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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Coin Magic as New Added HYIP Program

Coin Magic is one of the latest program added to HYIP industry lately. The venture claims they are a group of "...specialists of Bitcoin arbitrage transaction..." The site claims, "...The contrast among business sectors brings a ton of benefit. The quality of arbitrage is that it can acquire benefit with little hazard. There is no ownership hazard, and we can shoulder stable benefit by buying at modest rate and offer speedily at high rate."

The site is not something interesting, it looks customarily with very little of substance inside. There is very little data about the organization, which is clearly joined in the UK (organization number: 10757488). As you may see from the content over the organization is guaranteed to be managing Bitcoin arbitrage.

Coin Magic just acknowledges Bitcoin as the installment framework for stores and withdrawals. The base to begin is 0.03BTC. Every day loan costs are good and conceivably may prompt long haul execution of the program. Customers are offered to get 0.7% day by day for 30 days and 0.5% every day for 15 days. Bitcoin's base withdrawal cost is 0.02 BTC. On the off chance that you happen to have any issues or inquiries concerning Coin Magic, you ought to send demand to [email protected] and your issue will be tackled asap....

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, 2016 HYIP Bulletin Update: Right4Invest and DeriveMoney

Today the rundown of recently propelled hyips is a smidgen more various than the one on Tuesday. In the meantime there are two projects as of late added to HYIPNews posting: Right4invest and DeriveMoney. The Hyip Events is not various by any means, while Emoney segment contains redesigns from Payza and Bitcoin patterns review too.

There's a noteworthy accomplishment appeared by four out of five projects named among TOP 5 most cited hyips today. Dowerly, PokerAdv, Billionearn and Ambey Forex achieved the unsurpassed most extreme citation list on June 22.

The main contrast of Ambey Forex, which is incorporated to the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes segment in the Hyip Information Survey surprisingly is that the development of the citation list of this hyip still proceeds, while the file of other three projects began to diminish on June 23.

Two projects: Dowerly and Billionearn lost two focuses just and thus increased some positions: Dowerly moved to the TOP and Billionearn moved from the fourth to the third place, while PokerAdv and Coince lost 20 and 6 indicates consciously consequently moving the second and fourth place as needs be.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The HYIP Bulletins Reviews and Ratings: HonorForTheBrave

The latest program that we would be looking today is the HYIP program called HonorForTheBrave. This program has been in the HYIP industry for a total lifetime of 20 days now and had been continually satisfying their investors with prompt payments. The program capitalizes on their investments through the forex, stock and bonds, commodities and cryptocurrencies marketing. 

What sets the program apart from the other programs we see around is its stability and steady growth for the past few days in the market, which is absolutely a must to look at in this industry should you want to play in the HYIP game wisely. Considering how the program has been structured, we can actual see a great deal of planning and market forecast studies done before they program started and like any other standing long term programs we have seen, a possible multiple cycle of cash deposits could be achieved should the program be properly managed.

Here is a summary rating for HonorForTheBrave, and do make sure to read further for a more detailed review:

I. Financial Section – 9 out of 10
II. Content, Design & Miscellaneous - 9.5 out of 10
III. Technicality, Security & Safety - 10 out of 10
IV. Advertising & Promotional Strategies - 9 out of 10
V. Support System - 9 out of 10
OVERALL RATING - 9.3 out of 10

HonorForTheBrave falls under the category of long term HYIP programs 4 investment plans to choose from, which plans differing on how much investment return you receive daily and at the end of term. Just like any other HYIP programs out there, the bigger amount you invest then the bigger your profit would be by end of term, in its hypothetical sense.

Before anything else, you first need to register and have an account should you consider this program and all you need at the moment is an email. As soon as you input your email, the program will then provide you with all the necessary details you need such as your username, password and your transaction pin. Please do make sure you take note of these information since these are very important, specially when you are going to do your deposits and cash outs. 

To start investing in their program, a minimum of $30 is required to a maximum of $499 in their first plan. The first plan is called the Basic Package which offers a return of 3% per day rate from your original investment for a duration of 60 days time. This would then give you a over-all 180% return or 80% profit from your original deposit. If for example you start investing on the program with $100, you will then be receiving $3 per day for a total for 60 calendar days resulting to a total of $180 with your initial investment included. Thus, you received a total profit of $80. In order to reach a break-point, or the period wherein you reach an absolute profit in your investment regardless of what will happen for this plan is after 34 days. From then onwards, you will be able to start collecting passive profits in the next remainder of days in your investment.

