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Saturday, August 6, 2016

HYIP News and Updates GreenBid, Oairo Finance, BitMoney Club, Sport Pharma, Bits Trade, BusinessAngels, Ssarini HYIP News

Get some an opportunity to peruse the Hyip Information Survey #508 distributed on Thursday. Today seven days after we distributed the past arrival of the hyip data review we ought to say no progressions occurred in the Top Choice area. Zoo is leading the pack still.

With respect to Top Performers there is one change as it were. HourDeposit has lost some evaluating indicates and was moved the 30th spot in the rundown. CoinHourly, despite what might be expected climbed in the rating. With respect to different projects they stay on the same positions. We are satisfied to welcome Billionearn as a major aspect of the Top Performers segment. The project has been an individual from Hyip Quotes for some time and now it's a merited tenth spot in the Top Performers segment to praise 100 days on the web.

There will be there projects added to HYIPNews posting of late. Profit2Gain included six days back, SuperV33, included 4 days prior and AEP Investment Group included today. There was one more - GreenBid, however being recorded for just three days it has been moved to Problems area.

Loads of projects shut down and some have as of late experienced inconveniences. Three projects used to be recorded at HyipNews are in boycott: Oairo Finance, BitMoney Club and Sport Pharma. In the Problems segment there are four hyips recorded at HyipNews.

GreenBid included three days back, as i told prior and we are watching the missing installment issue with it. With respect to Bits Trade and Mega Traders, those were recorded for 48 and 71 days as needs be and now they are Problem. Alongside the rest two news-creators are presently Problem: BusinessAngels and Ssarini.

Generally there are some most recent redesigns from the hyips online in the Events area and the review of Hyip Quotes gave. Today we can see some unsteady execution appeared by hyips included to the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes area. Some great results were accomplished by PokerAdv hyip, which figured out how to increase a few positions and climb from the fifth to the third place.

Ezbarteronline Group and 24h Trade HYIP News and Updates

Here some short redesigns from two or three hyips working online right now. Ezbarteronline Group added the rating page to the site because of various solicitations of the regarded customers. The page can be utilized for checking the genuine status of the task on the web. The venture has been online for more than 100 days and has more than 4000 individuals joined, who stored over $5.5 mln. As the administrator guarantees, as of now the task is encountering a remarkable development rate and benefit levels never seen. Talking about the objectives set for the task the fundamental is to end up on of the top projects in the business, which is common. The group of Ezbarteronline arrangements to accomplish this objective by offering an elevated expectation administration for a considerable length of time to come. Toward the end of the pamphlet, the administrator thanks all individuals, welcoming their trust in the administrations gave by the undertaking.

The administrator of 24h Trade issues the bulletin attempting to answer different inquiries from the clients, on where it will be conceivable to see past results from exchanging. He includes now it is just conceivable to see the outcomes in the event that you are signed into your record and just in the event that your are a dynamic financial specialist. Presently the specialized group of the undertaking is dealing with making the comparable details noticeable to anybody, this will be ideally done in a couple of weeks. Talking about more advancements it should be included no new dialects are wanted to be included as such, for the site is working in English at 100%. Still it is the administration's need to get the site completely meant whatever number dialects as would be prudent later on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sport Pharma HYIP News and Updates, New Milestones Reached

Sport Pharma commends 60 days on the web. Here are a few points of reference reported, which were accomplished amid this period. Above all else the site outline was overhauled and made less demanding. The online talk was included for simple correspondence. By mainstream request, the exchange code is incapacitated, yet the security store is not influenced. The group of Sport Pharma included Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese dialect restrictions.

The most up to date change has been including the new line of venture arrangements. It has turned into a decent convention to grow the speculation portfolio once every month. Talking about the feasible arrangements it should be said on August 15 more sorts of stores will be inferred. A standout amongst the most imperative accomplishments has been enhancing the referral program. It stays to be three-level however financial specialists from the second and third lines will get 3% and 2% starting now and into the foreseeable future. Besides the commission rate are changed too.

For pulling in speculations from $ 5 to $ 199 the commission 5% is charged, while for ventures of $ 200 to $ 499 the commission is 10% lastly for the fascination of ventures of $ 500 or more the commission is 15%. For the most faithful and dynamic accomplices and financial specialists the group of Sport Pharma has built up an arrangement of money prizes. A financial specialist who put the most in the second month of work will get $750, second place $500 and third place $300. As should be obvious from the history the prize asset has expanded in examination with the earlier month by half.

