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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Gaia Assets Added in HYIPNews

Another decent looking site has been added to HyipNews, Gaia Assets, spoken to with the one of a kind site, before stacking which, a fascinating promo is stacking. Continuing to the site itself, guests get to the primary page, which resembles a major green field. There is very little of substance inside the site concerning the idea of the organization and its legend. What we know from the data authoritatively gave is that "Gaia Assets oversee reserves driven by financial specialists, guided by science, and outfitted with persistent and adaptable cash-flow to make chance tolerant interests in cutting edge advancements to give dependable, moderate, zero-carbon vitality, nourishment, and items to the world." 

Two speculation arranges are accommodated clients: Geologic Plan paying 5% every day for 30 working days and Biologic Plan paying 120% After 10 working days. The base to begin with Geologic Plan is $20, while the base for Biologic Plan is $100. Normally, to make a store you should first turn into an individual from . When you are joined, you can make your first store in one of those venture arrange. All stores must be made through the Members Area by means of the installment alternatives, for example, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer and AdvCash. 

Unique consideration ought to be taken to the "Begin" page, where short manual for new clients is given. In the event that you not a normal online financial specialist or never confronted online speculations, please check the itemized guidelines on coordinating with Gaia Assets Limited venture program, read the conceivable strides to work with the organization on the Get Started page. 

Gaia Assets is putting forth a 5-level Partners program which is another approach to acquire some automated revenue with the accomplices who enable this venture to develop. You can turn into an offshoot/band together with Gaia Assets Ltd and acquire from 1% to 8% referral reward for bringing new individuals. Uncommon reward is additionally offered to Representatives - 15%. A system of local agents gives plausibility of further opening of the official delegate workplaces in various nations. Agents ought to be prepared to give full data support to new speculators, share their own encounters in online profit and discuss the organization's exercises in detail. Delegates are of one of the first to get the most recent data on the work of Gaia Assets Ltd and have coordinate correspondence channels with the speculation extend authorities. Visit the official Gaia Assets site for more information....

Coin Magic as New Added HYIP Program

Coin Magic is one of the latest program added to HYIP industry lately. The venture claims they are a group of "...specialists of Bitcoin arbitrage transaction..." The site claims, "...The contrast among business sectors brings a ton of benefit. The quality of arbitrage is that it can acquire benefit with little hazard. There is no ownership hazard, and we can shoulder stable benefit by buying at modest rate and offer speedily at high rate."

The site is not something interesting, it looks customarily with very little of substance inside. There is very little data about the organization, which is clearly joined in the UK (organization number: 10757488). As you may see from the content over the organization is guaranteed to be managing Bitcoin arbitrage.

Coin Magic just acknowledges Bitcoin as the installment framework for stores and withdrawals. The base to begin is 0.03BTC. Every day loan costs are good and conceivably may prompt long haul execution of the program. Customers are offered to get 0.7% day by day for 30 days and 0.5% every day for 15 days. Bitcoin's base withdrawal cost is 0.02 BTC. On the off chance that you happen to have any issues or inquiries concerning Coin Magic, you ought to send demand to [email protected] and your issue will be tackled asap....

Monitoring links by HYIP News

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

HYIP BitStrategy Latest News and Updates

The administrator of BitStrategy advises customers and accomplices about the developing procedure of producing stable benefits amid the time of two months at this point. The group of the undertaking does its best to create it quickly and adjust the plan of action to get it adjusted to the business sector developing better. Against the background of consistent development of Bicoin cost after piece reward splitting today the administration of BitStrategy finds out that the organization strategy for success was drawn up deliberately as the consequence of which, the prize dividing did not influence neither the work of BitStrategy, nor the salary earned by the individuals from the undertaking. Day by day accumulations are earned is a steady way and also the benefit picked up toward the end of the venture time frame. Such accomplishment was achieved because of the concentrated increment of budgetary turnover increment in the quantity of ASIC equipment.

The present insights of the speculation project is likewise demonstrating the organization achievement. Presently there are more than 12K speculators with around 20K Bitcoins stored. The financial specialists geology is wide. They live worldwide and because of the motivation to set up the most ideal backing for the individuals and accomplices the official delegates were contracted in 33 nations. The quantity of agents is developing and everybody is welcome to apply for the post.

