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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gaia Assets Added in HYIPNews

Another decent looking site has been added to HyipNews, Gaia Assets, spoken to with the one of a kind site, before stacking which, a fascinating promo is stacking. Continuing to the site itself, guests get to the primary page, which resembles a major green field. There is very little of substance inside the site concerning the idea of the organization and its legend. What we know from the data authoritatively gave is that "Gaia Assets oversee reserves driven by financial specialists, guided by science, and outfitted with persistent and adaptable cash-flow to make chance tolerant interests in cutting edge advancements to give dependable, moderate, zero-carbon vitality, nourishment, and items to the world." 

Two speculation arranges are accommodated clients: Geologic Plan paying 5% every day for 30 working days and Biologic Plan paying 120% After 10 working days. The base to begin with Geologic Plan is $20, while the base for Biologic Plan is $100. Normally, to make a store you should first turn into an individual from . When you are joined, you can make your first store in one of those venture arrange. All stores must be made through the Members Area by means of the installment alternatives, for example, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer and AdvCash. 

Unique consideration ought to be taken to the "Begin" page, where short manual for new clients is given. In the event that you not a normal online financial specialist or never confronted online speculations, please check the itemized guidelines on coordinating with Gaia Assets Limited venture program, read the conceivable strides to work with the organization on the Get Started page. 

Gaia Assets is putting forth a 5-level Partners program which is another approach to acquire some automated revenue with the accomplices who enable this venture to develop. You can turn into an offshoot/band together with Gaia Assets Ltd and acquire from 1% to 8% referral reward for bringing new individuals. Uncommon reward is additionally offered to Representatives - 15%. A system of local agents gives plausibility of further opening of the official delegate workplaces in various nations. Agents ought to be prepared to give full data support to new speculators, share their own encounters in online profit and discuss the organization's exercises in detail. Delegates are of one of the first to get the most recent data on the work of Gaia Assets Ltd and have coordinate correspondence channels with the speculation extend authorities. Visit the official Gaia Assets site for more information....

Coin Magic as New Added HYIP Program

Coin Magic is one of the latest program added to HYIP industry lately. The venture claims they are a group of "...specialists of Bitcoin arbitrage transaction..." The site claims, "...The contrast among business sectors brings a ton of benefit. The quality of arbitrage is that it can acquire benefit with little hazard. There is no ownership hazard, and we can shoulder stable benefit by buying at modest rate and offer speedily at high rate."

The site is not something interesting, it looks customarily with very little of substance inside. There is very little data about the organization, which is clearly joined in the UK (organization number: 10757488). As you may see from the content over the organization is guaranteed to be managing Bitcoin arbitrage.

Coin Magic just acknowledges Bitcoin as the installment framework for stores and withdrawals. The base to begin is 0.03BTC. Every day loan costs are good and conceivably may prompt long haul execution of the program. Customers are offered to get 0.7% day by day for 30 days and 0.5% every day for 15 days. Bitcoin's base withdrawal cost is 0.02 BTC. On the off chance that you happen to have any issues or inquiries concerning Coin Magic, you ought to send demand to [email protected] and your issue will be tackled asap....

Monitoring links by HYIP News

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: Forex Capital Markets Initial Review

A new program has been added to The HYIP Bulletin today. This program is categorized under middle to long term investment program and been in the industry for a total of 5 days only. Thus we can consider this program still as a very young program yet. The program is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK programs so make sure to sign up using my referral link if you wish to received the commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

Forex Capital Markets, also known as FCM Limited presents themselves as a company with primary revenue obtained through Foreign Currency Exchanges or Forex. The company is also presented as a multi-millionaire group, with offices mainly established at the countries of UNITED KINGDOM, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, ITALY, GREECE, CHINA, JAPAN, CANADA, ISRAEL, CHILE and LEBANON.

In fairness to the program, we can tell that the program has set an enough and decent amount of time to be able to make their program as detailed as possible as they could. All the necessary things needed to run a decent program in today's industry is present - both security and visual packages wise.

