Saturday, February 16, 2013

Upcoming Interview with TJ of SureInv

Good day everyone. I am very happy to announce that Thomas or Tj from SureInv,the current rank 1 and top most profitable program here in The HYIP Bulletin, has given us the opportunity of having his presence once again here in The HYIP Bulletin Interviews. In a few days from now, I will be doing an interview with him and this time around it will be different from the usual "get to know the program" interview.

The interview will be solely based on what will be the next plans and moves for the program SureInv. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to have a glimpse of what's ahead for TJ and his team.

In relation to this, I would like to once again invite everyone to send out all your questions or concerns related to SureInv and I will try my best to cater and include all these questions for you in the upcoming interview.


PL Profits Sends Email Update Regarding the Current DDOS Attack

I received an email update from the admin of PL Profits (program details)that they are currently being attacked by a heavy DDOS attack. For those who have been in the industry for a while, I am sure that this particular scenario does happen from time to time and due to the highly advanced systems of the "attackers" in the industry, even some of the well protected and well guarded host providers can succummed from time to time. Such as with the case that is happening with PL Profits right now.

The admin is trying to inform everyone that we should not panic since they are now working triple time in making sure that the site will be back the soonest possible. Let us hope and pray that their technical team will be able to tackle this out right away.

PL Profits has been online now for a total of 40 days now and has been paying their investors and partners on investment plans1% Daily for 180 Days; 7% Weekly for 30 Weeks. You can check out also the program admin's interview and program review here. It is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS.

Here is the email from Tony:

"We are experiencing a DDOS attack at present and our hosting is working hard to recover the site back to normality, please can you tell your referrals not to panic we will be back as soon as possible.

New Trial Enlisting: Invest Hourly Paying Instantly Per HOUR

I know that only a few programs belonging to the super fast paced hourly plan programs are enlisting here in The HYIP Bulletin, but I have taken into consideration the adding of Invest Hourly which is the latest addition to the programs here. This program has been paying instantly all their investors for 2 days now.

The reason why I have added Invest Hourly is due to the fact that it is PAYING and aside from that it is paying INSTANTLY! I have verified that the program is paying INSTANTLY too. So if you are into the super fast, adrenaline pumping game like this one then I invite you to do so. It is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAMS so if you want to add the program, make sure to sign up using my referral link. You can check the program details here.

Please take note however NOT TO INVEST HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY since we cannot give any guarantee as to how long this program is going to pay though. The program accepts funds from LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney with a minimum of only $5!

In any case, here are the investment plans the program offers:

1. 102% after 1 hour (instant withdrawal) - $5 - $249

2. 115% after 1 hour (instant withdrawal) - $250 - $499

3. 130% after 1 hour (instant withdrawal) - $500 - $999

4. 150% after 1 hour (instant withdrawal) - $1,000 - $50,000

5. 1% daily monitor plan - $5 - $1,000
Once again, be reminded to take advantage of the REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS of The HYIP Bulletin and to always make sure to invest only in amounts you are ABLE to lose.