The administrator is certain such developing ubiquity of the undertaking has been conceivable because of the offer of two similarly gainful winning alternatives: every day benefit of 6% inside 25 logbook days and a short seven-day arrangement with an aggregate return of 110%. Additionally the base store is not too sufficiently bad: 0.01 Bitcoin. Another favorable position is that endorsing of withdrawal solicitations is prepared in a split second.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Hyip Bulletins Survey

The HYIP Information Survey 481 published by Walter Anderson on March 25, 2016 is given following the link. You can see the preview below

You are welcome to read through the Hyip Information Survey #481. Speaking of the Top Choice section, the Best Choice section today remains stable again with no changes. The Top Performers is on the contrary very much different from the one three days ago. Globox Trade is on the first place, while SaliPay moves to the second one.

CME Trades has been performing successfully and moved from the sixth to the third place, though the best progress was shown by XcoBit Investments, which moved from the ninth to the fourth place. MatrixBit Club moved down a bit. Today there are four programs listed at the Sticky listing: Nano-11, Smart Home, Forex King and Coince.

The Openings section today is not very numerous. There has been only one program, which was added to HYIPNews listing lately. Forex Asia Pacific is offering daily payouts up to 5.8% daily for up to 100 trading days. Three out of six programs, which were marked as Problem are now back and paying: Crypto 7, AxTrades 2016 and TradeCenterClub 2016. And that is some good news.

As for other programs they are moved to Closures. Some new programs are now appeared in the Problems section and the Closures list, which is not that numerous today. The Hyip Events section today is not numerous at all. Follow the link to get more information about the hyip industry in the Hyip Information Survey #481.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

HYIP Bulletins Listing: Invest Engineer

InvestEngineer is the latest program added in the HYIP industry today. The program claims to be a company specializing on the services of a financial consulting and asset management at securities market. Ecurrencies accepted by the program are PerfectMoney, BitCoin, and Payeer.

The program can be categorized as one of the short to middle term programs with having 5 business plans to offer namely:

a. Testing Plan - 2.25% hourly for 48 hours totally to 108% with principal inclusion by end of term or 8% total profit for $10 - $99 with instant withdrawal feature

b. User Plan - 125% after 1 day or 25% total profit after 1 day with principal return for $10 - $10,000 and also with instant withdrawal feature

c. Stable Plan - 200% after 3 days or 100% total profit after the investment period with principal return for $10 - $10,000 and also with instant withdrawal feature

d. Capital Plan - 300% after 5 days or 200% total profit after the investment period with principal return for $10 - $10,000 and also with instant withdrawal feature

e. Expert Plan - 400% after 7 days or 300% total profit after the investment period with principal return for $10 - $10,000 and also with instant withdrawal feature

Sunday, January 26, 2014

BettingParadize: Latest HYIP Program Added

BettingParadize is the latest investment program has been added to my programs list today. This new program is a middle to long term investment program and thus their investment programs are designed to provide you with a considerable income on a daily basis. And like any other HYIP programs here in The HYIP Bulletin, it is also included in my RCB program (referral commissions back) wherein you can ask for the referral commissions I receive from your deposits.


Now let us have a closer and more detailed view on BettingParadize and what it can offer us. As an overview, BettingParadize creates you daily profits by betting on different games with a ‘foresight’ of who has the higher possibilities of winning certain games, which most likely are from the sports industry and wherein the bets are coming from you guys depositing on their accounts. Here is a summary rating for the program, and do make sure to read further for a more detailed review:

I. Financial Section – 8.5 out of 10
II. Content, Design & Miscellaneous - 8.5 out of 10
III. Technicality, Security & Safety - 9 out of 10
IV. Advertising & Promotional Strategies - 9 out of 10
V. Support System - 9 out of 10
OVERALL RATING - 8.8 out of 10

But let us have a closer and more detailed view on BettingParadize and what it can offer us. For those who are starting up in this industry, one thing you should know about the HYIP industry is that everything is uncertain, and yet despite all these uncertainties we also cannot deny the fact that the industry also offers a lot of possibilities and opportunities to grow your income too. So as long as you play it wisely then you should not be afraid of losing a few and gaining some more income.

