Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Website Live Chat Support Down for A Couple of Hours

Pleasant day to everyone. I regret to inform that I might not be reacheable via live chat today.

The HYIP Bulletin is supported by Zopim, an easy and powerful tool that helps provide on time live chat support to the subscribers. Unfortunately due to unforseen circumstance their datacenter provider, Internap, just lost power in one of their facilities, LGA9, as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

In relation to this, the said chat support will not be useable for a couple of hours. The good news is that the Zopim team is currently working on a lightweight version to provide temporary service to the Zopim users.

Let us keep our fingers crossed so that I will be able to cater your inquiries and questions once live! For the time being, please feel free to send me an email if you have questions, comments, suggestions or violent reacions!

Here is the newsletter from Zopim:
"Service Disruption Notice
UPDATE 31 Oct 2012, 0715AM EST

Our datacenter has been running on reserve power until recently. The team at Internap is working very very hard to restore power but one of its facilities LGA9 recently lost power due to a fuel pump failure. Zopim's service has gone offline ever since.

News from a reliable source tell us that fuel is running out at Internap's datacenter. We would have manually carried diesel 17 stairs up to our facilities like how
Squarespace does it (kudos to the team) if we were in New York. But we are not, so we couldn't physically relocate our servers either.

That said, rest assured that Zopim can still run without relying on our servers in Internap's datacenter. We're currently working on a contingency plan which will allow us to restore service to our customers. This involves setting up connection to our existing proxies located worldwide. It's taking some time but once it's done, you will be able to login to a lightweight version of our dashboard to chat. Expect some advanced capabilities will be limited for the time being. We'll post a more thorough update once this lightweight version is up.

We're currently testing the widget and dashboard to make sure everything is in place. Based on current estimates, the lightweight version of the dashboard should be live in a couple of hours.

Thank you for your patience once again. Follow us on
facebook or twitter for more updates!"

Featured Program of the Month Now RESERVED!

Hello guys, and most specially to my followers and subscribers.

I just received a confirmation from a very promising program who will be launched this November. Slot for the Featured Program of The Month is already taken and RESERVED. Tune in for this program as this will be a very interesting one! Start saving up money and deposit during day 0!

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Weekly Warning, Problem, Scam and Updates Report

Before we proceed with the formal weekly report, I would like to ask a minute of your time to please help pray for those victims of the Hurricane Sandy.

WEEKLY CLOSED HYIPS - DON'T INVEST!!! These programs have already been marked on the scam list by the monitoring boards!
Royal Union
Zoey Fund
Hot Best Fund
Golden Economy
Pana Business Co
Core Finance Provider
Finance Benefit
Extra Deposit
Profit - EU
Erupt Money
Afri Investment
Reactor Fund
Monetary Club

Selective Payment Report - These programs have been reported by our subscribers and with proofs. Some of these are still listed as paying in other monitors so make sure to read The HYIP Bulletin Scam and Problem Reports before investing!
Basic Winner
Core Finance Provider
Invest In Cars

Problem Status - These programs have been reported to have delays on pay-outs for whatever reasons it may be. In 1-2 days time these programs will now be marked under scam list if pay outs are still not delivered and the admins do not reply to us
Fx Capitalism
Online Increment
Royal Profit
Ponzi Invest
Debt Relief Limited
Global Banker
Martinika Invest
Global Concept
Eu Depositary
Brotex Finance
Monetary Club and Profita Limited are still trying to get new investors despite the fact that they are no longer paying. Watch out and do not fall into the trap!

If you have issues and/or concerns about programs on problem or selective paying or scam status, please notify us right away and as much as possible provide proofs so that we can help each other! Send me an email at [email protected]

We are on the final stretch of our search for the very first TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM OF THE MONTH. Do not forget to vote for your favorite program!

Once again, before I end all notifications it is a must for me to remind everyone that the HYIP industry is a tricky one. Due to its uncertainty, everyone is REQUIRED to exercise due diligence before investing. Keep your investments within reasonable level and make sure that you are investing in a wide, diverse portfolio. But most important thing of them all is to always make sure that the amount you have invested is only an amount you are ready to lose.

Until the next report! Peace to all!

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TivSol Reaches New MileStone

TivSol, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the survey poll is very glad to send out a fresh newsletter today. TivSol (reviewed here) offers 3-5% daily and pays up to 30 or 90 days depending on the type of plan has now been officially online for 11 days.

Yesterday, they reached a very good and extra ordinary milestone of 4000 ACTIVE members in that span of time which is totally a great achievement! The said newsletter also contains a brief explanation about their investment plans and how the two investment plans differ from each other. They are also reminding everyone about the total amount of time their cash outs will be processed or total amount of time some support tickets could be attended.

Unfortunately, it appears that some members of TivSol did not quite or might have overlooked the fact that cash outs will be processed with 1-24 hours and are instead sending out support tickets for this. Given the fact that TivSol have had such tremendous growth in just a very short amount of time, it is a no-wonder that they will be receiving more than 500 mails daily. Nevertheless it would be better if those issue mention above are not included. Thus TivSol felt the need to send out the reminder that they should just wait patiently wait their cash outs rather than clutter the inbox for this time wasting mails.

Here is the entire newsletter:"Dear Tivsol valued Member’s

From the desk of our company director: Phillip Soler;

Company Updates
Total Investment Solutions achieve another great milestone on its 10th day of operation, we have a total of 4,000 active members, Our company will do its best to serve you better and provide our members an effective advertising solutions for your products and websites.

