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Saturday, August 6, 2016

HYIP News and Updates GreenBid, Oairo Finance, BitMoney Club, Sport Pharma, Bits Trade, BusinessAngels, Ssarini HYIP News

Get some an opportunity to peruse the Hyip Information Survey #508 distributed on Thursday. Today seven days after we distributed the past arrival of the hyip data review we ought to say no progressions occurred in the Top Choice area. Zoo is leading the pack still.

With respect to Top Performers there is one change as it were. HourDeposit has lost some evaluating indicates and was moved the 30th spot in the rundown. CoinHourly, despite what might be expected climbed in the rating. With respect to different projects they stay on the same positions. We are satisfied to welcome Billionearn as a major aspect of the Top Performers segment. The project has been an individual from Hyip Quotes for some time and now it's a merited tenth spot in the Top Performers segment to praise 100 days on the web.

There will be there projects added to HYIPNews posting of late. Profit2Gain included six days back, SuperV33, included 4 days prior and AEP Investment Group included today. There was one more - GreenBid, however being recorded for just three days it has been moved to Problems area.

Loads of projects shut down and some have as of late experienced inconveniences. Three projects used to be recorded at HyipNews are in boycott: Oairo Finance, BitMoney Club and Sport Pharma. In the Problems segment there are four hyips recorded at HyipNews.

GreenBid included three days back, as i told prior and we are watching the missing installment issue with it. With respect to Bits Trade and Mega Traders, those were recorded for 48 and 71 days as needs be and now they are Problem. Alongside the rest two news-creators are presently Problem: BusinessAngels and Ssarini.

Generally there are some most recent redesigns from the hyips online in the Events area and the review of Hyip Quotes gave. Today we can see some unsteady execution appeared by hyips included to the TOP 5 of the Hyip Quotes area. Some great results were accomplished by PokerAdv hyip, which figured out how to increase a few positions and climb from the fifth to the third place.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Hyip Bulletins Survey

The HYIP Information Survey 481 published by Walter Anderson on March 25, 2016 is given following the link. You can see the preview below

You are welcome to read through the Hyip Information Survey #481. Speaking of the Top Choice section, the Best Choice section today remains stable again with no changes. The Top Performers is on the contrary very much different from the one three days ago. Globox Trade is on the first place, while SaliPay moves to the second one.

CME Trades has been performing successfully and moved from the sixth to the third place, though the best progress was shown by XcoBit Investments, which moved from the ninth to the fourth place. MatrixBit Club moved down a bit. Today there are four programs listed at the Sticky listing: Nano-11, Smart Home, Forex King and Coince.

The Openings section today is not very numerous. There has been only one program, which was added to HYIPNews listing lately. Forex Asia Pacific is offering daily payouts up to 5.8% daily for up to 100 trading days. Three out of six programs, which were marked as Problem are now back and paying: Crypto 7, AxTrades 2016 and TradeCenterClub 2016. And that is some good news.

As for other programs they are moved to Closures. Some new programs are now appeared in the Problems section and the Closures list, which is not that numerous today. The Hyip Events section today is not numerous at all. Follow the link to get more information about the hyip industry in the Hyip Information Survey #481.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The HYIP Bulletin Voters of Week 1 and 2 Winners

Hello everyone. As most of you know here in The HYIP Bulletin know, our event for the Survey Poll this month is sponsored by no other than the every growing and every dynamic program 12Pro Finance.

In relation to this, tomorrow Saturday EST I will be announcing the winners of WEEK 1 and WEEK 2 for this month.

The rest of the winners will also be announced for the months of January Survey Poll Winners and February Survey Poll Winners will also be announced so make sure to stay tune for it!

Should you have missed out the mechanics of the Survey Poll events, you can check it out here.

So what are you waiting for, make sure to keep those votes coming in and win prizes only here in The HYIP Bulletin!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Top HYIP Ranking Poll Updates

Due to a number programs moving in the rankings lately, I  have decided to do an early update on our Top HYIP Rankings rather than the usual once a week one.

I am sorry if the ranking list (the survey poll is fine) is not updated frequently. This is due to the fact that the programming and lay outing is not automated so everything needs to be done manually. Anyways, rest assured though that the ranking poll will ways have the figures to show the rankings.

Going back to the rankings, there are a lot of new programs that came in. This is most specially the cases of the newly added programs here in The HYIP Bulletin.

Please do remember that the rankings is solely based on the voting of the viewers, followers and subscribers of The HYIP Bulletin and DOES NOT guarantee the stability and safety of you investments on the program.

Feel free to check the rankings here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin: Top Most Favorite HYIP Result November Week 1

Hello everyone! Finally the results for last week's survey for the Top Most Favorite HYIP Survey is now available.

The purpose of the said ranking is to determine which HYIP Programs are the investors choice. In the every changing HYIP industry, we can never comprehend as to what the current situation of the market is. This survey is an attempt to look at the general consensus of the investors' choice through a survey form. Everyone is allowed to vote twice per day every day of the week. 

At the end of the month, we will crown a particular program who got the highest number of votes in the said month.

Last month's survey was a really great race for the best programs and I am looking forward to how this month's race is going to turn out.

Without any further delays, here is last week's Top 5 in The Search for Top Most Favorite HYIP:

You can see the full result of the said survey here.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Top Most Favorite Program of The Month Climax

Good day everyone. The HYIP Bulletin started doing ranking survey this month of October with the intention of trying to identify the Top Most Favorite Program. Having said this, we created a survey form wherein all HYIP investors and players can vote for their favorite program.

It is with great pleasure and honor that the said Survey has now become one of the most anticipated rankings in the industry. I am very grateful to all the help and support that you guys have, but most specially to the subscribers. Without you guys, The HYIP Bulletin will not be able to attain such victory.

Now that the last week of the month has come, we are very much excited to see the very first program that will be placed in our Top Most Favorite HYIP Of the Month Hall Of Fame.

We invite you to continue voting for the said survey and see it through as we crown our very first Top Most Favorite HYIP Program of the month.