Like any other long term investment programs out there, BettingParadize plans’ ranges from 0.8% up to 2% daily profit on their first investment plan which requires a minimum deposit of $10 and up to $10,000 and is called the PROFESSIONAL PLAN, while the second investment plan ranges from 1.4% up to 2.8% daily profit on their second investment plan and is called the OLYMPIC PLAN. The good thing about long term investment plans is that you do not have to worry so much about programs closing on their early stages of program lifetime due to the fact that the program owner or administrator is able to pay the investors early on in contrast to other investment programs offering a higher daily profit but eventually becomes a challenge on the later age of the program’s lifetime, unless the program admin is really a great player and well—experience in the HYIP industry. Do take note also that the first investment plan’s difference from the second is that aside from the fact that there is a variability of minimum deposits (Olympic plan requires only $10 for minimum deposit) it requires a considerable amount for its minimal deposit of $10,000 which I really do not recommend that highly since it is just too much to deposit in a single program, unless you know the consequences and a real experience individual in the industry (thus considerably know the risks involves for doing so).


Aside from earning with their daily profit offers, you are also able to earn from the program’s unique affiliation program. Although it does not necessarily mean that it is the first time I saw this type of affiliation program, it difference from the rest in a sense that the affiliation program offers you an extra way of earning by simply promoting the program for up to 3 levels. For every direct referral (first level) you earn a commission of 8% per every deposit that person does, for every second level referral (a direct referral of your first level) you earn another commission of 5%, and last but not the least another 2% for the third level referral (direct referral of the second level referral). Now this is a great opportunity to earn most especially if you do have the skill of promoting a certain product or program in this situation.

In order for you guys to start investing in the program, you simply have to deposit using your currencies of PerfectMoney and EgoPay. They also offer a currency exchange program wherein you may deposit either one of those mentioned above and turn them into a different currency or deposit using a Bank Wire transfer or via Western Union. The difference is that you have to send a personal message to the program admin for these two later transactions in order for them to credit manually the deposit into your account. I believe that there is a lot to be improved in this field since there are also a number of currencies that can still be added but I believe that the program admin has already included this plans for their program, which will later on benefit them a lot if they want to cater a wider market of investors in this industry.


As for the web-contents and web designs, I would say that they have done a good job in customizing their site and we can be certain that the wordings and contents are unique and not just any words which are copied from others. Although the idea or concept of investing and betting on different sports and programs out there have previously been used for in the HYIP industry, I do hope that BettingParadize will live up to its name and be the same with the other betting programs who have served and lived up for a long time as per history in the HYIP industry and be able to give profits to a lot of investors out there as do with the programs who run prior to BettingParadize. They are also using the innovative language translator provided by Google which enables you to choose the language of your preference throughout the entire website.

On the technical side of the program, which is also a huge factor to consider when choosing an HYIP program right for you, I would have to say that BettingParadize have made a good preparation for this side. They are using a licensed script provided by one of the big HYIP script providers in the industry and I am referring to no other than GoldCoders Script. Having been one of the older and trust-worthy script provider of the industry, they already have a huge experience to any technical possibilities encountered and thus any requests of customization of a great number of admins per their experience can be easily done. Thus if we are going to connect this to how the program is to go for on the long run, you can be certain that in script-wise dynamics there will not be much of a problem, if there is any to be encountered.

The entire website is also encrypted and well-secured by a 2048 bit RSA Certificate provided by no less than COMODO SSL CA from January 14, 2014 up to January 15, 2015, which have already earned their right to be one of the best SSL providers in the industry. For those who do not know the importance or purposes of an SSL encryption, these encryptions safe-guard your accounts by ensuring that you are indeed on the correct website and not some other copy-cats who are impersonating their website. Thus before you do any money transactions (deposits or withdrawal), make sure to check out the encryption of the site by looking at the SSL certificate found on your upper left with a pad-lock icon. The absence of the said pad-lock icon gives you a hint that you might not be on the right website, and thus a double check of the correct web link is a must.