For those who are more veteran to the HYIP dynamics, and who are more comfortable in investing through higher-scales, the other investment plans may be something you might consider. The second investment plan is called the Business Package and has a minimum deposit of $500 to $2499 for a total duration of 60 days time with a returning over-all rate of 210% or 110% profit from your investment. The break-point period for this package is after 29 days of investment. The third investment plan available is the Professional Package which offers 4% daily return rate which totals to 240% by end of term or 140% profit from your investment, and having a minimum deposit for this plan is $2500 to $9999. As you might have figured also by now, since the return rate is slightly bigger, you will be able to reach the break-point faster for a total of 25 days. And last but not the least is the Advanced Package which offers the most profitable income with 5% daily return for 60 days resulting to a total of 300% return or 200% profit from  your original deposit. For this last package, you will reach the break-point after the 20 days of investment. A very important thing to consider though in this investment plan is with the huge capital you need which is $10000 to $100000. In my opinion, it is something you seriously have to consider first before investing the huge amount since you want to prioritize safeguarding your investments, should there be any unforseen things that may happen in the future. Just an advice once again, let us be wise in our investments and only do what we can afford to lose all the time.

Aside from the usual investment programs, you can also earn via HonorForTheBrave's affiliation program. For those who are new, the HYIP program or the industry as a whole inter-dependently lives with its "investment scheme' and via its affiliation system. This pretty much give fuel for the program to continue running by allowing more investments or cash flow ins going to the program. Thus, affiliation program depends largely on how active you can program the program. What is in it for you is the 4% revenue you are received from the deposits of those who you are referred the program too. You just have to make sure that these referrals you have obtained have signed up using your referral link. As an example, you introduced referral A to HonorForTheBrave and then referral A decided sign up and deposit $100. You will then be automatically credited a revenue of $4 from that deposit referral A has done. As a bigger picture, the more successful depositing referrals you have obtained, the more benefits you obtained too from the referral system. In my opinion, the 4% referral rate is a reasonable amount if we want to take into consideration the goal of the program to maintain a sustainable and well-planned goal in maintaining a long running program in the future. If the referral rate becomes too high, like any other programs promised, it would eventually hunt them on their back while making it too low would also not encourage to invite other investments in the future.

Should you finally decide to start investing in the program, different currencies for deposits have been offered by the program. In general, the more modes of deposit and payment are available, the more means of cash ins and outs are possible too. In this section, they pretty much offer the needed means for you to do so with the more common currencies such as PerfectMoney and Payeer around for the traditional processors. For those who are more common to digital e-currencies, you can also deposit via BitCoin. But one thing that surprised me due to its traceable nature which I must say is quite unique from other programs out there is because of Neteller. Although it is not very much used in the industry at the moment, this particular move will eventually have a bigger role in the promotion and awareness of the program both for Neteller and HonorForTheBrave so it will be both a win-win scenario for the two. Withdrawals have always been pretty much consistent and religiously done with a minimum of $0.50 for PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin while $5 for Neteller. As soon as a withdrawal request is done, you can expect this to be processed within minutes to a few hours, but with a maximum of 48 hours. Should there be any problems with your withdrawal after the given time, please contact the program admin or me here in The HYIP Bulletins so that I can assist you in the matter. They also have 4 additional payment currencies which they recently added and these are OKPay, Payza, Skrill and As-money which definitely gives them more edge than any other programs out there, and be considered as one of the most universal programs up to day with the most varied processors used and accepted.

For the program's web security features, you can actually see how the program admin has really put much effort and attention to every details to ensure a good running of the program with any interruptions. The entire program is running using a modified script which enables them to personalize the automation and handling of their assets. In order to protect the domain from any malicious or sudden DDoS attacks, they are hosted under DDoSGuard, one of the leading providers in the industry who are already pretty much established, with a dedicated server which definitely is a huge plus for the program. DDOS attack is a situation wherein a massive traffic is sent to the web domain or website causing it to be unable to cater all the massive traffics received and leading to the site unable to load properly and to some point go down for a number of days. And during this downtime period, no further deposits are received but profits are still to be made and thus more payments to be done (cash outs) but with no further deposits (cash in) and ultimately leading to a program’s downfall. This gives us an idea that the program administration has really considered the safety of the program to run without any interruptions online.

The entire web is also encrypted and well-secured using a extended 2048 bit RSA Certificate SSL encryption certificate provided by Comodo for safer browsing on their website. For those who do not know the importance or purposes of an SSL encryption, these encryptions safe-guard your accounts by ensuring that you are indeed on the correct website and not some other copy-cats who are impersonating their website. Thus before you do any money transactions (deposits or withdrawal), make sure to check out the encryption of the site by looking at the SSL certificate found on your upper left with a pad-lock icon. The absence of the said pad-lock icon gives you a hint that you might not be on the right website, and thus a double check of the correct web link is a must.

