Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: 12ProFinance Initial Review

I would like to introduce everyone to one of the latest program added here in The HYIP Bulletin. As expected, this program is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS  BACK PROGRAMS so make sure to sign up under my referral link if you wish to received the commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

12ProFinance has been online now for a total of 12 days in the industry and is categorized under short to middle term program, although most of its investment plans is heavily weight and designed towards middle term. Now what I really like about 12ProFinance is that unlike any other programs we have seen so far in the industry, I can see a lot of things and a lot of PROMISING concepts that will make the program the next "FAVORITE" program of the industry within a couple of weeks from now, and I would even dare say mark my word for that!

Here are the things that has caught my eye about 12ProFinance:
1. The program is running on one of the best program script in the industry and I referring to the most advanced and highly customized script which is Shadow Script. As far as their records show, about 99% of their customers are very much satisfied with the services that is provided.
2. The program is well built in a highly secured website and is under a 256-bit PositiveSSL CA 2 encryption provided no less than COMODO. As you can see, their website is under a "green bar" encryption lasting for the entire year. We can then be assured that our personal information are well kept and secured from any possible hacking attacks and that necessary measures have already been done to make this a possibility.
3. One thing that most of us reviewers in the industry are looking forward unto is a program that is unique and different from the rest. I believe that 12ProFinance EXCELS on this category. If you are going to look into the design of the program. You can really tell that it is highly customized and that a HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME FOR PLANNING has been invested on the program. Some of the things that you want to look forward and perhaps could have noticed by now is that there are screenshot taken by the program from famous forums that the program is listed on and that these screenshots are "automatically" posted to the website. Every time you post a proof of payment, this proof of payment is then captured by the system of 12ProFinance and is then recorded and posted to their website. We have not seen such technology applied to the industry yet and this is a new MILESTONE for the HYIP industry. I would have to say job well done to Chris of Shadow Script who is the main web designer and engineer of 12ProFinance.
4. As for the investment plans, at first look up, you might think that it might just be like any other investment programs out there. If so, then let me tell you that you are mistaken by that. The programs investment plan is DESIGNED to make it last long and at the same time make it profitable for both parties. If you want to invest in their different plans, a certain pre-requisite is to be achieve first. One of which is the requirement to invest first on the previous plan in order to be able to invest on the higher rated plan. This easily ADDRESSES THOSE individuals who we can call as the "hit-and-run tacticians."
5. 12ProFinance accepts all the 5 major processors in the industry. This then allows all of the individuals of the industry to invest in the program. For as little as $1 ONLY, you can now start investing on 12ProFinance on e-currencies LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay and PexPay. If you were one of those who is very keen in the industry, you would notice that MOST of the SUCCESSFUL programs in the industry are those who has MORE THAN THE AVERAGE AMOUNT of payment processors and I think that 12ProFinance is one of them.

Although this is just my own speculation, and you could have your own speculations too but I think that 12ProFinance is definitely going to give us some more profits in the next weeks and months to come. As a whole, I would have to say that the program is well-built and well planned out from tip to toe. We are about to see a promising program yet again who could be the possible leader soon. If you agree with me on this then make sure to sign up today using my referral link in order to be eligible for the referral commissions back program. And last but not the least, always remember to invest only in amounts that you are always comfortable to lose should any untoward events ever happen.

Please look forward to the program's detailed review which will be published soon.