Sunday, February 3, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Scam Warnings: Metal Fund Moved To Problem

Metal Fund has been moved to problem status today here in The HYIP Bulletin due to selective pay outs and some reported cashes of cash out requests not processed for more than 24 hours.


Perfect Forex Now Introduces Live Chat and Phone Support

Perfect Forex, online now for almost 20 days in just few more hours time, and is the current number 1 short term investment program here in The HYIP Bulletin has sent out a newsletter today informing everyone that they have improved the support system of the program. Do take note that Perfect Forex is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS so if you want to receive the commissions I got from your deposits, make sure to sign up using my referral link. The admin of Perfect Forex, Jim Courtney, will also be interviewed here in The HYIP Bulletin in the next few days so do watch out for that.

Today Perfect Forex has introduced the live chat support and has also assign dedicated private phone numbers should its investors and partners have any issues or concerns with the program. This will allow more transparency with regard to the cases of the programs and also bring out more confidence with the people relations dynamics of Perfect Forex.

Perfect Forex has a total of 5 investment plans of which 3 have already been completed and the program is paying for 125% for 1 Day, 250% by 5 days, 800% by 15 days, 2000 by 30 days and 3500% by 45 days on payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. YOu can also check out Perfect Forex program details here. The program have had no problems with regard to sending out cash out request so far as per last checking of yesterday making it the top most paying short term investment program here in The HYIP Bulletin. For the question as to how long the program will be able to last, and hopefully it will really last for a while, then we do not know as to and when this will change.

All I can say is that all of the early birds of the program has already made profit to the program and congrats to that.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
Hello The HYIP Bulletin,
"I hope you can enjoy your Sunday and I have a really good news for you.
For now we want to be a closer to our clients and introduce Live Chat Support system and international phone support it is a good start for successful cooperation.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.
Yours truly,
Jim Courtney
Perfect Fofex - Your Perfect Partner "

Featured Program Enlisting: Cash In Try In Review (Initial)

After the original announcement of the program admin to launch his program last January, they had to postpone it and instead do it this February in order to make sure that everything has been taken cared of for this date to come. Do take note that Cash In Try In is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS so make sure to sign up using my referral links in order for you to request for the commissions I receive from your deposits.

Today the admin of Cash In Try In or CITI has finally declared that his program is ready for launching and that it is finally the right date and timing to introduce Cash In Try IN or CITI to the HYIP industry. Do take note that CITI is running on the best HYIP script in the industry which is ShadowScripts, who the admin of the said HYIP scripter provider was interviewed here. (See Interview with Chris of ShadowScripts)

I am personally expecting a lot from Cash In Try In because without bias, most if not all of the programs that ShadowScripts have provider their services with have one way or another become very successful programs (NewGNi, AWTC, and SureInv to name a few) which sets them apart from the other script providers. They sort of like do some training and conditioning programs upon the admin's request on how to properly run a program before the actual launching.

In any case, I hope that Cash In Try In will be able to stand up to my expectations but for the time being here are the things that you need to know about the program. A DETAILED PROGRAM REVIEW OF CASH IN TRY IN will soon be available. Like most of the programs assist by ShadowScripts, the admin of Cash In Try In has made a program that is categorized under long term investment program.  Cash In Try In currently offers 3 investment programs that pays from 1.5%-3% daily for 100 days on the first 2 plans & 180 days on the third. Do take note that pay outs are done in business days like the rest too so there will be no earnings during Saturdays and Sundays. To start investing in the program, a minimal of only $10 is required on payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and SolidTrustPay. If you think Cash In Try In is the soon to be promising program for 2013, which I am really keeping my fingers crossed, then you can check out the program here, and do remember that it is part of my  REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS  so do not forget to sign under my referral link.

TrackInv Revised Samsung Galaxy SIII Program Revision

As previously mentioned by the admin of TrackInv, current rankly  of the Top HYIP Survey Poll reviewed and interviewed here, there will a revision on their Samsung Galaxy S-3 Program. Today they have released the newsletter for the said program revisions and update which will be decided based on the results of a survey poll found on their Facebook Website.

If ever you are uncertain as to which is the program's official Face Book fan page and as to where to vote for the said poll, you can find it here (TrackInv Face Book Fan Page)

TrackInv has been online now for more than 70 days and have been paying its members with 3.5% daily for 15 Days; 4% daily for 30 Days on payment processors of LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. It is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS.

Here is the entire newsletter:

"Dear Member,
As we informed earlier, that we are going to revise the criteria for the winners of two Samsung Galaxy S-3 Mobiles Phones which we are giving every month. So, we have posted a poll on our Face Book page for all our members and visitors. Please vote for the option you like and most voted one will be selected. The poll will close on 24-Feb-2013.
Here is our Face Book page line:
Following are the pre-defined options, however you can add further to it.
1. Keep the current criteria - Top Referrer and Top Investor since start of the project.
2. There shall be a Lucky Draw for the members who made deposit.
3. There shall be a Lucky Draw for all the members either made deposit or not.
4. Winners shall be Top Referrer and Top Investor during the month only.
5. Please advise any other option
Looking forward for your opinion and please inform us if you have any issue.
Thank you,
Your Fast Track to Success!"

Ad Solid on How To Increase Income and More Bonus

We received a new update from Ad Solid today about the latest program they are introducing to the members. Take note that Ad Solid is also part of my Referral Commission Back Programs and has been reviewed here.

The said newsletter update is regarding the bonuses you will be able to receive as soon as you post out you cash requests or processes on the three major forums (TG, MMG, DTM) leading the HYIP industry. In order for your post to be recognized and for you to AUTOMATICALLY be credited for the minimal efforts, simply get directed on the assigned links wherein you can automatically synchronize your Ad Solid account to the different ports of the aforementioned forums. Not only will you be able to receive cash bonuses for posting you also will be able to INCREASE YOUR DAILY RATE INCOME.

This is hitting two birds in one go if ever you will this very simple and easy task. Another good move from the program Ad Solid and thus I will be placing the said newsletter in my Promising Program Updates Section.

Here is the entire newsletter:
Latest news of the project:
February 2, 2013 8:26 PM
Today we have added the unique bonus system in the project! Post your payouts proof from our program on forums and you will get the bonus - increase in the interest rate!
January 30, 2013 10:42 PM
Today we have added the exchanger inside member areas of our users.
January 23, 2013 11:53 AM

We apologize for the delay in payments in the last 3 hours due to a software error, payments already resumed.

Free $10 Try Out from PL Profits

It looks like PL Profits has bring up the competition into a new standards this 2013 as the present a free $10 to all the members who will be signing up until this Monday as a form of thanksgiving to their members.

On the other hand, they are also being threatened by 2 investors who claims to have done some huge cash deposits. But when asked with any proofs on the said cash deposits, contradicting information are provided by the said "victim."

I personally do not know who the victim in the situation is, but in any case such particular incident may or may not directly affect the program. One thing is for sure though, PL Profits can use it for publicity and regardless of what the result it, it makes people know more about PL Profits.

PL Profits is also part of my Premium Enlisting programs and is also part of The HYIP Bulletin Referral Commissions Back Programs. You can check out PL Profits Programs Details, including its review here.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Our steady growth continues with new members joining daily and investments increasing, that is just how we planned things. All payments are up to date and we want to remind you that there is no interest paid at weekends when our team are busy with the many football games taking place.

We had two annoying e-mails from different people, both saying that they had invested a large sum of money via LR and it had not registered in their accounts, when we checked no money had arrived in our LR and in both cases the screenshots they sent us were tampered with as the times did not match the details they sent, both of these members threatened to post negatives unless we credited their accounts. We can\'t believe some of the tricks people get up to trying to extract money from us. We are running a good honest service and everyone gets paid so we expect our members to be honest as well. We have good security measures and you can be assured we will not be giving money to fraudsters.

Anyway apart from that it\'s been very much a good week here and because of this we have decided to give all investors who have invested $20 or more (Except Monitors) a bonus $10 deposit in the daily plan. This will be added on Monday after the weekend betting is complete, this will give members who have not yet invested a chance to give us a try by making an investment or anyone with just a $10 investment to upgrade a little to take advantage. This is not a gimmick just a genuine thank you bonus for helping to make Premier League Profits one of the leading arbitrage betting platforms. So you have until Monday evening to invest but for members already in with $20 or over you need do nothing as your accounts will automatically be credited with your new investment.

That is all for this week and we hope you have great weekend and enjoy your bonus.


The HYIP Bulletin Premium Enlisting: Perfect Forex

Perfect Forex is the newest program added to The HYIP Bulletin Premium Enlisting today. Do take note however that this Perfect Forex originally was enlisted under the normal enlisting. After being able to do a full 19 days cycle on the program and being able to pay all the investors from its Plans A, B and C without any problems, the Perfect Forex has also started improving the visibility and coverage of their program. You can check on the full program details here: PERFECT FOREX DETAILS

Perfect Forex is also one of the programs enrolls in my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM so if ever you find Perfect Forex a program possible as a candidate for your portfolio, do make sure to sign up using my link in order for you to be able to receive the commissions I received from your deposits from either the processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay or EgoPay.

One of which is through the upgrade on the different monitors they have worked with since beginning of time and have proven to be of worth to them. Thus, they have also upgraded their program enlisting here in The HYIP Bulletin to premium enlisting and have purchased more banners to help promote their program.

Do watch out too for the upcoming interview with Jim of Perfect Forex only in The HYIP Bulletin Interviews. If you have some questions or concerns which you want for me to include on the interview, please do send it to my email [email protected]

Perfect Forex has been online now for 19 days and have successfully paid its members on plans 125% after 1 day, 250% after 5 days and 800% after 15 days. We hope and really look forward for Perfect Forex to also hit my milestone of reaching the 2000% after 30 days and 3500% after 45 days milestone.

The HYIP Bulletin Scam Warnings: Gold Riches Moved to Scam Status

Despite multiple emails sent out the admin of Gold Riches to be able to explain the fake pay out IDs, they only appeared to me once and even have the time to say that they really did process the cash requests despite the fact that fake pay out IDs and screenshots were already sent to them. During the middle of the conversation, they stopped explaining and just suddenly vanished to thin air and never returned.
I hope this will not be the last time we will see them and I hope a miracle will happen and that Gold Riches will be able to rise from the ashed, but unfortunately today I will be moving the program to scam status.

I recon the reason for the programs immature collapse is not solely due to the fact that they are a short term program but probabilty due to the relationship they have had with the previous program designer that left them. We can only imagine what happened prior to the "backing out" of their previous designer but the fact remains that despite the attempt to save the program (which I believe if they only have some plans B or C or D then the program can be saved) everything turned to vain and the admin just have to realize that he has to pull the plug out already before more is a lose to them.

Another waste of a possbile good program, but this is the harsh reality here in this play ground called "HYIP industry."

The HYIP Bulletin Trial Enlisting

The following programs have been added today in The HYIP Bulletin's Trial Enlisting Programs. Do take note that all these programs are still under my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM also, so if you may claim the referral commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

Click to View Details
1. Profitable2013 - 105% After 5 Days, 10% For 12 Days

2. Cash Hub - 104.00% After 1 day, 38.00% Daily, 132.00% After 7 days