Monday, February 25, 2013

Track Invest UPDATE Interview

Hello everyone. I am very happy to announce that today we will be hearing from one of the Top HYIP in the industry today who is considered to be one of the best programs in the middle term investment programs of today. I am referring to no other than Track Invest which was also previously interviewed here. You can also check out TrackInv's detailed review here. Please be reminded that Track Invest is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM so if you decide to add the program as part of portfolio hearing from their program admin LAWRENCE, make sure to sign up using my referral link. Since this is our second interview with the admin, it will be pointless if we are going to ask the admin about his program since those questions were already answered. Instead, we will be focusing on the UPDATES, EVENTS AND MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS with regard to the people managing the program. Join me as I present to you all The HYIP Bulletin Interviews: Track Invest UPDATE Interview.

1.            Good day Lawrence! Before we actually start with the interview I just want to say thank you for giving us the opportunity of sharing your time with us once again. This is my second interview with you and a lot has happened ever since. Congratulations by the way for finally reaching the first 100 days of Track Invest! I know you are super busy lately, but despite the very busy schedules, I am truly grateful for your prompt response to our interview request. How are you doing? Maybe we can start of by RE-introducing yourself to everyone?

We are really honored that you have given us another chance to be interviewed for the 2nd time too. We really appreciate The HYIP Bulletin admin for giving such an opportunity.
I am Lawrence Newman, the mind behind the foundation of Track invest Inc. I am founder and administrator of the project. I am a professional Forex trader and have been in this field for more than a decade now.


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TrackInv Sending Out A Newsletter to Verify Account Information

We received a newsletter from TrackInv (reviewed here) today which actually surprised me. The reason why I was surprised is due to the fact that I just finished an update interview with them a couple of hours ago and that having the possiblity of the program to pull the plug off COULD be slim.

Another reason is the coincidence of me writing something about another program who is currently doing the account verification scam. OBVIOUSLY TRACKINV IS NOT DOING THIS. And I hope they never will!

I have asked the admin of TrackInv (interviewed here) for the explanation on their short email which they also had to admit was a bit too short and surprising due to an absence of explanation. Anyhow, they will be sending out the explanation few days from now as they send the newsletter for their weekly update, but we do not have to wait for that since they have promptly answered my inquiry.

Do take note that TrackInv is the currently rank 8 in our Top HYIP Survey Poll and has been online now for a total of 92 Days on investment plans 3.5% daily for 15 Days and 4.0% daily for 30 Days. You can invest with them for as low as $10 only on processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay. TrackInv is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS so if you want to invest on the program, make sure to use my referral link in order for you to ask for the commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

Please see below their original newsletter and also their reply to my inquiry.
Original newsletter:Please check if your account details are correct.
Your account name is thehyipbulletin.
Your e-mail is *****
Your LR account is U*****.
Your PM account is U******.
You have been registered: *******
Thank you,

My inquiry letter and their explanation:
The HYIP Bulletin:I would like to ask why there is a need for verifying such information. Sorry but I am simply trying to be extra cautious specially in this industry.
TrackIn Admin:Just want to confirm the details, as many members have not filled their payment processors details. Also, one member said his account details were changed. We are not sure if it is exception. So, for security reason; we advised everyone.