Last but not the least, should you have questions or concerns of their program, or simply want to get in touch with them for whatever reason, you can send them a message via their ticket department or ticket support which as per my experience is manned very efficiently for I was able to get a response from then in just a matter of few hours or you can also email them at [email protected] or contact them at telephone +447031923954 which I have not tried but you are free to contact them if ever. They also have Zopim which is a very good feature that enable you to contact them right away should the administrators of the program be online in a live manner. They also encorporated social media pages such as twitter ( and facebook (

As a conclusion, what I like about HonorForTheBrave after its 20 days lifetime in the industry is that it has continuously provided its investors nothing but good feedback. In just a manner of few days time, the program has already rooted properly and that it has become more and more popular in comparison to other programs out there. Unlike other programs out there who ventured without any actual structure, and oftentimes are not ready for the unknown, this long term investment program clearly is well thought and well planned for before they actually hit the industry and everything has been moving on in a smooth sailing fashion. What makes it different from other investment programs is that the admin also has demonstrated a clear experience on how to manage his program and has also properly manage the growth and development of the program allowing him to be able to cater to the growing needs of its investors. He has also created a reasonable investment plan which would definitely allow him to manage its assets properly as the steady growth continues. It is one of the better programs you may consider in the varied and vast choices in the industry. Before I end the review, I would like to once again remind everyone that there are programs worth taking risk, and programs worth looking at. But more importantly, like any other HYIP programs out there we should always remember to be vigilant and know that we are in the HYIP industry's game. Thus, make sure that should we invest in the program we should only invest in amounts we can afford to lose in some cases.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

BettingParadize: Latest HYIP Program Added

BettingParadize is the latest investment program has been added to my programs list today. This new program is a middle to long term investment program and thus their investment programs are designed to provide you with a considerable income on a daily basis. And like any other HYIP programs here in The HYIP Bulletin, it is also included in my RCB program (referral commissions back) wherein you can ask for the referral commissions I receive from your deposits.


Now let us have a closer and more detailed view on BettingParadize and what it can offer us. As an overview, BettingParadize creates you daily profits by betting on different games with a ‘foresight’ of who has the higher possibilities of winning certain games, which most likely are from the sports industry and wherein the bets are coming from you guys depositing on their accounts. Here is a summary rating for the program, and do make sure to read further for a more detailed review:

I. Financial Section – 8.5 out of 10
II. Content, Design & Miscellaneous - 8.5 out of 10
III. Technicality, Security & Safety - 9 out of 10
IV. Advertising & Promotional Strategies - 9 out of 10
V. Support System - 9 out of 10
OVERALL RATING - 8.8 out of 10

But let us have a closer and more detailed view on BettingParadize and what it can offer us. For those who are starting up in this industry, one thing you should know about the HYIP industry is that everything is uncertain, and yet despite all these uncertainties we also cannot deny the fact that the industry also offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities to grow your income too. So as long as you play it wisely then you should not be afraid of losing a few and gaining some more income.

Like any other long term investment programs out there, BettingParadize plans’ ranges from 0.8% up to 2% daily profit on their first investment plan which requires a minimum deposit of $10 and up to $10,000 and is called the PROFESSIONAL PLAN, while the second investment plan ranges from 1.4% up to 2.8% daily profit on their second investment plan and is called the OLYMPIC PLAN. The good thing about long term investment plans is that you do not have to worry so much about programs closing on their early stages of program lifetime due to the fact that the program owner or administrator is able to pay the investors early on in contrast to other investment programs offering a higher daily profit but eventually becomes a challenge on the later age of the program’s lifetime, unless the program admin is really a great player and well—experience in the HYIP industry. Do take note also that the first investment plan’s difference from the second is that aside from the fact that there is a variability of minimum deposits (Olympic plan requires only $10 for minimum deposit) it requires a considerable amount for its minimal deposit of $10,000 which I really do not recommend that highly since it is just too much to deposit in a single program, unless you know the consequences and a real experience individual in the industry (thus considerably know the risks involves for doing so).


Aside from earning with their daily profit offers, you are also able to earn from the program’s unique affiliation program. Although it does not necessarily mean that it is the first time I saw this type of affiliation program, it difference from the rest in a sense that the affiliation program offers you an extra way of earning by simply promoting the program for up to 3 levels. For every direct referral (first level) you earn a commission of 8% per every deposit that person does, for every second level referral (a direct referral of your first level) you earn another commission of 5%, and last but not the least another 2% for the third level referral (direct referral of the second level referral). Now this is a great opportunity to earn most especially if you do have the skill of promoting a certain product or program in this situation.

