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Interview with Stefan Hendriks of Forex Paradise

Good day everyone! I am very happy to announce that finally the interview with our featured program for November has finally been published in The HYIP Bulletin Interviews Section.

Forex Paradise has been in the HYIP industry for more than 600 days now and is one of the best programs of today. With stability and profitability as its major focus, Forex Paradise offers two investment plans - Superior 1777 with minimum deposit of $100 for investment period of 12 months and Classic 430 with minimum deposit of $25 for investment period of 154 calendar days.

Forex Paradise LTD

It really pleases me to see an admin who really knows what he is talking and what he is doing with his investment program online. It is a NO BRAINER for me to relate and justify the "achievements" that they have accomplished up until this point.

So without further ado, here is the interview with Stefan Hendriks, the admin of Forex Paradise:

1.) Hi Admin of Forex Paradise, before we go into the details can you please introduce yourself to the readers of The HYIP Bulletins and tell us about your role in the program?
Forex Paradise: First of all, I'd like to thank The HYIP Bulletins administration for such a great website, it is so fair and informative. It is a pleasure to work with professionals. Now, let me introduce myself: Stefan Hendriks, founder, coordinator and face of the company; I have a vast experience in financial area, I moved to Hong Kong and eventually started my own company. My role is maintaining company's work and strategic development.

2.) Although most of the information can be found at the website, can you please give us a brief history about Forex Paradise? How did it come up and are there any interesting things we may know that is not found in your welcoming website?
Forex Paradise: In early 2000s I realized that the most profitable area is online investments. Soon I found that I'm not alone thinking this way. A group of enthusiasts started forming some kind of basis for the future company.

It was 2004 when first members of our team met for the first time. If we look at the modern history of web financial projects, it is evident, that in most cases leadership is a result of being the first in certain type of activity. Forex Paradise strives to be #1 as in quality of our services, as in international charts of businesses working online.

We started a great business and I think this is the evidence of how perseverance and hard work of ordinary people can create something really unique and great.

3.) The program has been in the industry for more than just a 600 days now. In fact, there are a lot who have already profited from the program too! Can you share to us some statistics or the current standing of Forex Paradise as of today? Did it stand up to your team's expectations?
Forex Paradise: We had detailed forecasts, but this year has surpassed all our calculations. Almost 200000 clients in this short period of time is a hell of an achievement.

Current situation allows us to look boldly into the future. Forex Paradise had an amazing year and our team really can be proud of what we have achieved. About 2/3 of our clients get back with re-investments and new deposits. Over 50.000 users have brought at least 2 clients by sharing their referral links. Generally speaking, these results were part of the plan, so we expected this to pass.

Almost over $50 mln of deposits we collected by working solely with individual investors. Recently Forex Paradise started working with corporate entities, which allows us to operate with significantly larger amounts.

600 days is only the beginning, Forex Paradise still got many things to show.

4.) To date, what do you think are the reasons why Forex Paradise is unique and different in comparison to any other investment programs? What do you think are the things Forex Paradise needs in order to improve?
Forex Paradise: I can name 3 reasons why people invest:
1. 100% deposit insurance. This is a risk-free strategy, which guarantees protection against profit losses. 
2. Stable investment plans and high profit.
3. Constant evolution of our project. We are always looking new ways to optimize investing process in Forex Paradise by implementing new functions.

Well, we shouldn't forget the pacing. Internet has seen many examples of the financial companies that started great and then after couple of months they couldn't handle the overflow of deposits and need to pay out the profits. This leads us to another important aspect: proper management strategy. As Forex Paradise audience is growing, we plan to work separately with clients interested in daily accruals and those who prefer getting their profit on yearly basis.

As for improvements, now we are working on new bonuses system, advanced ways of depositing, extended referral system and social media integration. Also Forex Paradise company plans opening few new language versions of the site: French, German, Vietnamese and many others. According to our investigations, areas with mentioned spoken languages right now represent our strategic interest.
In recent future all new updates will be open to public.

Forex Paradise LTD

5.) What was so far the “worst-case-scenario” that ever happened to Forex Paradise, how did you guys resolved this and what is it’s currently status if not resolved?
Forex Paradise: Most complicated issues we had when we moved from classic website script to modified one. But still, the worst case scenario happens when one of the payment processors suddenly stops working for some time. If it is a weekend, then no problem, but when it happens when all our investors expect to get their accruals, then it is tough time. A couple of weeks ago our team had similar situation. In order to resolve it Forex Paradise must inform our clients that we are okay and it is the payment processor's website is malfunctioning right now. We offer alternative methods of payouts or even deposit bonuses to cool down the possible anger and frustration. All in all, we learn to cope this type of problems.

