known as PL Profits, is classified as a long term investment program that offers two investment plans which offers the principal return feature upon maturity. This means that as soon as the maturity period reaches, you will be able to receive back your invested amount. 

The first investment plan is the PLP Daily which offers a profit rate of 1% daily for 180 business days and requires a minimum deposit of $10 or 10 units. Cash outs can be done daily on this plan and gives a total of return of 280% together with your capital upon end of term.

On the other hand, the second investment plan is the PLP Weekly which offers 7% every week and lasts for 30 weeks, thus giving you a total return of 310% together with your capital upon end of term. The difference between the first plan is that you require a minimum of $20 deposit for 20 units and will earn or have earnings after 7 days and thus despite being able to send cash out requests any time of the week, this still means that you can cash out profits if you once a week.

The program has a good number of payment processors offered which is a very good move for a long term investment program if it actually plans to stay for a long period. These are Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Ego Pay and Solid Trust Pay.

Please come back later for the full program review to be published here in The HYIP Bulletin. While waiting, feel free to sign up under me for the RCB or referral commission back I am offering to the selected programs. Here is the link for you to explore their website.

Petrol Gain Full Program Review

Good day guys! Yesterday has been a very busy day for me to a point of having only two hours of sleep. I was updating some web lay outs of The HYIP Bulletin and everything was going as usual when suddenly I noticed that the upload time, which usually takes only about 5-10 mins, took a lot longer than the usual. I tried to be patient but it seemed something is really wrong so after an hour or so I reached my limit closed the window without letting it finish. Confident that my web design features take snapshots from time to time, I am very hopeful that I can reload the page to where I left it before I did the upload. Unfortunately, much to my surprised the most horrific thing happened! Although the lay out seemed fine, the is that a lot of pages went missing and all the web contents were lost! To make matters worse, the only way for me to fix it is by reverting it to my last saved back up which was dated almost two months ago! Anyways, most of the things are fine now and I apologize for any inconvenience some errors might cause. Should you notice something odd or is not working, I would be very glad if you can report it to me so I can fix it ASAP.

Unfortunately, the HYIP industry's news and updates will not stop and wait for the everything to be fix in my mother website. And for this I am just so glad that my news and updates section is on an  entirely separate hosting service, allowing me to successfully send out the latest news and updates for you regardless my mother site is in perfect shape or not.

Before we go into our usual daily news and updates, I would like to introduce you to the latest addition in My Personal List section which I have recently modified and improved.

I know some have already gone ahead to placed their investments, while some joined, and some others just waited patiently for this review to be published. Regardless as which of those you might have been, thank you for the continued support being shown. Please be informed once again that this program is also part of my RCB or referral commission back programs. If you have done your signing up and deposits with me as your referrer, up line, sponsor or whatever they may call it, you are very much welcome to ask back the amount I received as commissions from your deposits on the said program. 

The program that we are going to take a closer and more detailed look today is no other than Petrol Gain which was added to my Premium Enlisting yesterday. Petrol Gain is categorized under short term investment programs and offers 3 investment plans.

Like any other short term investment plans, these three are pretty much straightforward and similar with the only difference is the number of days and rate or profit upon expiry is different. Also each of these three investment plans are also bracketed into 5 sub-plans and only differs depending on the amount spent. In general, the bigger the amount you invest, the bigger your interest rate.  The brackets or sub-plans are the following: sub-plan 1 $10-300, sub-plan 2 $301-1000, sub-plan 3 $1001-5000, sub-plan 4 $5001-10,000 and sub-plan 5 $10,001 and more.

Epic Royal Fund Upgrades DDoS Protection

We received an update from Epic Royal Fund today regarding the upating of the program's DDoS-protection server. In relation to this, you might be experiencing some difficulties in accessing their website.

As you all know by now, most of the common downfalls of the program is the possibility of having been down for a couple of days which can lead to serious cash flow issues if not stopped. Thus, Epic Royal Fund is doing such update.

Epic Royal Fund  is an EXCLUSIVE HYIP that has been online now for 43 days now and pays out in a weekly or monthly basis. The program requires a minimum of $10 for cash out and depending on what type of membership you have, your earnings also vary. Full listing of investment plans here.

The said update can be read only by its members due to the exclusive membership of the program. Should you want to join, feel free to use my sponsorship ID.

Here is the entire update:
"Dear Members,

We are setting up DDoS-protection for our server. There may be a small downtime for the site for the next few hours at some locations.

We apologize for inconvenience. Please wait for updates from the Admin.

Best regards,

Rudolf Haschmann,
Technical Support Administrator"

NewGNi Moved to Problem Status

I have decided to move NewGNi due to the fact that I have pending withdrawals despite the fact that they are supposedly to process all the cash out requests every Monday of the week.

As all of you might recall, the admin Jurgen promised to be back from the two weeks vacation during the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately, contrary to what was promised not all cash outs were paid yesterday and I too have pending cash outs.

In any case, please refrain from doing any further deposits on the program.

Felmina Alliance Monday Holiday

We received a newsletter from Felmina Alliance today for another no pay holiday. Felmina Alliance is perhaps one of the programs in the industry who has the most number of holidays in one year making it one of the programs with the most number of non-paying days. Nevertheless it is also one of the oldest running programs.

This coming Monday will be the Martyr's Day in Panama and since Felmina Alliance is honoring the US and Panaman holidays, there will be no payout for the said date.

Felmina Alliance is ranked 6 in the Top Most Favorite HYIPs, paying for 1-1.6% daily with compounding and capital return at end of term feature and is running for 547 days now.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear The HYIP Bulletin,

Monday, January 7, 2013, is the Day off for Martyr's Day in Panama.

We observe the official holidays in the US and Panama. According to our terms of service, we do not pay interest on weekend days and official holidays. Therefore, no interest will be paid on this day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome."