Friday, February 15, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Al Invest, Diamond Asset, DynoMoney and Golden Crown Finance

I have move Al Invest, Diamond Asset, DynoMoney and Golden Crown Finance to Scam Status today after an official clear off date with more than 24-48 hours pending cash out requests.

These programs have been already moved to problem status within yesterday or the other day and despite multiple emails sent to the admin, no response were received.


The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: InvInGold On Problem Status

I have decided to place InvInGold to problem status today due to the fact that I have a pending cash request for a total of 25 hours now.

Yesterday, I have done my usual "hi, hello, how's your program going" pattern and it seemed that everything was fine. Unfortunately today, the admin has a different response. The admin informed that some funds from his program were missing and that the reason why I am on pending status is because of this.

As means of saving the program, the admin is currently waiting for the currency changer to process the funds he has sent them in order to pay out some members.


In any case, please do not invest further on the account until further notice.

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Benson Union on Possible Scam

I know that this is not the first time it has happened for Benson Union, one of the top HYIP of 2012 and considered to be one of the longer running programs in the industry that has been paying the members for a  total of 411 days now on investment plans 1.2-2.45% daily for 170 trading days but it will be best for you guys to be updated. Benson Union is part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS so if you wish to deposit in the program and hoped to request for the commissions to be sent back to you, then make sure to sign up using my referral links.

The reason why I am issuing this warning is due to the fact that a single change of any USUAL patterns for a program is something worth looking into. The change I am referring to is no other than the fact that a very small amount of withdrawal of mine has been on "pending" rather than the usual instant cash out processing today.

May it be just some minor issue with their script to a major issue of a possible pending scam, I hope that the program will not yet end.

In any case, please do keep noted of the changes here in The HYIP Bulletin.