Friday, January 18, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Scam Warnings: Epic Royal Scam Program Now Official

It is unfortunate that I will have to issue the official notification that EPIC ROYAL IS SCAM PROGRAM NOW.

After more than 24 hours time since notification, we have yet to hear from the program. The first warning since we saw was the announcement last December about going for "PRIVATE CONFERENCE."

It was a bit odd for an ALREADY PRIVATE PROGRAM to have a PRIVATE CONFERENCE on FEW OTHERS ONLY. Real companies just don't do that. After the said conference, there were no updates shared to the other members.

The second warning sign was when the admin announced a business trip, which was followed by the "MIRACULOUS" transfer of funds from balances to the internal wallet thus preventing anyone from sending cash out and instead forced to redeposit in the program.

I asked the admin to explain the situation, but unfortunately there was not a single response and the movement of the account balances continued in the next 24 hours.

Nevertheless, the program was still a success considering the fact that it lasted for more than 55 days and was able to provide good profit for the early birds through some couple of cycles. Unfortunately none has profited from the long term plans.

One main reason I find for the said move of the program to scam is due to cash flow ins and the CASH OUT SYSTEM OF THE PROGRAM WHICH ALLOWS EVERYONE TO SEND A REQUEST FOR ANY CURRENCY.

This is one of the main falls of the program whenever a particular E-Currency gets too much cash out requests and no cash deposits.


The HYIP Bulletin Scam Warnings: Galaxy Gains Moved to PROBLEM STATUS

I have moved Galaxy Gains to WAITING STATUS due to some reported cases of members not being paid.

Looks like the program did too much spending to a point of not paying the members anymore.

The usual active admin who I see often online in the gmail account he/she often uses have not logged since the past 14 hrs too.


The HYIP Bulletin Daily News and Updates 1/17/13 - THB Reviews: DETAILED PROGRAM REVIEW OF GALAXY GAINS, New Scam Warnings,

Hello everyone. We received a couple of news and updates today from the HYIP industry some of which are scam warnings and problem programs.

Fortunately enough, I am just glad that this has not affected much the rate of returning investors who went on hibernation from the Holidays.

The DETAILED PROGRAM REVIEW OF GALAXY GAINS is finally available. Also, there will be more programs I will be doing detailed reviews which were recently added in The HYIP Bulletin.

Lastly, make sure to take some time of the list of programs that paid me in the last 24 hours. Should any of them be having problems sending you your cash out requests, inform me right away so I can do proper investigation.

For the time being, let us read what's on the news and updates of today.

Shadows Script Interview Interview with The HYIP Bulletin

We were able to receive the reply for the interview invitation of Christopher Mark, the owner and programmer of Shadows Script today.

In case you have not heard of them, Shadows Script are one of the best script developers and subscribers of  the HYIPs, or the programs we are investing into.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am as we wait patiently for the much anticipated interview published here in The HYIP Bulletin soon.

Al Invest Adds Facebook and STP Back to Instant Processing

We received a newsletter update from one of the enlisted programs in my premium listing today - AL Invest or Alevras Investments (reviewed here). This is with regard to two new developments of the program.

In their newsletter, they are glad to announce the members that they have added Facebook in their website. This is a move in the hope to improve the visibility and image of the program, enabling them to have the chance of being exposed to a wider market.

On the second update, they have finally fixed the issue of the API of their STP account, thus allowing the members to be able to receive cash out requests instantly once again.

Let me just remind you that AL Invest is a middle to long term investment program that has been online now for 10 days and is paying from 3%-6% daily for 55 calendar days. The payment processors accepted by the program are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin

Great news. We added FaceBook page for our business. All news will be first updated in FaceBook page

We had problems with STP instant payments, and today they are finally fixed.

Stay tuned for more updates very soon.

Best Regards, Alevras Investments Online LTD. Team"

SCAM WARNINGS: More Scam Tactics from Petrol Gain

Talking about rise from the dead, Petrol Gain has sent out a newsletter today to its members to SCAM SOME MORE!

The said newsletter "claims" that they will be going to pay their members with all the pending cash outs but needs to verify their account BY PAYING, or should I say BY DONATING YOUR MONEY TO A SCAMMER for $0.01.

I know it is a very small amount but if the button placed their actually sends out INFORMATION OF YOUR ACCOUNTS to that scammer.

I am sure NOT JUST $0.01 will be lost BUT A LOT MORE!


Detailed Program Review & Analysis of Galaxy Gains Now Available

The continuation of the Program Review and Analysis of the Program Galaxy Gains has finally been published in The HYIP Bulletin.

Paying HYIPs Report 1/17/13

The HYIP Bulletin Enlisted Programs that paid me in the last 24 hours.

Featured Programs List: 
SureInv, C.I.T.I. coming soon...

Premium Programs List: 
Oil Funds Plaza, Perfect Forex, Galaxy Gains, Ad Solid, Al Invest, PL Profits Stravia, Alpha Capital FX, Epic Royal Fund, TrackInv, Stallion Gold, 4FX Investment & Benson Union

Normal Programs List:
EVO Profit, Rico Trend, Diamond Asset, Prospera Nova & Felmina Alliance

*** Epic Royal Funds is yet to respond to the incident that happened yesterday (details here)
*** Prospera Nova continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** EVO Profit continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** Rico Trend continues to pay me (selective paying)
*** Amilia Trade continues to pay me (selective paying)

New Premium Enlisting:
Oil Funds Plaza - 1/15/13
Perfect Forex

Perfect Forex - 1/15/13
Perfect Forex

Ad-Solid - 1/14/13
Ad Solid

Galaxy Gains - 1/14/13
Galaxy Gains