Another huge factor to consider when making an HYIP program, which investors should also know about, is what or who to host your website on. It is a very common reason for the HYIP programs to be closed due to serious DDOS attacks, a situation wherein a massive traffic is sent to the web domain or website causing it to be unable to cater all the massive traffics received and leading to the site unable to load properly and to some point go down for a number of days. And during this downtime period, no further deposits are received but profits are still to be made and thus more payments to be done (cash outs) but with no further deposits (cash in) and ultimately leading to a program’s downfall. In order to prevent such situations to happen, the admin of BettingParadize hosted their website through Staminus Communication who have already been in the industry for quite some time now, and thus we can be certain that they are founded on a strong provider. They have also fortified their protection from DDOS attacks by the anti-DDOS protections of Staminus Communications.


In order for the program to grow properly, promotion is another essential factor to consider for it to succeed. This is a very huge challenge also if you are running a long term investment program since if we are to compare them with the other short term or middle term programs which offer a higher daily profit rate (but also proves to be much harder to manage and maintain for a longer time), getting more investors is a challenge. To compensate, enlisted their program to a number of HYIP reviewers and monitors which would assist them in promoting their program. Although the program is just a 12-day old program, they are already followed, monitored and listed by a total of 69 monitors and reviewers which is a huge accomplishment for a long term investment program. Of course, we should then reiterate that they have a good affiliation program which will definitely help in promoting the program itself via the members already that wants to earn extra through their signups and commissions for up to 3 levels. You are also provided with your very own referral links and banners which are custom designed to be attractive and catchy to assist you in the promotion of their program.

Last but not the least, should you have questions or concerns of their program, or simply want to get in touch with them for whatever reason, you can send them a message via their ticket department or ticket support which as per my experience is manned very efficiently for I was able to get a response from then in just a matter of few hours or you can also add their Skype account which is or email them at [email protected]. They also have a mailing address which is 49 Rue Claude Bernard, 75005 PARIS, FRANCE which I really have not tested out, but if you would like to then you are very much free to do so. Languange is available through English or French also.

All in all, I would have to say that the program admin has indeed prepared well enough and has given justice to other long term programs here in the HYIP industry. From their investment program plans, to their security features, promotions, and chat/email/mail support, everything has been ironed and planned efficiently. Overall, I will be giving BettingParadize a program rating of 8.8 out of 10.

Last but not the least, should you decided to invest in BettingParadize always make sure that you are investing in amounts that you are ready to lose and that you invest only in amounts you can consider as extra. And make sure to sign up using my referral link in order to benefit from the RCB (referral commissions back) program that is exclusively provided here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back from the Break and Program Reviews Ahead

After a long break from the industry, I have decided to finally write back and start once again with the usual routine.

It has been a long time that I have not written anything and despite all these, I am very grateful to most of you who are still with me in my long absence. Due to some unforeseen and forceful events which hindered me to write in the industry, I am just glad that it has finally come to pass.

In any case, I surely do hope that these new journey would still be the same, if not better, from what we have had prior to my absence.

To start off the bat, I will be reviewing some programs today and hope that in one or two of these programs, it may catch your attention.

Should you have some questions or clarifications of the different programs and my review, you are always welcome to send me an email or feedback at [email protected] or [email protected]

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Update: Servers Finally Up and Running

Hello everyone! I am very happy and glad to announce that finally the servers are up and running for my websites.

I would like to formally announce the return of The HYIP Bulletin. I hope and pray that this wondering new beginning is going to be a blessed reborn of my website.

It has been a very long and much anticipated await for me and finally after more than a month of struggle to get back my website, everything has made its fruits.

Please join me as we continue without our journey here in the HYIP industry. And most of all, let us join forces as we try to seek out the best and more effective way to a better and lighter financial well-being.

My email will remain at [email protected] and as much as possible, I would like to refrain from using other emails so please do so message me there should you have some questions or concerns.

A lot of gigs, events and happenings are in store for everyone as we celebrate the return of my website.


Monday, February 25, 2013

TrackInv Sending Out A Newsletter to Verify Account Information

We received a newsletter from TrackInv (reviewed here) today which actually surprised me. The reason why I was surprised is due to the fact that I just finished an update interview with them a couple of hours ago and that having the possiblity of the program to pull the plug off COULD be slim.