Member’s update – Investment Plan Explained
1. SURF PLAN – This plan required $10 to join, and you are required to surf 10 ads daily to be eligible for tomorrow’s 5% earnings. If you miss a surfing day, you will not lose any profit, since it will only be delayed, this plan expires when you earned 150% from your investments, and this includes your principal + 50% profit. This plan runs for 30 Calendar Days
2. NON – SURF PLAN - This plan required $10 to join, You are not required to surf on this plan, Your earnings will be credited after 24 hours from your investment. This plan will earn you 3% daily for 90 Calendar days. And will expire at 270% + and your principal will be returned at the end if the investment plan
3. WITHDRAWALS – All withdrawals are processed within 1 – 24 hours after your request, please do not send us a support ticket asking about your withdrawal, it will be processed in a timely manner within 24 hours.
4. SUPPORT – We receive up to 500+ emails daily please allow us up to 1 – 36 hours to respond to your inquiry.

That’s all for now, see you on the next update!!
Warmest Regards;
Phillip Soler"

AntiDDoS Attacked and Downtime Websites

We received a report today that all sites hosted by the AntiDDoS are down AGAIN. They are currently experiencing a massive attack which resulted to inaccessibility of so many sites being hosted. This is not the first time this incident has ever happened. In fact this down-times have been happening too frequently in the past two weeks already.

Also, there are other host providers experiencing the same attacks. Most common site that are affected by attacks and are down today are the following: MajesticProfits, SkyCrown, Finvance, PipsFund, EVO Profit & PerfectFinance.

The recent series of attacks done to the different host providers from the HYIP industry are getting more common and frequent and I just hope that they will be doing something more drastic about this. It is already given that there are people who have nothing to do in life but attack the hosts, and try blackmailing different admins or programs just so to produce cash for their selfish ego through DDoS attacks. The least that these "AntiDDoS" provider can do is to protect their consumers and UPDATE their system frequently specially if their current system cannot handle such attacks anymore. They keep asking for this huge amount of money monthly only to provide incompetent results. Why do I say so? Like I've said, this is not the first, nor the second time it has happened. Much more, a series of attacks just within the week or two weeks time. If the progress is not enough, then the progress is no good at all. The consumers are entitled to the service that they are paying. These AntiDDoS are marketing are much more expensive protection than the others but how come they cannot provide that quality worth the consumers paid. They need to do something about this!

Lastly, if you think these cases should be taken likely, you better think again because if a particular program will be down for over 12 hours at least, it can really harm them! In fact it can lead to the programs' downfall! Imagine how much of a money can programs lose with thousands of members to be paid on the day where they are not earning. So I do hope you guys will also understand why I am frustrated about this situation. Not only are the program admins frustrated about this issue but also the investors who will be loosing money once the program decides to close shop too!

If you can and you will, I would appreciate it if you help raise the alarm and awareness of the people in the industry. Let this venting message of mine reach these host providers so that they may also know the consequences of the negligence they are causing.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Scam Warning

We received another newsletter from a Scamming website today, Profita Unlimited.

Please be informed that Profita Unlimited with domain has long been marked as NOT PAYING website. Please do not fall for this cheap trick!

DO NOT INVEST in this program. Stay tune for the weekly scam reports later today.

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Count Down for The HYIP Bulletin Program of October

Super great day to all my loving subscribers! I cannot thank you enough for all the support you have given to me!

First, I started The HYIP Bulletin's survey with the hope of finding the best programs today. Much to my surprise, an unimaginable support has come my way and that will not be possible without you guy's help! Special mention to Amanda of 771 Finance and Blue of PrimeX7 who broadcasted my website to their members, but no thanks for running away with our cash! And to PexPay who gave their support to The HYIP Bulletin!

I would also like to thank those who relentlessly and religiously vote for their programs everyday! You have no idea how much I am thankful to you guys!

Next, in a span of 3 weeks time since I started putting up the subscriber button, I am soooooo soooo sooo overwhelmed by the number of you who subscribed! I never did imagine that I will have as much as 566 subscribers in just a very small amount of time! The funny thing before the subscribing button began, it took me almost 3 weeks to figure out as to how I am going to send newsletter to the readers of The HYIP Bulletin! NO KIDDING!!! Thank you to those who kept on send me emails to please please please put subscribe button already! LMAO... Without that drive, I would not have this much subscribers! I love you guys so much!

Lastly, I am SUPAH excited to announce to you that the FINAL stretch for this month's survey is nearing! In just a few more hours we will now be able to determine our very FIRST TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM OF THE MONTH! I have added something on the website and you are now able to see the remaining number of hours left for voting! So what are you waiting for! Invite your family, friends, relatives, enemies and even aliens to vote for our very first TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM OF THE MONTH!

Thank you guys once again! I love you!

Felmina Alliance Newsletter

Felmina Alliance, one of out Top Most Favorite Program and is consistently included in the rankings sent out a newsletter today. Felmina Alliance is a long term program offering 1-1.6% per day with a minimum deposit of $20.

The company capitalizes in US Stocks and Bonds and earns its interest from it to pay the members of the said program. Unfortunately, due to the serious threats of the Hurricane Sandy which is fast approaching New York area, operations are then seized and thus there won't be payments on the said program for October 29 and October 30.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear thehyipbulletin,

Security Code: 18230I

This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.


Due to Hurricane Sandy approaching the New York area, no US stocks and bonds will be traded on Monday and Tuesday. The official statement has been made by NYSE.
Since our operations are dependent on the US stocks and bonds, no interest will be paid on Monday, October 29, 2012 and Tuesday, October 30, 2012.
Interest payments will resume on Wednesday, October 31, 2012.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome."

Perfect Finance: Happy First Month!

Perfect Finance, one of our consistent Top Most Favorite Program from the Survey Poll and was born last September 29, 2012 sends out their third newsletter to its members to celebrates its first month online today!

The said program offers 2.7-3% daily for 60 calendar days with principal back after term in decent range of payment processors such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, Solid Trust Pay and Ego Pay. It also has a 3-level referral system wherein you can receive 5%,2, and 1% from levels 1,2 and 3 respectively.