The program is running on a modified script that is designed and tailored to the needs of the program and the entire website is also encrypted with a 128-bit PositiveSSL CA 2 provided by COMODO for security purposes as you browse through their website. The program is hosted under the servers of BlueHost which is one more commonly trusted host provider in the industry.

The program offers a total of 4 investment plans and ranging from middle to long term investment plans, which the difference mainly banking on the amount you can start investing on and the daily rate depending on how much you can start investing with. Here are the investment plans and their daily rate returns:
1. Novice Plan - this investment plan starts with a minimum of $20 to as high as $1,000 to start investing and with daily return rate of 1.10% for 10 business days. After the investment period, you will receive a total return of 111% including your principal amount.
2. Intermediate Plan - this investment plan requires a minimum deposit of $50 and up to $2,500. In comparison to the first plan, you receive a daily interest rate of 1.30% daily return and lasting for a total of 50 days. This then gives you a total profit rate of 65% or a total return rate of 165% including your principal upon end of term.
3. Optimum Plan - this investment plan is well-suited for those who can afford. With a minimum of $100 deposit and up to $5,000 you then get to receive a daily profit rate of 1.5% daily for a total of 180 business days. Optimum Plan is then considered the long term investment plan in comparison to the first two investment plans previously introduced. Upon end of term for the the optimum plan, you will receive a total profit rate of  270% or 370% all in all including your principal or invested capital.
4. Optimum+ Plan - the final investment plan that is being offered by FCM Limited is actually a very hard thing to achieve due to the fact that a huge amount is required to start investing. Nevertheless, let us still mention it here. You will need a minimum amount of $5,000 should you want to invest in the said plan and this goes up to as high as $50,000. The daily profit rate is 1.70% which for me personally is still too low considering the fact that there are a more long term programs who offers a higher interest rate with this level of investment already. So I would rather recommend to invest on the first three investment plans than this one. For a total of 180 business days of earning, you will receive a  total profit rate of 306% or 406% total return including your capital already.

Looking at the program as a whole, I would have to say that the program is decent and well prepared enough to provide a profitable amount as it run along with its venture in the HYIP industry. Nevertheless, we cannot tell as to how long the program may really last, and this goes without saying that it is the same with any other HYIP programs in the industry. Thus, once again please be reminded that should you want to start investing in the program and that you have considered FCM Limited as part of you investment portfolio as I have did, invest only in amounts that you can afford to lose.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

New Premium Enlisting - Britain Cash Initial Review

Another HOURLY program has requested to get enlisted in the premium plans here in The HYIP Bulletin which is named Britain Cash. Do take note that considering the fact that it is under HOURLY PLANS, it also means an exponentially higher possible revenue but of exponentially higher risk rate too. It can prove to profitable or not and these are the only things I can say with regard to taking chance on hourly plans such as these types of programs.

There were some who have lasted to provide a good profit to their investors while some have not. Only time can determine that for us. Should you want to take up the challenge then be glad that Britain Cash is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK so make sure to sign up using my referral link.

Here is the program's partial review:
As previously mentioned the program is categorized under HOURLY investment programs which means that you get to be paid EVERY HOUR. Considering this fact, this means that you get profits every hours. Hourly programs such as Britain Cash can really give you a lot of profits should it be properly managed. The only problem with these type though is that due to the super fast nature of the program, TIMING IS EVERYTHING. These means you might have to sacrifice a few hours of your sleep in order to get the needed profit. The reason why I added the program though is that it pays INSTANTLY. Thus, TIMING IS EVERYTHING if played properly.

The program offers a total of 2 investment plans for the regular investors. An hourly plan and a per-3 hours plan. Like any other fast programs, it is also bracketed.