Another reason is the coincidence of me writing something about another program who is currently doing the account verification scam. OBVIOUSLY TRACKINV IS NOT DOING THIS. And I hope they never will!

I have asked the admin of TrackInv (interviewed here) for the explanation on their short email which they also had to admit was a bit too short and surprising due to an absence of explanation. Anyhow, they will be sending out the explanation few days from now as they send the newsletter for their weekly update, but we do not have to wait for that since they have promptly answered my inquiry.

Do take note that TrackInv is the currently rank 8 in our Top HYIP Survey Poll and has been online now for a total of 92 Days on investment plans 3.5% daily for 15 Days and 4.0% daily for 30 Days. You can invest with them for as low as $10 only on processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, and EgoPay. TrackInv is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS so if you want to invest on the program, make sure to use my referral link in order for you to ask for the commissions I will be getting from your deposits.

Please see below their original newsletter and also their reply to my inquiry.
Original newsletter:Please check if your account details are correct.
Your account name is thehyipbulletin.
Your e-mail is *****
Your LR account is U*****.
Your PM account is U******.
You have been registered: *******
Thank you,

My inquiry letter and their explanation:
The HYIP Bulletin:I would like to ask why there is a need for verifying such information. Sorry but I am simply trying to be extra cautious specially in this industry.
TrackIn Admin:Just want to confirm the details, as many members have not filled their payment processors details. Also, one member said his account details were changed. We are not sure if it is exception. So, for security reason; we advised everyone.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

PL Profits Down Due to DDOS Attack for the Second Time

Unfortunately, it seems like the attackers of  PL Profits (program details) are determined to do some damages to one of the rising programs in the industry today due to the fact that after having the need to change to a more secured server, another attack has been launched against the program.

In fairness to Tony, the admin of PL Profits, he is very dedicated to keep all of us informed. Since most are not able to get hold of him, not can he do so due to the inavailability of email addresses of the members, he can only send out the announcements to us for the time being.

Tony is also asking for an apology for the inconvenience that this might have caused everyone and that I do hope that this will finally have to stop, before it gets too late for PL Profits.

PL Profits has been online now for a total of 40 days now and has been paying their investors and partners on investment plans1% Daily for 180 Days; 7% Weekly for 30 Weeks. You can check out also the program admin's interview and program review here. It is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS.

Here is the email sent out  by Tony:
We are experiencing a DDOS attack once again and our hosting is working hard to recover the site back to normality, please can you tell your referrals not to panic we will be back as soon as possible.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Perfect Forex Down for Transfer to New Server Provider

We received a newsletter update from the current top paying Short Term Investment Program Perfect Forex Biz. Earlier today the website was inaccessible. This is due to the fact that they are currently migrating the program into a better hosting and server provider in order to cater the growing need for more data memory so as to maintain the optimal performance of the program. Their web traffic statistics is also increasing day by day showing proofs that indeed the program has been getting more and more popular to both the new and old players of the industry. Do take note that Perfect Forex is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK program and the admin Jim Courtney has already been interviewed here in The HYIP Bulletin. (See interview here).

As the program grows older, more and more investors are being drawn by the program. Perfect Forex has been online and have been paying their investors and partners for a total of 35 days now. The program paying on the following investment plans 25% After 1 Day, 250% After 5 Days, 800% After 15. A minimum of $10 is required to start in the program on payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrust Pay. You can check out the program details located in my monitor page.

Here is the entire newsletter:
As you can see our website been unavailable for a some time.
For now we are moved to a new server with more powerful and stability protection against DDoS attacks.
All requests will be processed within a 24-36 hours.
Thank you for your understanding and faith in our company. We are always trying to do only best work.

Yours truly,
Jim Courtney

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Interview of PL Profits' Admin Announced

If you were already one of the followers here in The HYIP Bulletin prior to the announcement and the interview, I am sure you have not missed out my newsletter about this one.

Last week, I have conducted an interview with the admin of PL Profits and today they have already sent out to all their members the said interview. Should you have missed it out, you can check the interview here.