Perfect Finance is a company that brags with the quality of service and transparency that no other programs can be of par and this is the reason as to why they have now a total of 6,000 active members in a very short time of 30 days! They also have an impressive amount of deposits which has already reached $820,000.

The said newsletter also contains some reminders about reading the FAQs due to the fact that questions sent out already have their answers in the FAQ. I would have to agree too that instead of the time being spent on replying to the questions which have these readily answered questions, more time would then be alloted to the much more important issues which definitely can help the program as a whole. Examples of the very important issue the company is facing right now, and I do believe is not just Perfect Finance but all the programs, is the STP issue. Some cash outs and instant withdrawals appear to be missing or did not reflect at all because of the recent changes in STP. Perfect Finance has explained that this is not the fault on their side by on STP's. And that the members need not worry because these cash outs will still be given upon reporting of the issue via their Live support or via Chat.

Lastly, they are informing all the members that Perfect Finance is currently planning and preparing for the Regional Representative Program which will be announced soon.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear investors and website promoters of Perfect Finance Limited,With this announcement we would like to take a chance and express our gratitude to all of our current members, who have chosen Perfect Finance Limited for their ultimate business partner online. This is our third newsletter addressed to all registered clients of our website. As always, you can read our newsletters and important updates at our official news page here: and our official blog here:

1) Perfect Finance - First Month in the Online Investment Business.Today, Monday the 29th October, is a very special date for Perfect Finance Limited. It is exactly one month ago when we launched our investment program online, making it possible for people to achieve their financial goals in the most modern and hassle-free way. Our investment program is already well recognized among online investors and is getting the number one choice for their online asset management. We are looking forward for a long-lasting cooperation with our existing and potential clients. We should mention that institutions and small businesses alike also chosen Perfect Finance for their asset management and business instrument to grow their funds.2) The Recent Rapid Growth and Statistics of Our Investment Project.As of now, Perfect Finance already serves over 6000 active investors from all over the world. Our investors already deposited over $820,000 and we aim to reach the 1 Million USD mark very soon. With your support and cooperation this won't take too long due to the recent rapid growth of our investment company. We believe that our company's transparency and high customer service level is the reason why we stand out from the crowd. Perfect Finance does not provide you with unrealistic and fake information about statistics like many does, therefor we are receiving tons of positive feedbacks from our customers thanking our business approach.3) Reminder About Frequentely Asked Questions Page.We are constantly receiving the same questions about the nature of our business model, how long it will last, whether one can refer family members from the same computer and so on. It is also important and useful for our existing investors to read this information:
Should you have any question that is not answered there, please feel free to contact us by calling our company, submitting the support ticket or chatting with our live chat operators. They will guide you trough the investment procedure from basic to most complex questions. Please visit the support center here:

4) Recent SolidTrustPay Issues.It is also important to address the recent issues with SolidTrustPay transactions. Some of you noticed missing deposits and pending withdrawals when they used to be instant. Please note that the problem is not related with Perfect Finance's functionality or whatsoever; STP is undergoing maintenance from time to time and/or is performing upgrades and that causes the mentioned issues. However, missing deposits are still being credited manually to your account upon submitted support ticket or live chat session about the case. We all hope that STP will resolve this soon so we all can have a smooth and stable operation of investing and withdrawing the funds with this e-currency.5) Preparing the Regional Representative Program.Many investors wanted to apply as regional representatives for our investment program in their country, to promote our investment program and help new investors understanding the functionality of Perfect Finance. The program is currently being planned and everyone will have the chance to become the official representative of Perfect Finance. One will have the chance to promote us by organizing offline seminars, answering potential client calls and e-mails. Representative will be required to understand the functions and structure of Perfect Finance and it's investment plan. We will send the application form and requirements to all our customers within the next days.

We are looking forward for the next successful and fortunate business month at Perfect Finance and all it's clients. You can expect more support languages and contact options at our website in the near future as well as other great additions that you will enjoy. Thank you for your trust and cooperation with Perfect Finance Limited.
"The man who will use his skill and constructive imagination to see how much he can give for a dollar, instead of how little he can give for a dollar, is bound to succeed." – Henry Ford
Think positive, think outside the box and you will always succeed at what you do - this is our own ideology here at Perfect Finance staff and employees. 
Best Regards,
Christopher Walters"

Royal Union and PrimeX7 on Scam Status

Two programs today have stopped paying and are now confirmed on the scam listing.

Royal Union and PrimeX7 did not send out cash outs for the past two days now and despite multiple attempts of contacting the said admins of the two programs, no reply was received and all efforts were in vain.

Take note also that Royal Union sent out another email informing members that they have introduced a new plan which is 200% in just 3 days. Definitely it is very IMPOSSIBLE for a program to sustain such program, so my dear subscribers and readers please do not fall in this trap.

Please do not invest in these programs any further.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The HYIP Bulletin Now Accepts Payment Via PexPay

Good day loyal subscribers. I have very good news for you. I are happy to inform everyone that The HYIP Bulletin is partnered with PexPay. We are also very happy to announce that The HYIP Bulletin now accepts payments via the said payment processor.

PexPay is one of the latest emerging and preferred payment processor of the online market and is also becoming a widely accepted payment processor in the HYIP industry.

In the next few days, The HYIP Bulletin will be conducting an exclusive interview with the CEO of PexPay. If you have some questions, comments, concerns or suggestions that needs to be addressed during the said interview, please feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

Tune in for the said interview to be published soon!

Latest HYIP Added: FRMOEG + Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added a new program in My Own List today. Frmoeg, the latest program created by Jacob has now been finally released. For those who do not have any idea who this admin is, Jacob was the previous owner of the program IntraFunds which was forced to close shops after 2 weeks time due to some "difficulties." Nevertheless, do take note that he is the first Admin to explicitly admit that he is running a ponzi scheme and also the first I know that sent out refunds after the program's closure. I am not sure as to why he has done this, which some are even speculating that he might just be leading investors into the new program which will not last long again, but a refund is a refund and it is up to you guys if you are going to join the said new program or not. Also do take note that he has mentioned in this news program that this will be his last  and if things do not go out well once again, he still is going to issue refunds.