In order for you guys to start investing in the program, you simply have to deposit using your currencies of PerfectMoney and EgoPay. They also offer a currency exchange program wherein you may deposit either one of those mentioned above and turn them into a different currency or deposit using a Bank Wire transfer or via Western Union. The difference is that you have to send a personal message to the program admin for these two later transactions in order for them to credit manually the deposit into your account. I believe that there is a lot to be improved in this field since there are also a number of currencies that can still be added but I believe that the program admin has already included this plans for their program, which will later on benefit them a lot if they want to cater a wider market of investors in this industry.


As for the web-contents and web designs, I would say that they have done a good job in customizing their site and we can be certain that the wordings and contents are unique and not just any words which are copied from others. Although the idea or concept of investing and betting on different sports and programs out there have previously been used for in the HYIP industry, I do hope that BettingParadize will live up to its name and be the same with the other betting programs who have served and lived up for a long time as per history in the HYIP industry and be able to give profits to a lot of investors out there as do with the programs who run prior to BettingParadize. They are also using the innovative language translator provided by Google which enables you to choose the language of your preference throughout the entire website.

On the technical side of the program, which is also a huge factor to consider when choosing an HYIP program right for you, I would have to say that BettingParadize have made a good preparation for this side. They are using a licensed script provided by one of the big HYIP script providers in the industry and I am referring to no other than GoldCoders Script. Having been one of the older and trust-worthy script provider of the industry, they already have a huge experience to any technical possibilities encountered and thus any requests of customization of a great number of admins per their experience can be easily done. Thus if we are going to connect this to how the program is to go for on the long run, you can be certain that in script-wise dynamics there will not be much of a problem, if there is any to be encountered.

The entire website is also encrypted and well-secured by a 2048 bit RSA Certificate provided by no less than COMODO SSL CA from January 14, 2014 up to January 15, 2015, which have already earned their right to be one of the best SSL providers in the industry. For those who do not know the importance or purposes of an SSL encryption, these encryptions safe-guard your accounts by ensuring that you are indeed on the correct website and not some other copy-cats who are impersonating their website. Thus before you do any money transactions (deposits or withdrawal), make sure to check out the encryption of the site by looking at the SSL certificate found on your upper left with a pad-lock icon. The absence of the said pad-lock icon gives you a hint that you might not be on the right website, and thus a double check of the correct web link is a must.

Another huge factor to consider when making an HYIP program, which investors should also know about, is what or who to host your website on. It is a very common reason for the HYIP programs to be closed due to serious DDOS attacks, a situation wherein a massive traffic is sent to the web domain or website causing it to be unable to cater all the massive traffics received and leading to the site unable to load properly and to some point go down for a number of days. And during this downtime period, no further deposits are received but profits are still to be made and thus more payments to be done (cash outs) but with no further deposits (cash in) and ultimately leading to a program’s downfall. In order to prevent such situations to happen, the admin of BettingParadize hosted their website through Staminus Communication who have already been in the industry for quite some time now, and thus we can be certain that they are founded on a strong provider. They have also fortified their protection from DDOS attacks by the anti-DDOS protections of Staminus Communications.


In order for the program to grow properly, promotion is another essential factor to consider for it to succeed. This is a very huge challenge also if you are running a long term investment program since if we are to compare them with the other short term or middle term programs which offer a higher daily profit rate (but also proves to be much harder to manage and maintain for a longer time), getting more investors is a challenge. To compensate, enlisted their program to a number of HYIP reviewers and monitors which would assist them in promoting their program. Although the program is just a 12-day old program, they are already followed, monitored and listed by a total of 69 monitors and reviewers which is a huge accomplishment for a long term investment program. Of course, we should then reiterate that they have a good affiliation program which will definitely help in promoting the program itself via the members already that wants to earn extra through their signups and commissions for up to 3 levels. You are also provided with your very own referral links and banners which are custom designed to be attractive and catchy to assist you in the promotion of their program.

Last but not the least, should you have questions or concerns of their program, or simply want to get in touch with them for whatever reason, you can send them a message via their ticket department or ticket support which as per my experience is manned very efficiently for I was able to get a response from then in just a matter of few hours or you can also add their Skype account which is or email them at [email protected]. They also have a mailing address which is 49 Rue Claude Bernard, 75005 PARIS, FRANCE which I really have not tested out, but if you would like to then you are very much free to do so. Languange is available through English or French also.

All in all, I would have to say that the program admin has indeed prepared well enough and has given justice to other long term programs here in the HYIP industry. From their investment program plans, to their security features, promotions, and chat/email/mail support, everything has been ironed and planned efficiently. Overall, I will be giving BettingParadize a program rating of 8.8 out of 10.

