Thursday, March 21, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Proforex Union on Extravagant Prizes! Could This Be A Sign of A Near End

I do understand that it is too presumptuous of me to say such claim, and yes I might be wrong with this one again but I am just simply basing this on my gut feeling about the  Proforex Union's promotion they have this time around.

As you have noticed in the industry, those programs which are about to go on scam most likely creates that euphoric moment in order to excite the investors and encourage or tempt them to invest more. NOW PLEASE DO NOT BE MISLED because these are just based on my assumptions.

Proforex Union is still paying and has been online in the industry for a total of 294 days through investment pay rates of 1.2% - 2.4% daily. If we are going to calculate the said online days that they are into, let us say in 30 days we will deduct 5 days which are weekends. Thus 294 / 30 days = 9-10 mos or total of approximately 250 paid out days. Calculating further, we can make out an assumption that they have paid out the early birds up until date with 300% plus minus profit rate already.

This being said,  Proforex Union also have had good times in the industry and we can make up a conclusion that they are currently on the point of tag between profit to break even as a long term program. And do take note that they are also one of those very few programs who successfully managed to optimize and provide a very varied choice of payment processors which could confabulate and at the same time cushion out any currency deficiencies and difficulties.

Now having said all these things, it is for you guys to decide if you should invest further on the program on not. Nevertheless, if you still want to, do remember that the program is also part of my RCB program so make sure to use my referral link in order for you to request for the RCB. You can check out the program's full details here.

In any case, currently they are presenting a new program promotion which is the giving out of one of the most fad phones (iphone 5), and some cash out prizes too. There are also giving outs of apple ipads! All you have to do is to make out your own videos about how the program has helped you. IN MY OPINION, it is also an opportunity for us to also show our love and support to the program considering the fact that they have also helped us too so please do send out your entries. Who knows, you could be one of the blessed owner of the iphone given by Profex Union. Another part of their promotion is the cash prizes that will be given out to those who will be doing extra efforts in the promotion of the program. So for those who are into network marketing, this is your show!

Here is the entire newsletter:
Do you prefer to look stylish and beautiful?
Do you want to be one of the lucky owners of the most unique and one-of-a-kind phone?
It's quite simple; report on camera the benefits of earnings with  Proforex Union company!
Why did you choose namely  Proforex Union!?
Tell me about your work plans with our company! Upload your video on Youtube and send us the link.

Every week! The winners will receive a stylish Apple IPhone5

Once a month! The winners will receive a stylish Apple MacBook

In a random way will be awarded Apple IPAD

Proforex Union thinks about our partners!
Medal place is not just one. There are five of them!
The five of the top prizes will be rewarded with a $ 100 deposit

Sincerely, yours The  Proforex Union team.
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Update on Website Propagation and RCB Requests on 40% Completion

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Soon, the new canonical of the site will then be https://www and with the help of professional programers and encoders, we can finally have a smooth sail with the daily news and updates.

I would like to apologize to everyone for the noticeable decrease of news and updates in the past 2-3 days now due to the fact that as much as possible we want to finish all the changes in the website and that we can finally focus on the supposed industry updates.

Last but not the least, I would humbly ask for MORE PATIENCE to those who still have not yet received their RCB requests. Please be assured that all of these will be sent to you, and GOD is a testimony to that.

The HYIP Bulletin will always be with you no matter what. And I will make sure that I will do all I can to help everyone in the best ways I possibly can.

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In relation to this, please bare with me as we fix everything for the system's upgrades in order to accommodate the increasing data requirements of the website as our community increases.

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