Frmoeg is an abbreviation for Fei-Ranis Model Of Economic Growth, which is a dualism model in developmental economics or welfare economics developed by John C.H Fei and Gustav Ranis. According to this theory, the primitive sector consists of the existing agricultural sector in the economy, and the modern sector is the rapidly emerging but small industrial sector. I find this significant to be relayed because even I am amused as to how Jacob connects his program to the said dual sectors. If we are going to analyze this move, I would say that Jacob has done his research more than we do. Nevertheless, for the more experienced HYIP players, they do not really mind this that much.

As for the investment plans, the program offers two - daily and weekly. Both plans have the same minimum deposit which is $20 and maximum of $14,999.99. The daily plan pays 5% per day for 30 calendar days with principal included while the weekly plan pays 20% weekly for 6 weeks. If we are going to compute for the ROI, the daily plan gives you a total of 50% profit after 30 days, while the weekly plan gives you 120% after 42 days. This does not make sense at all because even if compounding is available in the weekly plan, it still gives a much lower profit in the end. Thus, I would have to recommend you guys to stick to the first investment plan. If you are still confused, you are very much free to use the calculator available on the site to plan for your investments.

Frmoeg accept deposits from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and EgoPay. For cash-outs, you will need to log in to your account and request your payouts which you will receive within the next 24 hours with a minimum of $0.01. Requests can be done every day except during Sundays. He might be honoring his religion which could connect to having a day off on Sunday or just simply a regular rest day for him. Frmoeg also offers a referral program of 4% commission for every deposit from the payment processors of your direct referrals.

On the technical side, Frmoeg runs off with a licensed Probiz Script which is a notch higher than other scripts' rating and the site is fully SSL-encrypted by GlobalSign. The program is hosted by CloudFlare which might be a bit too much on average for the industry but is backed up by the dedicated server of RackSpace Cloud. The cost is a little higher than the rest, but with that comes a lot more dependable up-time and a better bandwidth.  You get what you paid for, and, from my studies, Rackspace is as competitively priced as the other top players in this space.

The wordings of the program is pretty much personalized and when I say personalized I mean it literary. There is not much to read other than Jacob telling you about his program, what he is running, and how he is getting the funds to pay you. You can say that it is very upfront and transparent to the investors. It will then depend on the investors if they like the approach to invest in a ponzi program or not. For support or questions you can reach Jacob either via the live chat box or via a support ticket if he is offline. 

Lastly, before I am going to end this review, I once again want to remind you that we are in the HYIP industry and there is no definite results as to what and which programs are going to last, I strongly advise to always take the necessary precaution and exercise due diligence. Consider investing in Frmoeg as part of your wide and diverse portfolio. Lastly, invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose.

Finvance Server Downtime

Finvance as we all know by know has become one of the most successful program in the HYIP industry. The program is offering one investment plan which is 8% per day for 20 business days and has been online for 105 days now.

Unfortunately, Mark, the admin of Finvance, reported that their server experienced some severe attack on BlockDos’ DNS infrastructure which prompted them to update the DNS servers. This is the reason as to why the website cannot be accessed as of the moment.

While the propagation of the new DNS is ongoing, Mark is also happy to announce that the fixing of their Currency Exchange feature is now back up and functional.

PrimeX7 Now On Problem Status

We received escalations today from other investors and boards that PrimeX7 is doing some selective cash outs.

As normal procedure for such incidents, the said program will then be planed on Problem status and will only be changed is admin has explained their side with the next 24 hours. 

Failure to give an update can lead to the program being marked as scam.

Phinanci Contest Winners + 1 Month Celebration

Another program from our Free Listing Section sends out a newsletter today announcing the winners of their latest contest. Phinance offers two investment plans with 120% ROI after 20 days with a minimum of $10 for the deposit and 150% ROI or 1% profit per day for 50 days for $50 minimum deposit. It is worth taking note that after 1 month online, Phinanci has now reached a total of 1000 members and with $50,000 paid back.

The following are the winners of their contest:
goldendigger; nautilus83; moneyrocks; hemsagar; Phoenix14; easywang; surfer57; surfluv; ebusiness; wbrightfl; luifer; humdgz; pstovall; moneyup; kunteppei; tahoaquoc; antant; hunattila; mohamedzamorano; Stef26; cyberdigi; bobby120; justcantlose; Armynu; mshort; zainirye.

Phinanci is also announcing their next contest which is a testimonial contest. All the members have to do is to post and share you experiences with Phinanci and winners will be receiving $5-25 bonus on their account.

They are also planning way ahead for the upcoming New Year. Not sure if this is a good time to mention such, but it is part of their marketing strategy I suppose to inform the members and possible members that they will be staying longer in the industry. Up to New Year at least in this point of the newsletter. 

Lastly, they also mentioned that they have done some minor changing on their website design so as to fix the issue of some graphics overlapping each other.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"1 Month Online
Today Phinanci celebrates 1 month online with flawless performance and unstoppable payments.

Closing in on 1000 members and with more than $50,000 paid back to everyone in earnings already, we are growing bigger and stronger each day. We are extremely happy to be a part of such success and we would like to thank each one of you for helping us achieving such great results. Especially our “old school” blog members who have shared Phinanci with their readers are high on the contribution list. Thumbs Up!
So what’s next?

We have new features coming up, like Live Chat where members will be able to address their issues and get the resolved instantly. As with all growth, the level of support must also increase to suit all members needs.