1. 102-175% after 60 minutes (Instant Withdrawals) - 
Per rate bracketing: 102% / 105% / 110% / 117% / 125% / 135% / 150% / 175%
Per deposit bracketing: $10 / $51 / $101 / $251 / $501  / $1,001 / $3,001 / $10,000
2. 37-130% Hourly for 3 hours ( Instant Withdrawals) - 

Per rate bracketing: 37% / 45% / 55% / 67% / 80% / 95% / 110% / 130%
Per deposit bracketing: $15 / $51 / $101 / $251 / $501  / $1,001 / $3,001 / $10,000

In order to start investing on the program, you need a minimal deposit of $10 on processors LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Thus you can take it that there is no minimum amount for cash out, and not to mention instant too.

DO remember though that if you decide to join, make sure to use my referral link to be able to avail on my RCB program and that you have to add it as part of your ALREADY wide and varied portfolio. Last but DEFINITELY THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KEEP IN MIND WHEN INVESTING is to make sure that you only invest amounts that you are READY TO LOSE.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: InvInGold Initial Review

A newly launched program few hours ago has been added to my Premium Enlisting Programs. The name of this new program I am talking about is InvInGold. Like any other programs here in The HYIP Bulletin, the said program is also included in my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK. Should you decide to take part in it, make sure to sign up using my referral link in order for you to request the commissions I will be receiving from your deposits. You can find the details of the program here.

InvInGold is categorized under short term investment plans and is paying on different investment plans ranging from a reasonable hourly plan to daily plans. On initial assessment of what the program has in store for us, we can say that it is somehow well built and well planned. A total 6 investment plans are offered and just like any other short term investment plans, these plans are also bracketed into sub-plans. These are the ff:

1. Hourly plan: 
a. 8-8.75% hourly for 13 hours

2. Daily Plans:
a. 106-116% after 1 day
b. 32-42% daily for 4 days
c. 156-506% after 7 days
d. 250-1250% after 15 days
e. 500-3000% after 30 days

The program is running on a licensed script provided by GoldCoders and is well kept on a secured website through a 128-bit encryption provided and licensed COMODO CA for up to 2/8/2014. They are also hosted and protected on the servers of KODDOS which is also a well known host and service provider in the industry.

Should you decided to add InvInGold in your investment portfolio, you can start with as low as $1, which I believe almost all can afford, through the payment processors LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. You can check out the details of InvInGold here.

While we wait for the detailed program review to be published soon, do not forget to sign up using my link in order for you to be part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM.

Friday, February 8, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: Dynomoney Initial Review

A new program has been enlisting in my Premium Enlisting Programs today which is named Dynomoney. The said program is patterned after "ADVERTISING GROUPS" which introduces us to another form of business. Although not our first, we can see that advertising HYIPs have not been pretty much used up in the previous years, but seems to be increasing in popularity in the past few days of 2013. The program has been recently launched and is pretty new too.

Dynomoney is categorized under short to middle term investment programs and pays you for a minimum deposit of $16 per advertising package on a total investment term of 5% daily for 35 days. The program offers an average coverage of payment processors such as LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay.

One thing that caught my eye with regard to this program though is its graphic attributes which is also as attractive as with the past advertising programs we have seen so far. I must admit that the program too can offer a lot of potentials should it be managed by well experienced admin.

DO TAKE NOTE THAT DYNOMONEY IS ALSO PART OF MY REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS thus make sure to sign up using my referral link in order to ask for the commissions I will be receiving from your deposits.

While waiting for the program review, you can check out the program details here. If you decide to sign up, you can do so with my referral link found here.

1. Receive referral commissions back from The HYIP Bulletin RCB Program
2. Subscribe for FREE Daily News and Updates
3. Win CASH prizes WEEKLY!

