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Monday, July 25, 2016

Latest HYIP News, Updates, and Scams: Investfond, BreamFX, HourDeposit, CoinHourly, etc.

Observe the Top Choice area, where we are confronting a few changes in both parts of it. As a matter of first importance we are sorry to learn the Investfond hyip, which was taking a lead of the hyip business for some time, has grabbed its presence and transformed into trick. BreamFX, in actuality, moved upwards in the rating and today it takes the 6th spot in Best Choice segment.

There are likewise a few changes in the Top Performers area. HourDeposit supplanted CoinHourly and the tenth place today is taken by a newcomer of the Top Choice Mega Traders.

In the Openings area you may see four connections to the hyips added to HYIPNews posting recently. Sleeper Limited and Quickpay are paid-advanced at HYIPNews. With respect to other two hyips, they are Premium recorded.

Three of the recently included hyips are putting forth comparative venture terms: Sleeper Limited, Quickpay and Finance Systems Solution are putting forth day by day payouts. With respect to the Earning Hike hyip, the benefit is proclaimed to get paid after expiry of the venture time frame and on the hourly premise. Investfond, which used to be the TOP 1 hyip recorded at HYIPNews for some time, is currently boycotted alongside two different hyips boycotted: Coiner and Bitrate.

Perused the most recent news from the hyips online in the Hyip Events segment and additionally the most recent upgrade concerning OKPAY administration restart and some SEO and security Tips to take after from Payza in the Emoney area. Today in the Hyip Quotes segment we can see some genuine improvement appeared by some hyips and some decrease appeared by others.

The most noteworthy execution was appeared by Dowerly, which is as of now the main system with the citation record above 200. Another expression of evaluation ought to be advised to Powerful Invest. Coince execution was likewise hopeful, however it lost almost twenty focuses amid the last couple of days.

PokerAdv is the principle dissatisfaction today. Subsequent to losing 46 focuses after some awesome ascent the project lost three positions and now it's near get disposed of from the TOP 5 if things go on like that further on.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Benson Union 2013 Step-Up Advertising and Promotional Video

We receive the latest update from one of the TOP HYIPs since 2012, and is still one of the top programs up today which is Benson Union. Benson Union has been online now for a total of 404 days and is paying their investors INSTANTLY from 1.2-2.45% daily for 170 trading days.

Having been tagged as the program with the most number of payment processors, with deposits coming from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EgoPay, SolidTrusyPay, Pexpay, Bitcoin and BankWire transfers, Benson Union is also determined to be considered as having the most number of language translations.

Today, they have formally launched the video translation that was previously announced on their last newsletter. You will now be able to see their video presentation in Spanish and Russian and to be able to do so, you simply have to choose the correct language in from their website prior to watching it.

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Here is the entire newsletter:
Dear investors! Benson Union informs that our well-known video presentation has been translated to Spanish and Russian language. At the moment you just need to open Russian or Spanish version of our website to be able to watch video presentation in your native language. More languages coming next month! Also we will present a new exclusive contest with huge prizes. Our programmers are working on integration right now and it will be completed within a few days. Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alpha Capital FX New Milestone

We received  a newsletter today from Alpha Capital FX about having their very first investors of their Dampier Plan completing one cycle today which itself is a milestone for the program.

Alpha Capital (reviewed here) is the recently added program in My Personal List and had been continually gaining more and more investors each day. It is more of a middle term investment program offering two plans for a minimum of $25 as an initial investment - the Dampier Plan which offers a total of 107% return or 7% profit after a lock in of your investments for 7 days and the Pilbara Plan which pays 5% daily for 31 business days giving a total return of 155% upon maturity including your principal or a total of 55% pure profit. Contrary to the first plan, you can do daily cash outs with the Pilbara Plan.

Alpha Capital has also recently added more premium enlisting monitors and has taken the necessary actions to actively promote its program for the race of 2013.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Good day Sir ,
I am happy to announce that Alpha Capital Fx achieved first milestone successfully.
first cyle of Dampier Plan ( 107% After 7 Days ) completed today, itself. Still many more to come.

Happy weekend.

Best regards

Steve Allen
Alpha Capital Fx"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Finvance New Pay-Out Schedules

Finvance, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and definitely one of the largest HYIP in the industry sent out a newsletter today. It is worth taking note that despite multiple attempts of defaming the company in to put it down, and multiple attempts of creating falsified ratings in the different monitoring boards, Finvance has remained one of the fastest growing and most successful program in the industry.

Offering a daily rate of 8% for 28 days, Finvance has already surpassed the milestone of over 50,000 active members and is continually growing everyday. Finvance has been online for more than 100 days now servicing the 4 major payment processors, namely Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Having witness on how great wonderful their team have been doing, it is of no mystery that have long proven to the HYIP industry how a great this program has become already.

As the company shows, it is their intention to maintain the quality of work that they are servicing to the members. With hundreds and thousands of old and new members signing up or depositing on the system every day, it is of no wonder that Finvance has already reached more than 4 MILLION deposits in the account. The sheer volume and number being put into the system and into their people is so great that they have to device  plan to maintain the caliber of work they have for their people.

Thus to buffer up the said program, they have decided that the original processing time be changed from within 24 hours to 48 hours for Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay while 48-72 hours for SolidTrustPay which is the most used currency. This change will not affect much since Finvance's dedication to customer service and satisfaction will remain of top quality.

If by the case there will be missing deposit issues, Finvance advises you to send out an email to their support team with subject \"Missing Deposit"\.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Finvance Members,

Finvance has surpassed 50,000 active deposits and continues to grow at an amazing rate daily as we pass 100 days online paying to four e-currencies daily: Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Finvance has proven itself as the top choice for investors.

Due to our rapid growth we are instituting a new payout schedule to provide the best service possible to all our investors. It is a measure we are putting in place before our workload reaches that point, so you will see that we have changed payout times even though the majority of our investors receive their payouts well before the stated time in our FAQ.

Withdrawal requests to Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay are paid within 48 business hours and the time of day is subject to the change on a daily basis. SolidTrustPay Withdrawals are paid within 48-72 business hours. There is not a set time period for processing withdrawals.

You may view our full FAQ here:

For those experiencing missing deposit issues with EgoPay or SolidTrustPay, please submit an email with the subject \"Missing Deposit\". In the contents of the email, please include your username and the COMPLETE transaction details in text format.