Last but not the least, should you decided to invest in BettingParadize always make sure that you are investing in amounts that you are ready to lose and that you invest only in amounts you can consider as extra. And make sure to sign up using my referral link in order to benefit from the RCB (referral commissions back) program that is exclusively provided here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Reviews: Galaxy Gains Detailed Program Review & Analysis

Galaxy Gains ReviewIntroduction
Good day everyone. Today we will be reviewing Galaxy Gains which is one of the latest programs I have added in my Premium Enlistings. This short term investment program, despite at a very young age has already been catching the attention of a lot of investors in the industry. Most of the investors in the industry could join the program for a minimal amount of $10 only.

We will try to find out as to why this program is slowly becoming one of the favorite short term investment programs in the industry of today in this review. But before that, please be reminded that  Galaxy Gains is part of my RCBor REFERRAL COMMISSIONs BACK PROGRAM. Thus, make sure to sign up using my referral link in order for you to receive the commissions I will be receiving from your deposits or investments.
Now without further waiting, please join me are we take a more detailed and closer look at  Galaxy Gains .

I. Financial Section - 8.37 out of 10
A. Investment Plan – 8.8 out of 10
Galaxy Gains is classified under short term investment programs in the HYIP industry. Considering the fact that the program is just barely 2 day old, today or the next few days will be the ideal time to start investing in the program.
Galaxy Gains 
The program offers a total of 3 short term investment plans which are very straightforward and typical of a short term program we see in the industry today. These plans are also bracketed into 4 sub-plans which different in return rate depending on the you have invested. It a strict sense, your investments will be returned together with the profited amount upon end of term. Depending on the number of days, you will receive the total amount from as low as 105% up to as high as 350% or 5% pure profit up to 250%.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Enlisting: Miracle Fund (12/13/12)

I have added a new program in My Personal List today. Because of the full swing of Black December, you might have noticed that I reduced the number of new programs to be enlisted. This is because I am also not into throwing away money without any good basis. I hope you do understand that as much as possible, I want to limit the risk this month too. Due to the fact that investors are holding up their investments, this can lead to serious cash flow issues with the maintenance and sustainability of the programs. In turn, only the talented admins and some lucky ones remain up until January.

Nevertheless it would also be boring if we do not develop or skills in this industry. Thus I want to introduce to you guys the latest program I have added – Miracle Fund. In general, this is a short term program that was released just a few hours ago. I believe that despite everything, it has some potentials for you to earn fair profit should it prove to be sustainable. Again, everything is uncertain in this industry thus make sure to “play” at your own pace. The program pays you in CALENDAR DAYS.
It has a total of 4 investment plans to offer – Basic, Standard, Professional and Ultimate. It is pretty much straightforward plans with the different depending on the amount and number of days you are willing to wait and risk. Like any other investment plans, each plan is bracketed into 3 meaning the bigger amount you deposit, the bigger the earnings.
The first bracket of the Basic Plan starts with a minimum of $10 deposit and is up to $300 with earnings of 108% after one day. The next bracket is $301-$500 and gives 115%. The third plan is $501-5,000 with 120% after one day.
The Standard Plan is also bracketed and requires a minimum of $25 deposit and lasts for 4 days. The first bracket is $25-$300 and earns 140%. The next bracket is $301-$500 and earns 165%. Finally, the last bracket is $501-$5,000 and earns 190%.
The third plan, which is the Professional Plan, is also bracket with a minimum of $50 this time. It lasts for 6 days. The first bracket is $50-$300 and earns 180%. The next bracket is $301-$500 and earns 220%. Finally, the last bracket is $501-$5,000 and earns 260%.
Last but not the least is the Ultimate Plan which I think has the HIGHEST risk but with the highest profit upon completion of the cycle. It is also bracketed with a minim of $150 and lasts up to 10 days. The first bracket is $150-$300 and earns 260%. The next bracket is $301-$500 and earns 320%. Finally, the last bracket is $501-$5,000 and earns 400%.

As you can see, this program offers a high daily interest rate so I strongly advise to consider calculating your goals and anticipate for everything to happen. This is a high level game program and requires the bravest of hearts to join into. Should you be up for the challenge and want to reduce your being “conservative” and try something new, and then perhaps this can be a very good PRACTICE program for you in preparation for next year’s programs. Lastly, I want to remind you that Miracle Fund is just like any other HYIPs. We cannot really measure its true capabilities and only the program admin knows the true face of the program. We can only try to PREDICT the possibilities. If you are up for the challenge, then you are very much welcome to join me in honing our skills in the industry. Good luck to us as we start our journey with Miracle Fund.
TIP: Do not cash out very huge amounts of money. Instead, cut off your withdrawals into multiples. This way, you can also help the admin in managing its funds and in turn help yourself too. This is very much advantageous to HIGH INTEREST programs.
Full program review with be published tomorrow so tune it. But before that, do not forget to sign up and explore what the program has to offer here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