4. The HYIP Bulletin Websites (Main, Blog, & Monitor)

We use our advertising power and performance to drive pure traffic to your website making Dynomoney one of the best advertising programs to bring you the exposure your website requires while earning great rebates on your purchases join up today with our great program and be above all the rest you dont need a website or a business to take advantage of Dynomoneys great program with many supporters and promoters of Dynomoney we have built a great reputation for success steal the traffic for yourself and watch your site boom to the top of the ranks leaving your competitors coughing on your exhaust fumes while you utilize the great power of Dynomoney!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Trial Enlisting: Capital Partners Invest, BQM (Business Quality Management) & Stock Evo Trade

The following programs have been added today in The HYIP Bulletin's Trial Enlisting Programs. Do take note that all these programs are still under my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAM also, so you may claim the referral commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

Click to View Details
1. Capital Partners Invest - 2% daily for 30 days, 2.5% daily for 40 days, 3% daily for 50 days

2. BQM (Business Quality Management) - 1.2% for 30 days, 2% daily for 60 days, 2.5% for 160 days, 3.2% for 360 days

3. Stock Evo Trade - Daily: 7% for 20 days, 8.5% for 18 days, 10.0% for 16 days, 12.0% for 14 days

Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Normal Enlisting: World Wide Profit Solutions Initial Review

World Wide Profit Solutions is the lastest promising middle term investment program added to my Normal Enslitings HYIPs. The program was introduced to the industry 2 days ago and had been continually gaining support from the investors who loves to do middle term projects. It is also part of the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAMS so make sure to sign up using my referral link here to be eligible for the said program.

I am glad that World Wide Profit Solutions has made their program simply by introducing only 1 investment plan. Like any other middle term programs, it offers you an 8% daily rate for 26 calendar days giving you a total 208% return with principal already included or 108% pure profit. Payment processors accepted area Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

While waiting for the DETAILED PROGRAM REVIEW, make sure to check out the website and do not forget to sign up using my referral link here to quality for the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Premium Enlisting: Safety Euro Initial Review

Safety Euro is a newly launched program in the market which was enlisting in The HYIP Bulletin Premium Enlisting today. This program is also part of the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM so make sure to sign using my referral link.

The program is a short term program and offers to pay 120% daily up to 1200% for up to 20 days, and like any other short term programs earnings are in brackets and starts for as low as $10. Deposits can be done both via Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money.

While waiting for the full program review,  check out the website here and do sign up using my referral link to be eligible for the REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Al Invest or Alevras Program Review

Al invest ReviewHello everyone. As most of you noticed by now, the industry is become livelier lately and this is very much reflected on the number of programs getting enlisting in The HYIP Bulletin. This goes without saying that more and more things are piled up and I apologize if ever not every one of your escalations had been entertained right away. Rest assured thought that I am doing my best to attend to everyone as soon as I can.

Anyways, I would like to introduce everyone to Al Invest or Alevras Investment which is the latest addition to my Premium Enlisting. I believe that this program is packed with a lot of potentials and the greatest thing about it, which I sure everyone will be glad about is that the program is paying INSTANTLY. This program is also part of my RCB or referral commission back program so make sure to sign up using my link in order to request for the commissions I received from your investments. Join me as we take a more detailed look and review the program Al Invest.

Al Invest is categorized as middle to long term program and has been in the industry for 4 days only. Despite being young, it has already built a very good and vast reputation among the returning investors of the HYIP industry that was on long breaks from the holidays.
Al Invest 

The first section that we are going to look into is its financial section. The program offers a total of 4 investment plans but it should not be that hard to understand since it simply can be looked at as one investment plan sub-divided into 4 sections with the difference on its daily rate depending on the amount you are willing to invest. Do take note however that there is a huge gap with each plan which I believe will really be a huge factor to consider should you be interested in going for a higher daily rate return. All of these plans pay you a total of 55 calendar days and follows the principal return feature. To start investing, a minimum amount of $20 is required.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Founders-Fund Program Review

Founders-Fund ReviewHi everyone. Today we will be looking into the latest program added in My Personal List. The latest program I have to my list is Founders-Fund. The said program is a short term investment program and just like any other short term programs it is a fast turn one. If properly played and proves sustainable enough, I can give us a considerable amount of extra income. If you are a fan of short term or fast yielding investment programs, then I advise you to read further as we look into the details of Founders-Fund. Lastly, please be reminded to make sure to sign up using the links in order for you to get your REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK.

