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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sport Pharma HYIP News and Updates, New Milestones Reached

Sport Pharma commends 60 days on the web. Here are a few points of reference reported, which were accomplished amid this period. Above all else the site outline was overhauled and made less demanding. The online talk was included for simple correspondence. By mainstream request, the exchange code is incapacitated, yet the security store is not influenced. The group of Sport Pharma included Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese dialect restrictions.

The most up to date change has been including the new line of venture arrangements. It has turned into a decent convention to grow the speculation portfolio once every month. Talking about the feasible arrangements it should be said on August 15 more sorts of stores will be inferred. A standout amongst the most imperative accomplishments has been enhancing the referral program. It stays to be three-level however financial specialists from the second and third lines will get 3% and 2% starting now and into the foreseeable future. Besides the commission rate are changed too.

For pulling in speculations from $ 5 to $ 199 the commission 5% is charged, while for ventures of $ 200 to $ 499 the commission is 10% lastly for the fascination of ventures of $ 500 or more the commission is 15%. For the most faithful and dynamic accomplices and financial specialists the group of Sport Pharma has built up an arrangement of money prizes. A financial specialist who put the most in the second month of work will get $750, second place $500 and third place $300. As should be obvious from the history the prize asset has expanded in examination with the earlier month by half.

What's more, the administrator guarantees the prize give-away will occur on a month to month premise. The victors will be reported in a brief span. Talking about the details Sport Pharma accomplished inside the second month the administrator asserts more than $80K has been contributed, which is four times more than he earlier month. For the second month of work the financial specialists of the venture earned altogether around $35K. Altogether there are more than 100 dynamic records enrolled at Sport Pharma. Clearly the undertaking is as yet developing and goes for long haul presence.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Minor Updates About The Website

I am very sorry for the brief interruption of my website and that we were forced to set it up back from the start but now I am glad it is finally up and running.

There were some adjustments that my current host provider needs to do in order to ensure that my website will be able to sustain the expected influx of traffic being anticipated. In relation to this, we have to boost up the system and ramp up the standards to its peak in order to ensure that we will be able to have an undisturbed hosting services.

Do expect that the website is well provisioned and that you can expect a better coverage this time around.

More and more updates are also coming in to please do stay tune as I work on the different websites.

I am currently doing the main site and will soon move unto the monitor site which I am sure everyone is very anxious to know about the new designs, templates and of course, the introduction of the new RCB system which will benefit us all.

This will really make all processes and requests faster and I guarantee that this time around it is going to be a wonderful swissshhhh!!!!


Monday, March 25, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Website Now on SSL, Dedicated IP and Future Updates

I have upgraded the service of The HYIP Bulletin in order to provide a higher security to all the readers, and subscribers of the HYIP Bulletin.

In relation to this, the website has now an SSL encryption for the entire website. We are almost 100% complete on all the system of the website and there will be MORE FEATURES to be added, included the introduction of THE HYIP BULLETIN MOBILE.

The HYIP Bulletin Social Media websites have also been improved and additional social widgets will be install soon so do watch out for that too!

In the mean time, you can visit the pages and please do not forget to SHARE, LIKE, FOLLOW and TWIT about this great and wonderful news.


I understand that as of the moment, the processing time of the RCB requests is a challenge, thus we are also currently working on the integration of AUTOMATED RCB requests processing. This will allow us to be able to send and receive RCB requests and processing via the system thus decreasing the waiting time in huge factors.

If you have some suggestions, comments or concerns please feel free to inform me.

Do look forward to further developments.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Possible Inaccessible Web Pages Due to Host Propagations

Please be informed that there might be some site links which will be inaccessible in the next 24-48 hours due to some server updates.

In relation to this, please bare with me as we fix everything for the system's upgrades in order to accommodate the increasing data requirements of the website as our community increases.

For the time being, RCB requests are still processed and daily news updates are still sent out to everyone.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lawrence Newsman of TrackInv Now Owns BW-Fund

We received a newsletter which has only happened once in a blue moon here in HYIP industry. The program BW Fund which is also listed here in The HYIP Bulletin and formerly owned by Mr Tony Martin is now owned by admin Lawrence Newman of TrackInv. You can check out the program details of TrackInv and BW Fund in the following pages.

Lawrence was also interviewed recently here in The HYIP Bulletin and although I just recently interviewed him, I am hoping that he will accept the interview request I have sent to him. Hope he will accept my interview request for this very special event in the industry. They are also currently working on the transfer of BW Fund  to a better hosting provider which will then be BlockDos which is also the current provider of TrackInv.
For the time being, what we know is that BW Fund was recently auctioned for its investors and experienced admin in the industry and that the program's auction ended up in the hands of Lawrence Newman who is also owner of the very successful program TrackInv. Lawrence has also given me a heads

Do take note that BOTH programs are all part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS and that means investing in these two programs will allow you to request for the commissions received from your deposits so as long as you are following the procedure for my RCB program.

Here is the newsletter of the said update:Dear Members,

Good day and we hope you are enjoying investment experience with us. We have important news that, earlier we received request from Mr. Tony Martin who is owner of Black & White Fund Ltd to buy his company.

We bid for the same and have purchased the company and its assets. We have also bid for other projects and will inform once final agreement are done with the respective owners. Mr. Tony Martin will also inform his members about this agreement.
In addition, as we are now owner of the Black & White Fund Ltd; you will see many improvements for the said project. All members are welcome to propose changes they want to see for the BW Fund program. We will hopefully change design, plans and content of the website.
Thank you very much and stay tuned for further updates.

Lawrence L. Newman