6.) Please share to us the investment plans that you guys are offering to your members and partners. How do we compute for ROI and who have profited already?
Forex Paradise: Right now, we offer 2 investment plans: Superior 1777/Classic 430
Superior 1777, minimum deposit is $100 with investment period of 12 months. This plan offers compounding option and maximal return on this plan is 1777%. Investors can deposit using one payment method and withdraw profit using other. Principal deposit is returned. Soon we'll add option to top-up already active deposits on this plan.

Classic 430. Maximum return is 430%. Minimum deposit is $25, investment period lasts 154 calendar days. Accruals are made 5 days a week (Monday-Friday). Principal deposit is returned at the plan's maturity.

Both plans have 100% deposit insurance and offer up to 22% referral commission.
To see exhaustive info on these plans, you can visit this page:
To calculate the future profit, go here:

7.) Security is a huge thing in the industry. MASSIVE DDoS and hacking attacks are common downfalls of other programs. How confident are you on the security of the site and why?
Forex Paradise: We are 100% confident about our security system. Before we opened to the public our website, we had a trial period of 5 months with all sorts of tests.

Our security has three fundamental pillars: strong protected script, dedicated DDoS-protected Belize located server and large set of intermediary connection modules. Once a month Forex Paradise runs crash-tests of our system. One of key security factors is constantly moving money flow. We do not store invested funds

8.) Forex Paradise is running off on a customised licensed script. How do you find its settings so far and how is it helpful in your part? Are there any issues you have encountered with the script which you believe can still be improved?
Forex Paradise: Custom scripts open doors to all sorts of new features that could be implemented. Unlike the classic licensed script, the custom one provides us with direct access to the program code.
All time long we keep improving Forex Paradise script, increasing the performance.

As we know, time is money and it is damn right in our industry. All the issues that occur are fixed instantly. As for further improvements, you know, sky's the limit. The upcoming script updates will include: extended statistics info on deposits/ payouts; personal public user page, adding funds to already active deposits, extended bonuses programs, advanced user status and ranking system.

9.) Unlike any other industry, the HYIP is a very fast paced environment and a lot of developmental stages are established daily. What do you think is the most significant event for Forex Paradise since online?
Forex Paradise: Well, I can name few significant milestones in history of Forex Paradise. Launch of new version of the site, the one which everyone knows right now; opening Spanish and Russian versions of the site; adding new payment methods to handle transactions. From these ones, I'd say that most significant still remains launch of the new version, as it has customized site script and is better in various aspects.

Forex Paradise LTD

10.) If in case members want to contact you, what is the best way to do so? How long can they expect a reply from your team? Did you ever receive an escalation that is so hard to solve or so hard to understand?
Forex Paradise: Our website offers few ways to contact our Support team. Still, the most convenient way, I think is Live Chat or direct hotline +852 580 33134. If your question requires more attention, send it to our Support center at [email protected] and our operators will resolve it in shortest terms.

Speaking of problems, we prefer to anticipate the upcoming events and prevent unwanted ones. According to statistics, persons with real problems are not the ones who want to raise hell. Forex Paradise is always open to discussions. Our experience proves that quarrelsome people usually do not have active deposits and they even don't have plans to invest. They come to annoy the others. Thankfully, our operators are experienced in these matters and can solve problems before the fire rises.

11.) In any programs, each customer or investor have their wants and needs. To date, what are the common issues from the investors your team encounters? Do you have a short message for them to help resolve these issues faster?
Forex Paradise: The most common question is: what are the investment plans and how to calculate future profit.

To see extended info on investment plans, user should register at our website, then log into account and go to Investment offer page

To calculate future profit, go to Profit Calculator page
My message to all our clients is: please, read our FAQ section. 95% of answers to your questions are there. Anyway, do not hesitate contacting our team if you have any questions. By the way, very soon we will publish a special Investor's guide that will make investing with Forex Paradise even simpler and more convenient.

12.) Before we are going to end this interview is there anything else that I might have missed which you think our readers right now may be interested with? And last but not the least, please feel free to address all of us whose attention is at you right now.
Forex Paradise: I'm glad to see that we managed to build such an amazing system where investors can take advantage of profitable investment offers in risk-free conditions. I'd say that right now there are no any similar programs that could offer 100% deposit insurance and such stable payouts. For over 10 years we've been working on creating the system for stable investments that would combine complex calculations with a simplicity for regular investors. Now you know that system as Forex Paradise.

Almost 200000 users are happy investors who have profited and have significantly increased their initial deposits. Forex Paradise customers share their financial results with others and get over 22% referral commission. See how works our referral program here:

Go Register at website, invest and get guaranteed profit.
By the way, we have few interesting offers prepared for this Christmas season that you wouldn't like to miss!

My team have already proven that we are the professionals and we know how to work. Consider your risks, use our Profit Calculator and be in touch with Forex Paradise operators. Together we are stronger, so join us!

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Forex Paradise Team

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