The first thing that we will be looking into a more detailed perspective is its investment plans. As you might have noticed with the rest of the short term investment plans, it offers more than 100% return in a daily basis. Founders-Fund is a very good example for that. But unlike any other programs, what really is interesting is that the brackets are having higher returns than the rest. It has a total of 3 investment plans and all have very good returns.
The first investment plan it offers is the 1-day plan. After 1 day from investment, you will be able to earn a return rate of 106-112%. This means that aside from your principal, a profit of 6-12 % is included. For this plan, a minimum of $10 is required and up to $300 for you to earn the 6% profit rate. Should you decide to invest $301 and up to $50,000then you will be able to earn a more considerable amount of 12% return rate. This is a very good profit rate if ever the program can last for a while.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Enlisting: Pick Profit (12/16/12)

Before I present the Bi-weekly Rankings, News and Updates report, let me introduce to you the latest program I have added in My Personal List. This program has just been released a few hours in the industry and is a short term investment program with a typical straightforward investment portfolio. The name of this program is Pick Profit.

Pick Profit offers 4 investment portfolios of which you can choose from. Each of these investment portfolios are bracketed and varies depending on how much you are willing to.

If you want to starting earning  the from the said program, a minimum of $10 is required. The program is paying on calendar days with the interest rate depending on the amount spend and the number of days your investments are locked it. You can deposit your cash either to the 1 day-plan which earns 110% after term, the 5-day plan which earns 160% after term, the 10-day plan with 250% and the 15-day plan with 350% after.

While you wait for the FULL PROGRAM REVIEW to be published later, feel free to explore Pick Profit's website here and sign up under me to get the REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK after receiving cash requests later on.

Explore Pick Profit Website here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Enlisting: Bulge Invest Full Review

BulgeInvest is a newly released program enlisted in The HYIP Bulletin today. It is a short to middle term investment program and is the most common type of programs in the industry today. Because of these types of programs nature, investors tend to choose them because of the fact that withdrawals can be done daily without the worrying of depositing in a particular time of the day. This is ideal for those who do not have access right away to their computers in the specific time of the day.

The first thing that we are going to look at with BulgeInvest is their investment plan. It has only one type of investment plan and is very easy to understand. Upon deposit, you will be earning 9% daily for 15 days giving you a total of 135% with principal included. This means that after 15 days term, you will have a sum profit of 35%. If we compute the total daily interest, it is practically a safe profit of 2.33% which is safer in comparison to other high yielding programs. You can withdraw the 9% daily earnings if you like to do so. Cash outs are reflected within 12 hours time. If in any case your cash out takes more than 12 hours, you are advised to contact them right away for faster solution.

Buldgeinvest also has an affiliate program wherein you earn 3% commission upon every deposit of your referral. This is applicable to deposits done from payment processors only thus you will not be earning from deposits using the earnings or account balances of your referrals. Since the program is only 3% commission, we can conclude that not much will be very much tempted to recruit people but the good thing about this is that the admin will not be paying too much also. Thus, this leads to a more sustainable program. One thing that caught my eye is the number of banners Buldgeinvest has. For those who do not know, the more banners you have designed and created, the more expensive it is. I would have to give credit to that.

On the payment processors review, the program allows you to deposit using a wide variety of payment processors and all the major payment processors there. You can deposit using LibertyReserve, SolidTrustPay, EgoPay or PerfectMoney. As most of you know, there are other payment processors getting more frequently used now a days, and one of which is the PexPay. It would be a good addition for the program too if the admin could add this payment processor since more and more investors are using it.