What's more, the administrator guarantees the prize give-away will occur on a month to month premise. The victors will be reported in a brief span. Talking about the details Sport Pharma accomplished inside the second month the administrator asserts more than $80K has been contributed, which is four times more than he earlier month. For the second month of work the financial specialists of the venture earned altogether around $35K. Altogether there are more than 100 dynamic records enrolled at Sport Pharma. Clearly the undertaking is as yet developing and goes for long haul presence.

Friday, April 1, 2016


by Eric Marriam

Check the news about the SMTP update at CustomMining, the deposit bonus valid till March 31 at VitalReturn and celerbating 468 days online at Alpafx

Here comes another news digest covering the latest events from the HYIPs online. The admin of CustomMining reports yesterday they updated the SMTP mail to send messages to the customers. Some errors while delivering messages occurred due to that and some users might have received letters from the project several times. The admin and the team of CustomMining apologizes for the inconveniences caused.

VitalReturn appreciates all members and offers bonus for those who make a deposit of minimum $600 (or equivalent in bitcoin). 50% of the total deposit made will be added to the investor's account. The deposit bonus can be withdrawn immediately after receiving it. Remember the offer is only valid till March 31.

Alpafx celebrates 468 days online. Since the start of the project more than 21365 investors have joined the project, all investors deposited in total $ 49308661.82 and got total withdraw $ 47249519.71 in 468 days period of time. The company thanks all members, promoters and other partners, and informs multiple users, investors that company is launching a new big profit percentage plan.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

PL Profits or Premium League Profits Weekly Updates

We received a newsletter from PL Profits today, with regard to the latest program update that they have. PL Profits is listed under the PREMIUM ENLISTINGS and had been paying its members with either on daily or weekly basis which are the following: 1% daily for 180 business days or 7% weekly for 30 weeks. They have updated their FAQ section in order to answer the more commonly asked questions.

PL Profits is looking into adding another payment processor which is becoming more commonly used among the different programs in the industry - PexPay. In relation to this, they will be modifying their script if the said addition of e-currency is beneficial to them. Per my last conversation with Tony, the admin of PL Profits, that they are still looking into the reason that modifying a script is a bit tasking on their part and at the same time, uncertain as to how it could affect the current stable financial status of the program. This is due to the fact that aside from having PexPay still not that as widely used as the rest of the major E-currencies, it might be due to exchange of the said currency to a better one. The payment processors accepted by the program as of the moment as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay. 

Last but not the least, PL Profit announces the availability of the program review to other blogs and forums and of course one of the reviews would be The HYIP Bulletin Detailed Program Reviews: PL Profits.

In any case, before you ask too many questions, I would have to leave you guys their newsletter:
Most things have gone quite smoothly this week but we do have a couple of points that we would like to report to you all. First I want to remind our investors who hold shares in the daily plan that interest is not credited on Saturday or Sunday but we will still continue to make payments as many have money to withdraw from our Weekly plan. Weekends are busy here so payments could take a little longer although we always try to pay within 6 hours.

We like to think that we have fast support and we are always here to help so if you do happen to have a question that is not answered in our FAQ\'s section, have any sort of problem or any suggestions to improve the way we do business then contact us either via the form or via live chat when we are available which is quite often.

On the subject of improvements we are looking into the possibility of accepting Pexpay and if we can modify our script to do this then we will add it soon.

We have been reviewed by Money News Online and Paying HYIP Online and the reviews can be read along with the review from The HYIP Bulletin by going to our Ratings page.

Hope you all have great weekend.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

711 Finance Latest News and Updates

Latest News and Updates (10/15/12) - Follow the entire story of ALL HYIP NEWS AND UPDATES HERE