PL Profits is the current rank 12 in out Top HYIP Survey Poll and is paying for 1% Daily for 180 Days and 7% Weekly for 30 Weeks time. You can start investing on the program with a minimum deposit of $10 on payment processors LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. You can check out the program details here.

Do take note also that PL Profits is part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS so make sure to sign up using my referral link in order to avail on the said program.

Here is the newsletter:

An interview with The HYIP Bulletin blog and monitor has been published and can be read here:

Tony Admin

Sunday, February 10, 2013

PL Profits Weekly Update and New Milestones

We received the weekly update of PL Profits today with regard to how is the program performing so far since launching. Do take note that PL Profits is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSIONS BACK PROGRAMS and that you can see the program DETAILED REVIEW here.

The update is basically informing us that their new milestone is reaching a total of  over 1500 members and that they finally have as much as 500 active investors in PL Profits which is quite a feat considering that they just passed their 30 days online in the industry.

I will be conducting an interview with Tony, the admin of PL Profits within this week and hopefully you will be there to witness it. As per practice, I am accepting questions or inquiries that you want to ask him. Feel free to send it at my email at [email protected]

You can see the full program details here.

1. Receive referral commissions back from The HYIP Bulletin RCB Program
2. Subscribe for FREE Daily News and Updates
3. Win CASH prizes WEEKLY!

4. The HYIP Bulletin Websites (Main, Blog, & Monitor)

Here is the entire newsletter:
We have very little to update you on this week as things are going very well and we are still growing at a steady pace and this week we passed three milestones, the first one was that we passed the 1500 member mark, then the next day we had our 500th Investor. We have also passed 30 days online.

Just to remind everyone that we do not pay interest on saturday or sunday on the daily plan but we do make payouts at weekend because many on weekly plans are getting interest paid at weekends and we want to pay you fast. 70% of our investors are in the weekly plan making it the most preferred plan.

We hope you have a perfect weekend and we look forward to making you more money next week and far beyond.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin New Premium Enlisting: Sol Cash Initial Review

A new program has been added to The HYIP Bulletin Premium Enlisting. The lastest program that I have added is Sol Cash. This program has been released in the HYIP industry two days ago. This program is also part of my REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM. So make sure to sign up using my referral link in order for you to request the money I received from you as commissions.

Sol Cash claims to be a group of financial institutions and private lenders throughout North America and Europe. It has a lot of promising features as a program and perhaps could be one of the programs that we want to belooking forward to this 2013. It is a long term investment program and basically is the same with any other long term ones. It also has a the principal returned upon end of term feature and one of the things I like most with Sol Cash is that it does not offer compound thus could really be very promising as the investment plans are somehow stable in comparison to the rest.

You can invest in Sol Cash for as low as $1 up to $250,000 and earn 1.8% - 3% daily for 170 business days, meaning you earn from Mondays - to Fridays. Upon end of term, you will receive a total of 185% - 525% together with your initial investment. A good number of payment processors are also being offered making it more interesting and exciting at the same time. These are Liberty Reservere, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay, and Ego Pay.

Please do not forget to sign up using my referral link here in order to avail on THE HYIP BULLETIN REFERRAL COMMISSION BACK PROGRAM.

I will be publishing soon the DETAILED REVIEW OF SOL CASH SO WATCH OUT FOR IT!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Al Invest Adds Facebook and STP Back to Instant Processing

We received a newsletter update from one of the enlisted programs in my premium listing today - AL Invest or Alevras Investments (reviewed here). This is with regard to two new developments of the program.

In their newsletter, they are glad to announce the members that they have added Facebook in their website. This is a move in the hope to improve the visibility and image of the program, enabling them to have the chance of being exposed to a wider market.

On the second update, they have finally fixed the issue of the API of their STP account, thus allowing the members to be able to receive cash out requests instantly once again.

Let me just remind you that AL Invest is a middle to long term investment program that has been online now for 10 days and is paying from 3%-6% daily for 55 calendar days. The payment processors accepted by the program are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, and EgoPay.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello The HYIP Bulletin

Great news. We added FaceBook page for our business. All news will be first updated in FaceBook page

We had problems with STP instant payments, and today they are finally fixed.

Stay tuned for more updates very soon.