Context wise, I can see that their home page contains personalized context. Unfortunately  I find their explanation too vague and that they only mention that they are capitalizing on trending in trading processes. Nevertheless, you will find more information about the program in their Company Profile, Mission and Investment Strategy section. Although I can see some copy pasting on some sections, I do appreciate the fact that they have done some changes in it to personalize their program. Ultimately, I highly suggest in not paying too much attention in the details since more experienced player do not really care much in this segment other than determine if enough time was used in here or not. I would have to score this section with an average rating.

For miscellaneous, page layout is very basic and similar with any other lay outs from a widely used script provider which I'll mention later one. Web design looks smooth and neat with no page or image loading issues. The have a Facebook widget for you to like the program and a news section which is currently blank as of the moment. BulgeInvest also has an optimize security features such as IP and browser change detection feature. You can also see that the program has a modified their script to have a quick access button for you to deposit or withdraw which is located on the top part of your member account pages.

Now going to the technical side. As most of you know, this section is one of the make or break factor for admin to convince the more serious and experience investors. The program is run by a licensed but slightly modified GoldCoders script and is fully SSL-encrypted by Comodo with 256-bit. These facts alone are already good for the industry. But what I am really happy with is the fact that they chose BlackLotus as their host and AntiDDoS provider. Hackers and attackers and ravaging the industry and it is a must for an HYIP program to be fully prepared for this. We can see that BulgeInvest is pretty much prepare in this sector. I will rate them as above average in this section.

In the monitoring services section, the program still has a few programs enlisting it which is totally understandable given the fact that only a couple of hours since it has been released. Nevertheless, they are doing better in comparison to other programs who barely have 3-5 monitors. Do not get me wrong, if you look closely, you will notice that these monitors are the very good and widely used monitors in the industry and for you to have an idea, these monitors are quite expensive. All in all, I would have to rate this section as mid to above average.

Lastly, if you have some questions of concerns you can contact them via Facebook, or via their Live Chat support. I have tried using both and it is working perfectly. Services are fast and inquiries are answered promptly. The only comment I can make is that they do not have a contact form or telephone number for those who barely have time to stay longer online. Nevertheless, I'll give them above average in this section.

All in all, the program can potentially last longer than any other programs if managed well by the admin. The web appearance may not be that much to create that "unique" feeling but the program itself is something feasible. If the given the chance to grow, then definitely this program has a good future. But before I close this review, I want to take you back again to the harsh reality that investing in HYIPs involve risks. BulgeInvest may be a good program in terms of sustainability in comparison to others, but it still is an HYIP. Thus, it is always advisable to exercise extra precaution. Should you consider BulgeInvest in your wide and varied portfolio, make sure you invest in the amount you are willing to lose. Good luck to us all and good luck to the admin.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Latest HYIP Weekly Ranking - September 24 - 30

Top Choice.

Here are the TOP 5 programs of our listing. They are various, their lifetime differs, though due to these or those reasons they are on Top and hence worth being mentioned in the HYIP informational survey:

1. Benson Union
Listed: 255 days
Profit: 1.2-2.45% daily!
Term: up to 170 business days!

2. Rico Trend
Listed: 15 days
Profit: 128-1888% after 1-60 days!
Term: up to 60 calendar days!

3. Hero-10
Listed: 3 days
Profit: 8-40% daily!
Term: up to 28 business days!

4. Felmina
Listed: 446 days
Profit: 1-1.6% daily!
Term: up to 180 business days!

5. Eurex Trade
Listed: 574 days
Profit: 1.2-2.9% daily!
Term: for project's lifetime!

So as you may see, there are some significant changes in the Top Choice section in today's informational survey. First of all it should be mentioned that first place is still taken by Benson Union. There are certain changes in the bottom of the Top Choice section. Places #4 and #5 are finally taken by oldtimers of the industry. Felmina listed for 446 days and Eurex Trade listed for 574 days are now taking the places accordingly. We are glad to have these 2 investment projects mentioned in the TOP 5 list. Good luck to every investor! Have a good week!

Know the Latest News, Updates and Rankings of the HYIP Community here.