Our first contest has received a fantastic response and we are proud to announce the winners: goldendigger; nautilus83; moneyrocks; hemsagar; Phoenix14; easywang; surfer57; surfluv; ebusiness; wbrightfl; luifer; humdgz; pstovall; moneyup; kunteppei; tahoaquoc; antant; hunattila; mohamedzamorano; Stef26; cyberdigi; bobby120; justcantlose; Armynu; mshort; zainirye.

Please check your payment accounts for a surprise prize – congratulations!! We are planning to have similar contests running on a monthly basis and perhaps a few more around Christmas time for us all to celebrate this cosy get-together time of year. Easter and other holidays will also have special themed contests.

Testimonial Contest
Our next contest is about sharing testimonials with everyone. You will find a link to submit a testimonial within your account area. Share your experience so far with Phinanci and automatically enter into a draw between the best-written versions. Submit as poems, ponderings, jokes, fairytales or anything that takes your fancy to make your testimonial special and the best will win awards ranging between $5-25 directly sent to their payment processor.

We have a nice uplifting surprise coming up in the New Year 2013. We are planning ahead of time and want to be able to accommodate our ever-growing membership base to the fullest of our potential, which is still to be seen and experienced.
Our layout and designWe have received a fair amount of comments regarding our design, so we have decided to address this to all members for reference.Our liquid layout is easy to read and navigate and all out containers are completely based on that viewpoint, rather than the initial container block. It moves in and out when you resize your browser window, so that the page is constantly “filled”. Consequently, every fixed pixel-base layout becomes “scalable”; the content area always remains within the layout box as it is supposed to be and there is no change of producing overlapping boxes as we have seen in the pervious generation of web-browsers.

Team Phinanci
Follow Phinanci on Twitter and Facebook"

InvStrategy LTD Celebrates 30 Days Online!

We received a newsletter today from one of the programs enlisted in our Free Listing Section.

InvStrategy, short to mid term program offering 120-170% after 1-3 days or 240-670% for 6-15 days, has reached 30 days old today. Considering the fact that the program is offering higher than the other programs, we can say that this is a huge accomplishment from the program. I can only imagine the efforts exerted on the said program should be really high to be able to maintain the said high return rate. Thus we can say that at least, most of those who have joined earlier or the said program are now on profit.

Supposedly, the said newsletter should be a good news for the investors since they have reached 1 month online and all that, but what struck me most is the fact that they are adding a much more higher investment portfolio which for me does not fit into the picture. Frankly speaking, I am suspecting that this could be one of the possible signs of an impending downfall for the said program. The new plan is just too unrealistically high and no professional HYIP player would take it as something good.

They also mentioned that their company is a real registered company, and that you can view their certificates on their website from now on. This also raised my alarm signals too. Why show the certificates just now? Is it to justify and cover up the unimaginable increase of rate for the new plan?

Nevertheless, I could be mistaken too. I will leave it to your judgement as to how you are going to take this news.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Dears!

As you may know my name is Steven Alonso and I am general manager of InvStrategy website.

I am happy to say that we successfully passed 30 days online, with total = almost 3,400 members registered and more than 200 thousands dollars = already deposited to our investment plans. I am glad to see so many = members who already in profit and I hope we will reach 1 million dollars = deposits in near future. Anyway, by my opinion it's already fantastic = result and InvStrategy team is glad with current level of growth.

Well, let`s talk about good news!
Due to numerous requests from many of our respected investors of InvStrategy, we are now introducing a = new short term plan, which will offer you a very high return within a = short interval of time. Our new plan is a =931680% after 30 days=94, which = means you will be returned a total of 1000-1680% of your deposit after 30 = calendar days. The total Return On Investment (ROI) for this plan will be = 1680%, out of which, 100% will be your principal, and 1580% will be your = clear profit. For instance, if you make an investment of $1000 in this = plan, your total return after 30 calendar days will be $16800, out of = which, $1000 will be your principal, and $15800 will be your clear profit. = More short term and profitable plans you can find on your =93Make = deposit=94 page. Besides, you can find investment calculator on our = homepage.

Many InvStrategy clients always = ask me - is InvStrategy real registered company?
My answer is yes. InvStrategy group LTD is a subject of United kingdom = (UK) regulations and located in London.
From now on, you have opportunity to check out Certificate of = Incorporation on a new special page:

Join us on Facebook and Twitter:

That`s all news for today, Dear customers.
I hope you enjoy your profit and thanks to be part of InvStrategy.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a profitable week,
Steven Alonso
InvStrategy Group Limited"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Diamond Asset Announces A Delay In STP Pay Outs

Diamond Asset, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the Survey Poll and is offering 1.8-2.5% daily for up to 120 business days, sends out a newsletter today about some delays in the pay outs of STP funds.

SolidTrustPay had been reported to do an overhaul update on the designs of their website and this is one of the main reasons as to why the said payment processor has been done lately. Because of the popularity of the said payment processor, it has now become one of the most used currency online.

As more and more programs are accepting the said currency, it is of no wonder that STP has to do some updating on their website, from system processes to designs. This will help bring in more influx of investors and users of their program. One obvious result to this is to make the website more appealing.

Since STP's said update is taking more than 24 hours to be finished, some programs are also affected by such progress. One of the affected programs is Diamond Asset. To settle down the worried investors of the said program, they had sent out a newsletter to explain the current situation.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Client,
This update is strictly for those who has pending withdrawal(s) on SolidTrust Pay. You may have notice that SolidTrust Pay website has been down for more than 24 hours and that\'s the reason why all withdrawals via STP are still pending. We will process all pending withdrawals as soon STP website is UP.

Thank you choosing Diamond Asset.

Diamond Asset Staff."

Sirius Union and Monetary Club Confirmed Scam

After multiple attempts of trying to contact the admins of the two programs, unfortunately we did not receive any feedback from them.

Thus the said two programs, namely Sirius Union and Monetary Club are now tagged under scam status.

PrimeX7 Expanding Program Coverage

PrimeX7, our current featured program of the month and the current leading Top Most Favorite Program from our Survey Poll sends out a good news to the members today.