711 Finance Latest News and Updates

Latest News and Updates (10/15/12) - Follow the entire story of ALL HYIP NEWS AND UPDATES HERE

We received 4 different newsletters from our featured program, 711 Finance today. The first newsletter is about 711 Finance detecting multiple accounts abusing the referral system. This for of cheating is done when a single user creates another account and makes their first account the referrer of the second one. Per terms and conditions and FAQ of 711 Finance, it is prohibited to create mutiple accounts under one IP address or a single person having multiple accounts. Thus, the admin will be suspending or terminating such accounts if found guilty on the said cheating.
Due to the 24% Bonus promo (explained on the second newsletter) offered by 711 Finance, this said behavior became a very much rampant activity in an attempt to gain more from the program. As a result, an approximate amount of $21,000 could be lost from 711 Finance due to the said fraudulence. The only way to safeguard and maintain the program's sustainability is to do a massive irradication of such cheaters!
Finally, the last two newsletters were about 711 Finance's new Facebook pages namely:
These two pages where designed and made for the purpose of letting the public viewers, as well as 711 Finance's members, know that indeed they are paying and that they are serious in keeping their promising as with regard to the 24% Bonus promo. This is a very good opportunity also for 711 Finance to prove them that they are a genuine paying program composed of brilliant team!
As soon as the pay outs for the said promo is done, recepients are encouraged to post their proof of payments while admins are also actively displaying the current pay-out progress and completion of the said promo.
For those who wants to avail on the said promo, you can still do so until OCTOBER 18, 2012. Simply read the newsletters below on how to do it.
Here are the 4 original newsletters:
2012-10-15: 2 New Facebook Pages for 711Bonus and 711Payback
Visit and like our 2 new Facebook pages and
. Here we are going to publish all paid bonusses to current members,
and 711Paybacks to former 711members.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15  711Payback = 711Finance Payments to former 711Members starting on 19-Oct-2012 News for former 711Investors only - July/August 2012
Dear former 711Finance investors,
This is a heads up for some really good news we all have been waiting for a long time.

All former members from July/August 2012 who had invested with 711Finance and
haven't been in profit yet, are going to receive back principals minus already withdrawn funds starting this week.

I am glad to be able to announce, that I am going to start the 711Payback process on 19th of October 2012, exactly 1 day after our Bonus24 offer ends.

Later on today, all former 711members will receive an email with quick and very easy to follow
step by step instructions on how to proceed to get paid. That's easy , so no worries, everybody can do.
All payments will go out to you very fast - you won't see any delay from our side ).

So please -- w a i t -- for this email coming today.
... AND ...
here is the OFFICIAL 711PAYBACK facebopok page

where we gonna publish in REAL TIME usernames and paid amounts, so the hyip world can watch us doing our job.

Thank you and
stay tuned for the update later today.
Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15 24percent One-Time-Bonus Offer is about to expire in 3 days
 Update 15-October-2012: Bonus24percent offer is going to be removed on 18th of October 2012 ( in 3 days)
General Rule: You will get your bonus, if your 2nd deposit is done latest until 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM

You can read this info on our BonusPage

Our 24% one time bonus had been originally created in the early days of 711Finance, back in July 2012, as an incentive to first time members and to help to make a decision to invest in 711Finance.
It is safe to say, that by now 711 reached a certain amount of public awareness and popularity. As a direct result, I have decided to take away our Bonus24 offer.

*** Deadline is 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM (23.59.59) SERVER TIME GMT ***
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.

Most common bonus questions are answered here:
1. Who will still have a chance to get the 24percent bonus ?
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.
Everyone, who is investor of 711Finance, and who has at least 2 investments made until deadline.
a) If you are not a 711member yet, you can register for free, and place 2 (two!) deposits until deadline, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.
b) If you are a member, but did not deposits yet, you can place until dealine 2 (two!) deposits, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.
c) If you are an investor with one deposit only, you can place until dealine your 2nd (second!) deposit, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.

2. Who will *not* get the 24percent bonus ?
a) If you did not do any investments nor plan to do them (obviously).
b) If you did only 1 investment yet, and if you gonna miss do to your 2nd investment until deadline.
c) If you have already gotten your bonus.

If you are one of those, who want the bonus, follow this simple steps:
1. If you are not a member yet, register your member account, and do 2 deposits until deadline.
... be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24percent bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.

2. If you are already a member but did not make any deposit yet, simply do 2 deposits until deadline.
... again, be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24percent bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.
3. If you are already a member and did only 1 deposit yet, simply do a 2nd (second!) deposit until deadline.
... the second deposit can be as small as $7 or as big as you wish.

