Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: Safety Euro Initial Review

Safety Euro is a newly launched program in the market which was enlisting in The HYIP Bulletin Premium Enlisting today. This program is also part of the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM so make sure to sign using my referral link.

The program is a short term program and offers to pay 120% daily up to 1200% for up to 20 days, and like any other short term programs earnings are in brackets and starts for as low as $10. Deposits can be done both via Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

While waiting for the full program review,  check out the website here and do sign up using my referral link to be eligible for the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM.

Problem Updating the Website

Hello guys. I would like to inform that I am experiencing some issue whenever I update my website. Some of the updates are not reflected whenever I publish the changes in the website. I am suspecting that there could be some issues with regard to my DNS servers which does not reflect the actual updates. On the other hand, my daily news and updates sent via emails is working perfectly so I hope this will not affect much.

I am doing my best to resolve this issue right way. I hope I will be able to resolve this ASAP.

Thank you for your patience.

The HYIP Bulletin Back From Vacation

Hi to all the subscribers, followers and viewers of The HYIP Bulletin!

I would like to inform everyone that I am finally back home from my vacation. In connection to this, I will be slowly but surely attending to all the pending matters in my email.

Please be little more patient as you wait for your emails to be attended. I hope to finish all these things the soonest possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do send me an email and I will surely attend to it as soon as the rest will be attended too.

Thank you so much!