Best Regards, Alevras Investments Online LTD. Team"

Monday, October 29, 2012

Latest HYIP Added: FRMOEG + Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added a new program in My Own List today. Frmoeg, the latest program created by Jacob has now been finally released. For those who do not have any idea who this admin is, Jacob was the previous owner of the program IntraFunds which was forced to close shops after 2 weeks time due to some "difficulties." Nevertheless, do take note that he is the first Admin to explicitly admit that he is running a ponzi scheme and also the first I know that sent out refunds after the program's closure. I am not sure as to why he has done this, which some are even speculating that he might just be leading investors into the new program which will not last long again, but a refund is a refund and it is up to you guys if you are going to join the said new program or not. Also do take note that he has mentioned in this news program that this will be his last  and if things do not go out well once again, he still is going to issue refunds.

Frmoeg is an abbreviation for Fei-Ranis Model Of Economic Growth, which is a dualism model in developmental economics or welfare economics developed by John C.H Fei and Gustav Ranis. According to this theory, the primitive sector consists of the existing agricultural sector in the economy, and the modern sector is the rapidly emerging but small industrial sector. I find this significant to be relayed because even I am amused as to how Jacob connects his program to the said dual sectors. If we are going to analyze this move, I would say that Jacob has done his research more than we do. Nevertheless, for the more experienced HYIP players, they do not really mind this that much.

As for the investment plans, the program offers two - daily and weekly. Both plans have the same minimum deposit which is $20 and maximum of $14,999.99. The daily plan pays 5% per day for 30 calendar days with principal included while the weekly plan pays 20% weekly for 6 weeks. If we are going to compute for the ROI, the daily plan gives you a total of 50% profit after 30 days, while the weekly plan gives you 120% after 42 days. This does not make sense at all because even if compounding is available in the weekly plan, it still gives a much lower profit in the end. Thus, I would have to recommend you guys to stick to the first investment plan. If you are still confused, you are very much free to use the calculator available on the site to plan for your investments.

Frmoeg accept deposits from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. For cash-outs, you will need to log in to your account and request your payouts which you will receive within the next 24 hours with a minimum of $0.01. Requests can be done every day except during Sundays. He might be honoring his religion which could connect to having a day off on Sunday or just simply a regular rest day for him. Frmoeg also offers a referral program of 4% commission for every deposit from the payment processors of your direct referrals.

On the technical side, Frmoeg runs off with a licensed Probiz Script which is a notch higher than other scripts' rating and the site is fully SSL-encrypted by GlobalSign. The program is hosted by CloudFlare which might be a bit too much on average for the industry but is backed up by the dedicated server of RackSpace Cloud. The cost is a little higher than the rest, but with that comes a lot more dependable up-time and a better bandwidth.  You get what you paid for, and, from my studies, Rackspace is as competitively priced as the other top players in this space.

The wordings of the program is pretty much personalized and when I say personalized I mean it literary. There is not much to read other than Jacob telling you about his program, what he is running, and how he is getting the funds to pay you. You can say that it is very upfront and transparent to the investors. It will then depend on the investors if they like the approach to invest in a ponzi program or not. For support or questions you can reach Jacob either via the live chat box or via a support ticket if he is offline. 

Lastly, before I am going to end this review, I once again want to remind you that we are in the HYIP industry and there is no definite results as to what and which programs are going to last, I strongly advise to always take the necessary precaution and exercise due diligence. Consider investing in Frmoeg as part of your wide and diverse portfolio. Lastly, invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Carbon Deals Weekend Update

Carbon Deals, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the survey poll and is offering 3.6-5.2% daily for 8-10 weeks sends out their weekend newsletter today.

Carbon Deals has been quite popular even at its early stage and this is a no wonder since they already reached a very good number of 1000 members in just 2 days from the opening. Today, after two weeks time they are continually growing and is now at 3000 members milestone. This is a very good celebration for the program.

They are also sharing the good news that more and more of the American market is noticing them too. I quote from their newsletter "The recent market turmoil and closures actually sent a larger market share our way. Many of the smarter investors are beginning to realize that Carbon deals is the only safe investment available on the current market.