All members who have already made 2 deposits, will of course receive their bonusses!
24percent Bonus is paid, 12 days after your second investment expires. When this time has come you are requested to

Email us to our new email address
[ *** [email protected] *** ] to claim your bonus.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15 711Finance detected multiple accounts
Over the last days we had to sort through a growing number of cheating accounts trying to game 711 doing referral fraud and multiple account-bonus fraud. Cross checking takes usually some time, and there where more findings so I had to decide to block several accounts and remove referral connections from others. That process is still going on and we will be done in the next 24-48 hours.
The ones who are effected receive email with instructions how to remove the account block.
For all others: Referral Fraud doesnt pay off - but it gets your account blocked.
Kind regards,Amanda Russel

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Benson Union Announces the End Of Referral Bonus and Upcoming Webinary this October

Benson Union, the 2012 Top Rated Online Investment Program released its newsletter today announcing the end of the referral bonus program and also the incoming webinar this October 11, 2012.
Having done all the payments for the investors who requested for the second principal return cycle, BensonUnion once again created a new benchmark to the industry with having the most number of investors over competitions with the recent long term programs. Currently BensonUnion is accepting a very wide variety of payment processors including LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PexPay and BitCoin with the pending STP addition and also the use of direct bank wires. As promised by the company, all cash outs are processed instantaneously and funds are reflected in seconds upon request.

In the newsletter, admins emphasize the significant improvements that they will be doing, including the increase of capacity for participants in the chatroom. Since they also experienced some attacks on the previous webinar, the admins are more dedicated to tighten the security features of the said event by introducing advance anti-spamming programs. This is a very good opportunity for members and non-members alike to meet the CEO himself and ask some questions and future plans for the said program.
Here is the official newsletter:

“Dear investors! BensonUnion informs about finished “1% referral bonus” special offer. Referral commissions for all bank wire deposits which were sent before last night will be paid out with bonus. We are getting ready for the next webinar that will take place on October 11 so there is just 9 days left till our traditional event. The webinar will be held by Ragnar Wellington, the CEO of BensonUnion company. This time we will use different software so more people will be able to participate. We will also work hard on moderation to exclude spam in the webinar chat. Mr. Wellington will provide all information regarding events which are going to happen in the company and surely he will start answering all your questions once he completes his speech. We will send conference room URL and more details in next newsletter. Stay tuned!”

Benson Union – the 2012 Top Rated Online Investment Program.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The Benson Union website has been down for a while some time ago. As it has been announced by the admin, the reason for the downtime was a trivial DDoS attack. No wonder that this site is being attacked so often lately. It has obviously become one of the industry leaders and hence competitors are trying to do all possible in order to blacken the reputation of the project.

Fortunately, the management of the project is working in a highly professional manner using powerful antiDDOoS system. So today, as it's been reported, the attack has been completely prevented. The management of Benson Union project apologizes for any possible inconveniences caused.

Moreover, they are showing loyalty towards the clients, providing a special bonus as the apology for the site downtime. Till the end of the week 1% will be added as a special referral commission, making the pure referral bonus got by representatives 10% and ordinary referrals 8%. Apart from that, another payment option is going to be implemented the following week. The project is growing as we can see and still developing. Good luck to both the management and investors of Benson Union!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


And so they asked me "how did you manage to be successful in your online investments?" I simply replied to them "it all boils down to the mathematical theory of probability."

The probability theory deals with the events that happen everywhere. It means that this combination of conditions can be repeated limitless number of times. Every realization of the combination given is called test (experience).

Remember this word “experience.” As for me experience is the key point in investing. :) For instance if the test is investing to HYIP, then getting onto scam is – event. If the test is rolling the dice with the figures (points) on its sides from 1 to 6, then getting 5 is the event.

Well, we are investors and what can we draw out of here? We can draw out a couple of unwritten rules one should stick to. According to the probability theory, we have the following situation. If you flip a coin 1000 times, then, according to the probability theory total amount of the heads flipped is going to be 500 times.

If you flip 2000 times, then – 1000. On average. We don’t give you the exact results of the exact tests, though they are like that approximately. And probability is always somewhere on the mark of 0.5! However, the more tests you have, the less is the probability.

Here is the probability theory. I.e. if we invest money to all program in a row, sooner or later we will achieve success, cause sooner or later the number of “hits” to really working programs will be much more than investing to those, which are trying to scam you.

Let’s think, what results from this? It results from this that you simply need to have more tests. If you invest to program regularly, you will receive profit regularly as well in the result of… the probability theory.

The most important here is that every investor should create tests regularly and constantly. No matter how paradoxically it may seem, but constant investing and regularity, as well as the mass character are the guarantee for success.

Sometimes newbie investors invest from time to time, when they like, or when the situation in their wallets is Ok for investing. But primordially it’s a losing strategy. If you shoot occasionally you can miss every time, but if you shoot regularly, the probability PRACTIC will work for you!

