Monday, March 25, 2013

Donate for WikiPedia Fund Raising

Hello guys,

I know that this is not directly related to the HYIP industry but one way or another, wikipedia has helped me a lot ever since and today I would like to do a favor for their website.

The website contains a short memo at its top page pertaining to the needs to raise funds for the program. If you have some extra funds, I would like to encourage to please do donate to their foundation.

Do take note that despite being the #5 website OF THE WORLD, they never posted ads on their website and considering the VAST AND SUPER WIDE content of their website, immeasurable amount of maintenance cost is needed.


Your help will go an extra mile.

Thank you.

A Happy Customer By Fairy Funds

I would like to share an encouragement and happy letter from one of the investors of Fairy Funds who is also part of The HYIP Bulletin.

This is based on his actual experience with the program Fairy Funds who is also part of our RCB program. The program's detailed review will also be available in a few more wait. You can check out Fairy Funds' program details here.

Although we are in the HYIP industry, and we do understand that everything in this playground involves huge risks for the sake of profiting, we also would like to encourage everyone to do share your experiences regardless if it is good or bad.

May this initiative and move by Nick set an example also to the rest as a means of giving out gratitude to the program admins who works hard for us to give us some profits despite this risky environment.

Here is his letter:
"Hi The HYIP Bulletin,

I want to let you know as to what a pleasure it was dealing with the admin of Fairy Fund over the last 2 days over a problem concerning my getting credit for one of my referrals. When I put in a support ticket telling them I didn’t receive credit for my referral the admin asked me to submit the documentation they would correct the problem. The admin corrected my account and now everything is fine. I hope this is a good sign and a portend of things to come!!!

I don’t remember my twitter pass word or I would tweet this as well."

The HYIP Bulletin Website Now on SSL, Dedicated IP and Future Updates

I have upgraded the service of The HYIP Bulletin in order to provide a higher security to all the readers, and subscribers of the HYIP Bulletin.

In relation to this, the website has now an SSL encryption for the entire website. We are almost 100% complete on all the system of the website and there will be MORE FEATURES to be added, included the introduction of THE HYIP BULLETIN MOBILE.

The HYIP Bulletin Social Media websites have also been improved and additional social widgets will be install soon so do watch out for that too!

In the mean time, you can visit the pages and please do not forget to SHARE, LIKE, FOLLOW and TWIT about this great and wonderful news.


I understand that as of the moment, the processing time of the RCB requests is a challenge, thus we are also currently working on the integration of AUTOMATED RCB requests processing. This will allow us to be able to send and receive RCB requests and processing via the system thus decreasing the waiting time in huge factors.

If you have some suggestions, comments or concerns please feel free to inform me.

Do look forward to further developments.

The HYIP Bulletin Warnings: Make Million On Scam

I have moved the program Make Million to scam status today after the admin of the program informed me. In fairness to the admin, he was thinking of the members of The HYIP Bulletin too and said that it is unfortunate that he had to pull the plug already.

It is indeed a sad thing to know that after being in the industry for a total of 71 days, and paying for the investment plans of 125% after 1 day, 10000% after 50 days this program had to finally say its good byes.

Nevertheless, it was not a total failure for it had a very good run on its own. I still want to say kudos to the admin for running a short program for more than 2 months and paying on high interest rate.

This is the nature of the HYIP industry. Good programs come, and good programs go. It is already about the RIGHT TIME to invest.

Since we have to say good bye to this program, PLEASE DO NOT INVEST FURTHER ON MAKE MILLION.