Thursday, January 17, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Daily News and Updates 1/16/13 - THB Reviews: DETAILED PROGRAM REVIEW OF GALAXY GAINS, New Scam Warnings,

Hello everyone. I hope you had a wonderful day. Today was super busy for me. Had too many things to handle at the office so barely had time to breath. Not to mention that I am yet to finish the detailed review of the last two programs I have recently added.

There are many things to look forward today and one of which is the DETAILED PROGRAM REVIEW OF GALAXY GAINS which was introduced almost two days ago and is also part of my RCB or REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS. I am sure most of you are very eager to read it considering the fact that a great number of you are rushing in joining the program in the first two days since launching.

I have also updated the Top HYIP Rankings due to a lot of movements in the poll lately. Make sure to check it out too.

And last but not the least, NEW SCAM PROGRAMS AND WARNINGS seen in the HYIP industry.

The HYIP Bulletin Reviews: Galaxy Gains Detailed Program Review & Analysis

Galaxy Gains ReviewIntroduction
Good day everyone. Today we will be reviewing Galaxy Gains which is one of the latest programs I have added in my Premium Enlistings. This short term investment program, despite at a very young age has already been catching the attention of a lot of investors in the industry. Most of the investors in the industry could join the program for a minimal amount of $10 only.

We will try to find out as to why this program is slowly becoming one of the favorite short term investment programs in the industry of today in this review. But before that, please be reminded that  Galaxy Gains is part of my RCBor REFERRAL COMMISSIONs BACK PROGRAM. Thus, make sure to sign up using my referral link in order for you to receive the commissions I will be receiving from your deposits or investments.
Now without further waiting, please join me are we take a more detailed and closer look at  Galaxy Gains .

I. Financial Section - 8.37 out of 10
A. Investment Plan – 8.8 out of 10
Galaxy Gains is classified under short term investment programs in the HYIP industry. Considering the fact that the program is just barely 2 day old, today or the next few days will be the ideal time to start investing in the program.
Galaxy Gains 
The program offers a total of 3 short term investment plans which are very straightforward and typical of a short term program we see in the industry today. These plans are also bracketed into 4 sub-plans which different in return rate depending on the you have invested. It a strict sense, your investments will be returned together with the profited amount upon end of term. Depending on the number of days, you will receive the total amount from as low as 105% up to as high as 350% or 5% pure profit up to 250%.

EVO Profit, Amilia Fund & Rico Trend Moved To Scam Status

I have moved EVO Profit (111 days), Amilia Funds (172 days) and Rico Trend (124 days) to scam status today after multiple issues and complaints of selective pay outs. The programs did last for a very long time considering the fact that it offers short term investment plans.

Hats off to them but everything comes to an end for a program eventually in the HYIP industry.

And yes, in case you have not noticed, the program is still processing cash outs but usually the very small ones. If you are in the program, do simple cash outs of $1-2 daily which is the usual amount for selectively paying programs. Also, obviously these programs are run by one program admin.

In any case, please do not invest further.

Top HYIP Ranking Poll Updates

Due to a number programs moving in the rankings lately, I  have decided to do an early update on our Top HYIP Rankings rather than the usual once a week one.

I am sorry if the ranking list (the survey poll is fine) is not updated frequently. This is due to the fact that the programming and lay outing is not automated so everything needs to be done manually. Anyways, rest assured though that the ranking poll will ways have the figures to show the rankings.

Going back to the rankings, there are a lot of new programs that came in. This is most specially the cases of the newly added programs here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Please do remember that the rankings is solely based on the voting of the viewers, followers and subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin and DOES NOT guarantee the stability and safety of you investments on the program.

Feel free to check the rankings here.

Paying HYIPs Report 1/16/13

The HYIP Bulletin Enlisted Programs that paid me in the last 24 hours.

Featured Programs List: 
SureInv, C.I.T.I. coming soon...

Premium Programs List: 
Oil Funds Plaza, Perfect Forex, Galaxy Gains, Ad Solid, Al Invest, PL Profits Stravia, Alpha Capital FX, Epic Royal Fund, TrackInv, Stallion Gold, 4FX Investment & Benson Union

Normal Programs List:
EVO Profit, Rico Trend, Diamond Asset, Prospera Nova & Felmina Alliance

*** Epic Royal Funds is yet to respond to the incident that happened yesterday (details here)
*** Prospera Nova continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** EVO Profit continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** Rico Trend continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** Amilia Trade continues to pay me (selective paying)

New Premium Enlisting:
Oil Funds Plaza - 1/15/13
Perfect Forex

Perfect Forex - 1/15/13
Perfect Forex

Ad-Solid - 1/14/13
Ad Solid

Galaxy Gains - 1/14/13
Galaxy Gains