Isn’t that great? You just try! Think it over before investing, and I’m sure you will succeed!
Now when people ask me how do I think to defeat scam, I simply say, scam can be avoided. You just need to pass it by, and it’s not so hard, if you arm with EXPERIENCE and elementary mathematics.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HYIP Strategies, Tips, Tricks and Techniques

HYIPs or High Yield Investment Programs are programs offering a high return of investment. HYIPs are offering probably the easiest and most profitable investments available today, much more than any bank or investment fund. It brings your profit without you doing anything simply by investing some capital on the programs. It also is an extremely risky affair which is precisely the reason why you can make remarkable profits from it. As has been said time and again, the higher the risks, the higher the rewards. But there are ways that you can actually minimize the risks while still reaping high rewards.

This blog is dedicated to the millions of HYIP investors out there who, same as me is making extra income from the risky trade. Know more about the latest HYIP news, strategies, tips and tricks, rankings, recommended programs and scams here.

1. Do not be greedy 
a. Once you start exploring the HYIP programs, you will find out that thousands of programs are out there, ranging from .01% to 1000%. By common sense, those programs which offer too much profit are definitely not going to sustain. Always aim for return of capital first, before thinking about increasing your profit through compounding if available. 

2. First In First Out Rule 
a. Most of the HYIPs by nature are in fact Ponzi schemes. This means that the investors who discovered the program first are the ones to gain the most profit. In general, the longer the program has been running, the more likely they accumulate company loses. As time goes by, there will be lesser funds coming in compared to going out, and they will have no other choice but to shut down. 

3. Web design, uniqueness and accessibility 
a. One of the most essential indicators of a good HYIP is the web page. Those administrators of programs that want to make their program last long will usually take the time to make their site(s) look and feel the best without compromising accessibility. They will outrun the other programs by getting ahead of the completion through innovation and uniqueness on their programs. On the other hand, those who only want to take in as much money as possible before running usually will quickly put together a site that looks like a replica of another. 

4. Evaluate the programs referral system 
a. Most of the programs offer a bonus to the referrer for introducing the program. They usually give 1-10% of each deposit done by the referral. Programs with lesser percentage for referral bonus are generally more stable than those programs which provide too many returns with every referral. But you should also take into consideration that if there are no referrals, there will be no deposits which in turn is used to pay you. Again if the program is a Ponzi scheme, you want a program that will have a high number of investors. 

5. Exercise Due Diligence 
a. Due Dilligence also referred to as “DD” or DDU” is the process of verifying a program. This includes but not limited to the following: 
                i. Verifying the address of the company 
                ii. Contacting the phone number given 
                iii. Investigating the domain name, date of registration, expiration and copyright 
                iv. Checking out the IP address 

6. Know the “What’s HOT and What’s NOT” 
a. Programs that create more noise are more likely to succeed in comparison to programs that are dull and boring. Investigate the forums like and for the most active HYIP threads. These are the programs that you want to invest into the soonest possible. 

7. Do not wait in vain 
a. A very common mistake a potential investor does is to wait for enough proofs before actually diving into the program. You should avoid this trap. Remember #2, as much as possible you want to join a potentially good program right away to gain maximum profit. 

8. Check the standard template for statistics 
a. Most often, HYIPs display their statistics. You need to take note of the number of investors and the ratio between the amount deposited and amount withdrawn. If the number of new active members grows fast it’s a good sign. When the total withdrawals amount come close to the deposits amount it means the program will be closed soon. If the withdrawal amount barely changes, this is also a sign that you should not invest. HYIP admin gets the profit from the difference between deposits and withdrawals. 

a. HYIP pros are fully aware that these types of programs inherent risks. Therefore, they take extra steps to minimize the risk by diversifying their investments. By distributing their investments, they avoid greater lose whenever a single program shuts down. As an end result, they still have running programs with their investments earnings. Always remember this: NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH ONE PROGRAM. 

10. Never, ever invest money you can not afford to lose 
a. The most important tip is this one. I cannot over emphasis it more that HYIP is like a gamble. Pretend you are playing a Texas Hold’ em instead of investing. Like the game, there is no assurance that you will win, but with the right strategies, techniques and tricks, you can definitely make a large sum of money. 

As a whole, HYIPs offer the highest yield or return in comparison to any other investment programs. In return, it has higher risks in comparison to other, but as the saying goes the higher the risks, the higher the rewards. Given the right strategies, techniques and tricks in looking for that promising program, you can make a hell lot of fortune from it! 

The following are the programs I have researched and have been investing a slightly higher amount than any other programs. I am not forcing you to join them but I leave it to your sound decision whether you want to join these programs or not.

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