We received 4 different newsletters from our featured program, 711 Finance today. The first newsletter is about 711 Finance detecting multiple accounts abusing the referral system. This for of cheating is done when a single user creates another account and makes their first account the referrer of the second one. Per terms and conditions and FAQ of 711 Finance, it is prohibited to create mutiple accounts under one IP address or a single person having multiple accounts. Thus, the admin will be suspending or terminating such accounts if found guilty on the said cheating.
Due to the 24% Bonus promo (explained on the second newsletter) offered by 711 Finance, this said behavior became a very much rampant activity in an attempt to gain more from the program. As a result, an approximate amount of $21,000 could be lost from 711 Finance due to the said fraudulence. The only way to safeguard and maintain the program's sustainability is to do a massive irradication of such cheaters!
Finally, the last two newsletters were about 711 Finance's new Facebook pages namely:
These two pages where designed and made for the purpose of letting the public viewers, as well as 711 Finance's members, know that indeed they are paying and that they are serious in keeping their promising as with regard to the 24% Bonus promo. This is a very good opportunity also for 711 Finance to prove them that they are a genuine paying program composed of brilliant team!
As soon as the pay outs for the said promo is done, recepients are encouraged to post their proof of payments while admins are also actively displaying the current pay-out progress and completion of the said promo.
For those who wants to avail on the said promo, you can still do so until OCTOBER 18, 2012. Simply read the newsletters below on how to do it.
Here are the 4 original newsletters:
2012-10-15: 2 New Facebook Pages for 711Bonus and 711Payback
Visit and like our 2 new Facebook pages and
. Here we are going to publish all paid bonusses to current members,
and 711Paybacks to former 711members.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15  711Payback = 711Finance Payments to former 711Members starting on 19-Oct-2012 News for former 711Investors only - July/August 2012
Dear former 711Finance investors,
This is a heads up for some really good news we all have been waiting for a long time.

All former members from July/August 2012 who had invested with 711Finance and
haven't been in profit yet, are going to receive back principals minus already withdrawn funds starting this week.

I am glad to be able to announce, that I am going to start the 711Payback process on 19th of October 2012, exactly 1 day after our Bonus24 offer ends.

Later on today, all former 711members will receive an email with quick and very easy to follow
step by step instructions on how to proceed to get paid. That's easy , so no worries, everybody can do.
All payments will go out to you very fast - you won't see any delay from our side ).

So please -- w a i t -- for this email coming today.
... AND ...
here is the OFFICIAL 711PAYBACK facebopok page

where we gonna publish in REAL TIME usernames and paid amounts, so the hyip world can watch us doing our job.

Thank you and
stay tuned for the update later today.
Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15 24percent One-Time-Bonus Offer is about to expire in 3 days
 Update 15-October-2012: Bonus24percent offer is going to be removed on 18th of October 2012 ( in 3 days)
General Rule: You will get your bonus, if your 2nd deposit is done latest until 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM

You can read this info on our BonusPage

Our 24% one time bonus had been originally created in the early days of 711Finance, back in July 2012, as an incentive to first time members and to help to make a decision to invest in 711Finance.
It is safe to say, that by now 711 reached a certain amount of public awareness and popularity. As a direct result, I have decided to take away our Bonus24 offer.

*** Deadline is 18-October-2012 11.59.59 PM (23.59.59) SERVER TIME GMT ***
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.

Most common bonus questions are answered here:
1. Who will still have a chance to get the 24percent bonus ?
You can find the 711Official Time at the bottom of our page left hand side.
Everyone, who is investor of 711Finance, and who has at least 2 investments made until deadline.
a) If you are not a 711member yet, you can register for free, and place 2 (two!) deposits until deadline, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.
b) If you are a member, but did not deposits yet, you can place until dealine 2 (two!) deposits, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.
c) If you are an investor with one deposit only, you can place until dealine your 2nd (second!) deposit, and you will receive your 24percent bonus.

2. Who will *not* get the 24percent bonus ?
a) If you did not do any investments nor plan to do them (obviously).
b) If you did only 1 investment yet, and if you gonna miss do to your 2nd investment until deadline.
c) If you have already gotten your bonus.

If you are one of those, who want the bonus, follow this simple steps:
1. If you are not a member yet, register your member account, and do 2 deposits until deadline.
... be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24percent bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.

2. If you are already a member but did not make any deposit yet, simply do 2 deposits until deadline.
... again, be smart and ensure, that your first deposit is larger than the second one, as the 24percent bonus is paid based on the amount of the first deposit.
3. If you are already a member and did only 1 deposit yet, simply do a 2nd (second!) deposit until deadline.
... the second deposit can be as small as $7 or as big as you wish.

All members who have already made 2 deposits, will of course receive their bonusses!
24percent Bonus is paid, 12 days after your second investment expires. When this time has come you are requested to

Email us to our new email address
[ *** [email protected] *** ] to claim your bonus.

Kind regards,
Amanda Russel

2012-10-15 711Finance detected multiple accounts
Over the last days we had to sort through a growing number of cheating accounts trying to game 711 doing referral fraud and multiple account-bonus fraud. Cross checking takes usually some time, and there where more findings so I had to decide to block several accounts and remove referral connections from others. That process is still going on and we will be done in the next 24-48 hours.
The ones who are effected receive email with instructions how to remove the account block.
For all others: Referral Fraud doesnt pay off - but it gets your account blocked.
Kind regards,Amanda Russel