The said newsletter talks about expanding their marketing coverage and has added another monitoring site in their program - Hyipnews.

As previously announced by the admin, PrimeX7 experienced some delays in the payment for about 12-24 hours due to the fact that they are manually adding up the 7% anepd 3.5% bonus from the promo which is going to run until 31st of this month. (You can read more about the said promo here). To make the processing of the said bonus faster, they had to coordinate with their technical tell so as to have a faster and automated addition of the said bonus.

Now that the said feature and their program script has been adjusted, we can expect cash outs to be one our way. (Update, I just got my two pending cash outs today).

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola
We are growing stronger and stronger everyday.

We have added some new marketing plan to stabilize PrimeX7.

We have currently added them as our new monitor. We believe they can help us grow and open a wider market .

More are coming. So does your payout and bonus.



Carbon Deals Weekend Update

Carbon Deals, one of our Top Most Favorite Program from the survey poll and is offering 3.6-5.2% daily for 8-10 weeks sends out their weekend newsletter today.

Carbon Deals has been quite popular even at its early stage and this is a no wonder since they already reached a very good number of 1000 members in just 2 days from the opening. Today, after two weeks time they are continually growing and is now at 3000 members milestone. This is a very good celebration for the program.

They are also sharing the good news that more and more of the American market is noticing them too. I quote from their newsletter "The recent market turmoil and closures actually sent a larger market share our way. Many of the smarter investors are beginning to realize that Carbon deals is the only safe investment available on the current market.

Carbon Deals assure their investors that as sheer number of investors are coming their way, this will not affect the usual business process, and despite the fact that every department of theirs are getting more busy, every cash outs or queries will still be entertained the soonest possible.

Let us hope nothing but best of luck to Carbon Deals as they tackle this new endeavors of theirs.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Esteemed Members,
I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far.
Everything is business as usual here at Carbon deals.
The relentless enthusiasm of our investors is on a constant rise. This keeps us continuously busy, on our toes and why not, maybe even energized.

Today we have just passed the 3000 members milestone and we are well on our way to even greater numbers.
This second week, the American market started catching up to the rest, as more and more US investors are interested in what we have to offer.

The recent market turmoil and closures actually sent a larger market share our way. Many of the smarter investors are beginning to realize that Carbon deals is the only safe investment available on the current market.

A certain tension could be felt by our live chat department this week though.
Even though the payment generation problems have been fully fixed early this week and there has been no delayed earning since, an increasing number of members ask about when profits are going to get posted and what is taking so long. Many of these inquiries come the same day the deposits were made....

While I am sure a tense market isn't doing investors any favors, please understand that your earnings are going to get posted regularly, every day, without interruption. Carbon deals is currently thriving and will be for the foreseeable future.
Cashout Requests are being processed at increased speed, in an effort to keep you waiting for as little as possible.
Thank you all for the support!

Best Regards,
Peter Neperus"

Saturday, October 27, 2012

HotBestFund, GoldenEconomy and AfriInvestment on Problem Status

Latest Update on our problem status programs are HotBestFund, GoldenEconomy and AfriInvestment. These three programs have already stopped paying so please do not invest further.

On the other side of the story, SiriusUnion and Monetary Club are now on the Scam Listing.

Finvance Starts Weekly Newsletter

Finvance, one of our Top Most Favorite Program and undoubtedly one of the best and most successful program today have sent out their very first weekly newsletter today. Finvance offers 8% daily for 28 business days with a minimum of $20 as deposit. They accepts all major currencies such as Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay. What sets them apart from the other programs, which is also one of the major reasons as to why the program has become extremely sucessful is its unique FREE CURRENCY EXCHANGE. This means that you can request a different currency as a means of payment without any charge.

Newsletters have become a practice by admins to keep their members updated with the program's current status, but often times used only when programs or certain programs or promo arise.

This move is a very good initiative by Finvance, although not unique, but considering the fact that they are now one of the biggest program in the industry, it is necessary to keep their members updated from what is happening from time to time.

The said newsletter talks about the total acitve deposits of the account which has already reached a "WOW" amount of $6.5M ($6,500,000.00) USD. Considering the achievements of the said program, I do not think that there could be exagerration in here, and if ever there is then it definitely is not that much since clearly Finvance has already proven its worth and backed up with the sheer number of active members they do have.

Finvance is already reminding their members of the current pay out schedules which was changed 2 days ago. With the number of accounts that their system is doing and cash outs also done manually for security reasons, it is not a mystery that some cash outs can reach up to 48 hours, or even 72 hours for those having STP as currency.

Lastly, Finvance has to deal with the overload system of the FREE CURRENCY EXCHANGE. Most of the members have come for this particular feature of the program and we can have a theory that this system has been used, over used, and perhaps misused by the members (we do not have a definite and concrete proof or say to this) but I think this is a very good moment for the company to replenish funds which could have gone dry over the past few weeks.

Nevertheless, Finvance has, have and will remain strong for the next days to come. Like I've said, at this point in time already, Finvance has nothing more to prove.

"Hello Investors,

We are going to be starting an end of week newsletter and this is our first! It will address Finvance as a whole and also allow everyone to peek into Finvance a little as well. As of today, Friday, we have over $6.5m ($6,500,000.00) USD in active deposits. That is an amazing increase in active deposits for one week. Today, Friday alone, we processed over $280,000 in withdrawals. Missing deposits will be added throughout this weekend (Interest is earned Monday through Friday). Please be patient with our team if you have submitted the missing deposit information to us.

I would also like to re-iterate our payout schedule. It is extremely important all our members are aware of this, as there are less and more withdrawal requests on a day to day basis. Our workload fluctuates, so we have set this timeline below so we have workable room to provide every investor a positive experience with Finvance.