Carbon Deals assure their investors that as sheer number of investors are coming their way, this will not affect the usual business process, and despite the fact that every department of theirs are getting more busy, every cash outs or queries will still be entertained the soonest possible.

Let us hope nothing but best of luck to Carbon Deals as they tackle this new endeavors of theirs.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Esteemed Members,
I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.
Everything is business as usual here at Carbon deals.
The relentless enthusiasm of our investors is on a constant rise. This keeps us continuously busy, on our toes and why not, maybe even energized.

Today we have just passed the 3000 members milestone and we are well on our way to even greater numbers.
This second week, the American market started catching up to the rest, as more and more US investors are interested in what we have to offer.

The recent market turmoil and closures actually sent a larger market share our way. Many of the smarter investors are beginning to realize that Carbon deals is the only safe investment available on the current market.

A certain tension could be felt by our live chat department this week though.
Even though the payment generation problems have been fully fixed early this week and there has been no delayed earning since, an increasing number of members ask about when profits are going to get posted and what is taking so long. Many of these inquiries come the same day the deposits were made....

While I am sure a tense market isn't doing investors any favors, please understand that your earnings are going to get posted regularly, every day, without interruption. Carbon deals is currently thriving and will be for the foreseeable future.
Cashout Requests are being processed at increased speed, in an effort to keep you waiting for as little as possible.
Thank you all for the support!

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sirius Union: delayed payments

Due to serious attacks on the server host of Sirius Union, they were forced to issue delayed payments. Another reason for this is that they had to transfer to a different host provider because of the continuous massive attacks experienced lately by AntiDDoS, their previous provider.

Fortunately, they are now under a different host and they are hoping that everything will be back to business as usual. As a result to the multiple attacks done, Sirius Union had to delay their payouts and is asking that all the members who requested payouts to due a do the said same request for processing.

Sirius Union is one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and is offering 12% daily for 11 days. To become an active member, you need a minimum of $10 for deposit. It also offers a 15% referral bonus.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 
Sorry for temporary problems and breaks in site working. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our database after change hosting partner. Now all the technical problems were solved. Please ask for withdrawal again - and we will processed it in our usually mode.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Have a nice day!"

HYIP New Scam List 10/23/2012

Unlike last week, we have few number of programs on the program and closure section. Nevertheless, we should always consider the fact that programs in these sections is very dangerous for investing unless you want to toss your money to them for free.

By definition, problem programs are programs having a delay in pay-out for about 1-2 days time regardless of whatever reason that is (valid or invalid). A pay-out is considered delay if it has passed the pay-out period specified by the program in their FAQ.

On the other hand, closure programs are programs that have already passed more than 2 days without payment and have not explained their side upon attempt of contact.

Here are the lists for last week:

Agro Finance - not paying
JM Fund - not paying
Oil Gold Money - not paying
Online Raise - not paying
Model Fund - not paying
Clean Energy Fund - not paying
Reactor Fund - not paying
CNN Inv - not paying
Martinika Invest - not paying
Libertyreserve Capital - not paying
Best Time Profit - not paying
Mutual-Capital - not paying
Extra Deposit - not paying
Smart Profit - not paying
Aro Investment - not paying
GainBank - not paying 

Invs (13 days)
RIGHTfive (67 days)
Fresh Capitals (30 days)
LibertyPool (20 days)
Solid Progress (8 days)
GBfin Corp (21 days)
Mobile Finance Fund (5 days)
Hourly Benefit (7 days)
Secure Cash Flow (11 days)
Paco Funds (8 days)
Mass Auto Pay (13 days)
Benefit 20 Days (15 days)
Netdeal Club (32 days)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Diamond Asset Second Month Online

Diamond Asset, one of our TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAMS offering a daily interest rate of 1.8-2.5% daily for 120 business days plus your principal back, is celebrating their 2nd month on business today.

Diamond Asset had been consistently in the rankings and considered to be one of the good long term programs today.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Client,
Today 23rd October, 2012 marks our 2nd month online. We use this moment to thank all our members for their great support towards the growth and progress of Diamond Asset.

We are also grateful to MONITORS and promoters for their continuous support.

For any questions please us an email to [email protected]

Best Regards,
The Support Team."