Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Daily News and Updates 1/14/13 - New Premium Enlistings & Interview with Steve Allen of Alpha Capital FX & Daily News

Hello everyone. Before we go into The HYIP Daily News and Updates Section, I would like to introduce you to two new programs which was launched just a few hours in the industry today and have been added in my Premium Enlisting Programs. Both of these programs are also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM.

One is a short term investment program while the other is a long term investment program. Please come back later for the publication of these two program's detailed review.

I will also be presenting another exciting episode of The HYIP Bulletin Interiews today. The admin and HYIP program that we will be hearing from is no other than Steve Allen of Alpha Capital FX.

In the mean time, I would like to do a quick recap and be reminded to sign up using my referral link in order to avail the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK program.

New Premium Enlisting: Galaxy Gains Partial Program Review

Galaxy Gains is a short term investment program claims to be an established FOREX INVESTORS that has been in the industry for 2013 now. This means that they have 5 years of experience to improve the financial needs of their investors. Do take note however that we cannot have any definite means to certify if it is true or not, however their investment plans are something that we might want to have a look. Experienced HYIP players will definitely be able to look forward to gaining profit from it.

Galaxy Gains

Galaxy Gains offer a total of 3 short term investment plans and varies depending on the number of days:
a) Basic Plan115% total with principal amount after 1 day for investments of $10 - $50,000
b) Medium Plan125% total with principal amount after 3 days for investments of $10 - $50,000
c) Business Plan350% total with principal amount after 10 days for investments of $10 without limit 

If you are into short term investment programs, make sure to check out their website here and DO NOT FORGET to sign up using my referral link (here) in order for me to send the commissions I received from you.


New Premium Enlisting: AD SOLID Partial Program Review

Ad-Solid is a long term investment program that offers lucrative and profitable services in the advertising industry. Simply put, they help in the promotion of your products or services in the online industry. Earn and at the same time advertise either your real-life businesses, other online investment programs, etc. using their advanced marketing tools by simply purchasing 50 advertisement credits per $1.

Ad Solid

Like the rest of the other long term investment programs in the industry, Ad-Solid also has a principal return feature which allows you to receive back your investments after end of term. It also has the compounding feature from 0-100% allowing you to automatically deposit a fraction or entire amount of your daily earnings. Upon end of term, the compounded amount plus your initial investments with then be received as a lump-sum.

Ad-Solid offers a total of 5 long term investment plans that allows you to earn for 150 business days and varies depending on the amount you have invested:

a) Gold – offers 1.2% daily interest rate on invested amounts from $10 - $499.99.
b) Emerald – offers 1.3% daily interest rate on invested amounts from $500 - $1,999.99.
c) Sapphire – offers 1.4% daily interest rate on invested amounts from $2,000 - $4,999.99.
d) Ruby – offers 1.7% daily interest rate on invested amounts from $5,000 - $24,999.99.
e) Diamond – offers 2.1% daily interest rate on invested amounts from $25,000 - $50,000.00.

Having an incredible well-built, attractive and detailed website design, Ad-Solid will definitely be a program that is going to draw in the eyes of the many – not only in the HYIP industry but even beyond. Will it be the next “BIG THING” of 2013, this we do not know yet but we will wait and see. After all, it is still January!

You can check out Ad-Solid here and do not forget to sign up using my referral link to avail for the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK program. This will allow you to receive the commissioned amounts of your deposits from me.


Today we will be hearing from Steven Allen, the admin of Alpha Capital FX. I am sure everyone is as excited as I am but before that, if you missed out the Detailed Program Review of Alpha Capital FX, you can check it out here. (Alpha Capital FX Review). The program have been online for 17 days now and is continually gaining more and more supports from the industry.

So let us stop waiting and join me as I present The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Steve Allen of Alpha Capital FX

1.) Hi Admin of Alpha Capital FX. Before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself to the readers of The HYIP Bulletin and tell us about your role in the program?

Hi Admin & to the readers, followers and subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin. I hereby take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Steve Allen, and I am the Admin of Alpha Capital Fx. I have worked with a good fund manager for almost a decade. Now , I am also Trader of Alpha Capital FX with five more.

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Paying HYIPs Report 1/14/12

Here is the list of programs enlisted in The HYIP Bulletin that has paid me in the last 24 hours.

Featured Programs List: 
SureInv, C.I.T.I. coming soon...
*** Prospera Nova continues to pay me in the daily plan.

New Premium Enlisting:
Ad Solid
Ad Solid