Liberty Reserve Withdrawals: Up to 48 Business Hours
Perfect Money Withdrawals: Up to 48 Business Hours
EgoPay Withdrawals: Up to 48 Business Hours
SolidTrustPay Withdrawals: 48-72 Business Hours

Our exchange system is under a technical maintenance, and I am expecting it to be online by the beginning of the new work week or possibly even late Saturday or Sunday. Thank you to the over 10,000 members who on a daily basis use our free exchange system. We are excited to offer it and get it back online again for you.

As always, we urge all our members to read our FAQ:

Thank you for making Finvance #1 in this industry and helping Finvance continue to break membership and investment records each and every week. This passed week was no exception. We not only broke our single day amount of investments record this week, but we also broke our new membership weekly record this week.


Top Most Favorite Program of The Month Climax

Good day everyone. The HYIP Bulletin started doing ranking survey this month of October with the intention of trying to identify the Top Most Favorite Program. Having said this, we created a survey form wherein all HYIP investors and players can vote for their favorite program.

It is with great pleasure and honor that the said Survey has now become one of the most anticipated rankings in the industry. I am very grateful to all the help and support that you guys have, but most specially to the subscribers. Without you guys, The HYIP Bulletin will not be able to attain such victory.

Now that the last week of the month has come, we are very much excited to see the very first program that will be placed in our Top Most Favorite HYIP Of the Month Hall Of Fame.

We invite you to continue voting for the said survey and see it through as we crown our very first Top Most Favorite HYIP Program of the month.


Sirius Union and Monetary Club on Problem Status

We received a warning update from the monitoring boards that Sirius Union and Monetary Club has stopped paying today.

Please do not invest further in these programs unless advised.

Diamond Asset Weekly Update

Diamond Asset, one of the programs who is consistently in our Top Most Favorite Programs, sends out its usual weekly report today. Nothing new has changed in the said program except for the usual and prompt cash outs. Diamond Asset has become a very good and stable program now and is also one of my favorites.

Diamond Asset is a long term HYIP offering 1.8-2.5% daily for 120 business days. At the end of the term, they are also offering your principal back. It also offers a referral commission of 5% for every deposits done. They are also inviting everyone to follow them in their Facebook and twitter accounts to receive news and updates about the said program faster.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear Client,

Thank you for maintaining investment relationship with Diamond Asset.

This is to inform you that all Interest Payments for this week has been successfully processed. We appreciate your patronage and invite you to FOLLOW us on Facebook and Twitter, this will enable you to get our Latest News and Updates faster;


Best Regards,
Support Team."

PrimeX7 Bonuses Now Sent

PrimeX7, current TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM and our current featured program of the month and is offering 7% daily for 23 days or 157-307% for 7 to 28 days sends out a reminder to their members before ending the weekdays. You can see the full interview of their, Blue, here.

PrimeX7 has been growing tremendously fast lately and has been receiving very good reviews from their members. This is all thanks to the dynamic admin headed by Blue. PrimeX7 is once again reminding their members about the existing promo bonus of 7% for direct deposits from payment processors and 3.5% from account balances which will be lasting until the 31st of this month in celebration for the upcoming 1st month of the program.

As a weekly practice, she is also informing everyone that all transactions of Perfect Money and EgoPay have been processed while Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay are on progress.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

Hope you have enjoyed your 7% / 3.5% Extra Bonus for your deposit.
Perfect Money and EgoPay Withdrawals have all be processed.
LR and STP are still in progress.

Please be patient and we will not miss you request.
Enjoy the weekend and PrimeX7 are still working and paying during the weekend. 


NewGNi Newsletter

One of out TOP MOST FAVORITE PROGRAM and can be considered as one of the legendary HYIP because of the longevity and stability of the program has sent out a newsletter after a long silence.

NewGNi, perhaps the longest running program offering 1% daily or 6% weekly with an option for principal returned after 180 days, in the industry wants to say hello to us all and of course the most effective way to do so is via a newsletter. The reason why we have not heard from there for a while is because of the fact that there is nothing much of a change that has happened in the program. It has remained strong and stable. Nevertheless, just like any good programs, it has to say its hi and hellos from time to time. 

Another good reason as to why NewGNi has sent out a newsletter is because of the fact that SolidTrustPay today cannot be access which leads to some delays in the payments. This definitely needs to be explained to the members of NewGNi or it could start a panic having the notion that it has been silent for a bit. This is to break that wrong idea.

Lastly, they are also reminding their members of the existing Sweepstakes contest for the month of October 2012. This is in connection to the new emerging payment processor who is become more and more popular. They will be giving out three lucky winners of $50 PexPay funds.

If you want to know more about the details of the said sweetstakes, you can be directed here.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Dear clients, friends and fans 

After two weeks absence from sending out newsletters, I think it's time to touch base and to say Hello.

Nothing really happened during the last couple of weeks - so there was no need to issue a newsletter, but as we all know no news are good news!

We have achieved our goal of a very stable gradient growth over the last few months and are therefore very pleased how newGNi evolved during the course of 2012.

Now - while I am writing to you, Chris informed me that SolidTrust Pay is currently not loading, happened just during the time we usually process withdrawal requests. So if you are expecting a SolidTrust Pay withdrawal request - we will try again later and if we can't connect by then, we will process them by tomorrow morning. We won't let you wait until Monday!

Before I go, please allow me to remind you about our Sweepstakes contest for the month of October 2012:

This month we are giving away three times $50 in CASH to your PexPay account - the new emerging payment processor from the U.S., which is becoming more and more popular among our members. You can participate in our monthly competition here or via our Facebook page. The competition closes at noon (GMT) October 31th.

Until next time, take care and all the best,

Follow newGNi on
Twitter, Facebook and MNO"

Friday, October 26, 2012

Finvance Free Exchange System

Finvance, one of the most successful HYIP and one of our Top Most Favorite Program and is offering an 8% daily for 28 days, sent out a newsletter today regarding their unique FREE EXCHANGE SYSTEM.

As one of the leading programs in the industry and over 50,000 active members, Finvance can easily be categorized as a the most successful program. One of the adverse effects of having too many members in the account is the possibility of database crashes. This is actually a normal incident considering the fact that the information could overload the database.

Unfortunately, Finvance experienced a technical issue today regarding their unique FREE EXCHANGE SYSTEM. As a resolution, they have already escalated the issue and a term around time is provided by their service technicians to be fully optimized early next week.

Nevertheless, all transactions are still on going and is up to date.

Latest HYIP Added: Majestic Profits + Review

The HYIP Bulletin has added a new program in My Own List today. MajesticProfits is a brand new program that opened two days ago. It offers six investment plans and varies depending on how much you are going to deposit.

The minimum amount for deposit starts at $20 and with 2.8% daily interest for 65 calendar days and goes as high as 5% daily for a $10001 deposit.

MP JUNIOR2.8% daily65 days$20 $1,500
MP START2.9% daily65 days$1,501 $3,000
MP POPULAR3.0% daily65 days$3,001 $5,000
MP ADVANCE3.5% daily65 days$5,001 $7,500
MP PERFECT4.0% daily65 days$7,501 $10,000
MP PRO5.0% daily65 days$10,001 No limit

One thing that also sets MajesticProfits apart is the 4-level referral system. Unlike other referral systems, there is a limit to how many referrals can be registered in a specific level. Level A offers 6% for 1-10 referrals, Level B offers 5% for 11-15 referrals , Level C offers 4% for 16-22 referrals and Level D offers 2% for 23 up referrals. It also ALLOWS multiple accounts in one IP address which is actually rare in the industry.

Although I am not a fan of compounding, MajesticProfits has a compounding feature which you can set up at desired rate. They also offer principal return feature at the end of term. This will then give you further good earnings upon maturity.

MajesticProfits accept deposits from LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay and BankWire Deposits. For cash-outs, you will be able to receive your requested amount either instantly or within the next 12 hours if the instant feature fails with a minimum of $0.01 required to make a request.

On the technical side, MajesticProfit runs off with a licensed GoldCoders script and is fully SSL-encrypted by the now very established Comodo to protect your personal information. It is also hosted by a dedicated server of AntiDdos.

The wordings of the said site are pretty mashed up. This means that you can notice some copy-paste sentences common on different programs, so I will not go further in this section.

For support, you can either reach them through a live chat support (unfortunately, I was never able to verify since I have not chat with the customer support despite having an "online" button and is only prompted to send a message instead) and an email support if they are not around. You can also reach them on their official Facebook website or follow them on their tweeter account.

But what I like most about MajesticProfits is that despite how young this mid-long term program is, it is already registered in multiple monitoring sites which is a big plus. In fact, this is one of the few programs that have so many monitoring sites registered right off the bat. We can have a good conclusion that enough time and marketing planning has been put into it  before its launching.

Nevertheless, since we are in the HYIP industry and there is no definite results as to what and which programs are going to last, I strongly advise to always take the necessary precaution and exercise due diligence. Consider investing in MajesticProfits as part of your wide and diverse portfolio. Lastly, invest in the amount that you are always ready to lose.

Featured Program of the Month Interview Part 2

The HYIP Bulletin proudly brings you once again our Featured Program of the Month. The Featured Program of the Month section brings you exclusive first hand news, updates and interviews from the admin of the program themselves.

Our featured Program for this month is no other than our current Top Most Favorite Program, PrimeX7. we have already done our first interview with them (found here) and we are once again gathered to get to know more about PrimeX7 through the admin herself - Marion "Blue" Bumbacher.

So seat back, relax and enjoy the show! PrimeX7 Interview Part 2

PrimeX7 Latest Surprise Treat

PrimeX7, our currently reigning Top Most Favorite Program and offering 7% daily for 23 days and other diverse investment plans such as 157%-207% after 7 to 28 days sends out another surprise treat for us all.

A few days ago PrimeX7 sends out an invitation to all the members of the said program to participate for "The Battle of the Primes" contest. This was originally designed to help the company grow and to ultimately celebrate the program's first month online.

Today, they have added another exciting mechanics to the said contest to heat things up for the celebration of their first month. I would say that everyone can participate in it and everyone can definitely benefit from it. A 7% bonus will be given to all those who will be doing a deposit via their payment processors and another 3.5% bonus for those who will be depositing via their account balances in the next 7 days.

Here is the entire newsletter:

"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 

One of our main goals in PrimeX7 is to share with you the feeling of belongingness, uniqueness and true ease. To emphasize on this matter, we have already brought you "The Battle of The Primes" for our existing family members. - But what about the new members?

It is time for us to reveal the true meaning of PrimeX7
Prime is equivalent to first in excellence, while X is for extraordinary and seven is for luck! 
And to heat things up, we will be activating -----
the 7% extra bonus button to all deposits done from payment processors 
AND 3.5% for deposits from your account balance for the next 7 days starting today!

Looking forward to our first month's online celebration!


TivSol Newsletter

TivSol, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and reviewed here recently added has sent out a newsletter today which is composed of three topics - appreciation, expectations and mass advertising/campaign. 

Although TivSol has just started in the industry and has been online for merely a week (6 days to e exact), they have already become one of our Top Most Favorite Programs in a very short span of time. With hundreds of sign ups every day, Philip Soller who is the director of the said program cannot help but thank all the members and new investors for the trust and support they have shown to TivSol.

Philip is also setting up some expectations to the members with regard to the very innovative plan and application of payoneer cards which is exclusive to its members. Although this may take up some time, and perhaps up to a couple of weeks, the company is making sure that the processing of the said cards will be done in the utmost timely manner. 

TivSol is also encouraging all the members to continually support the program by sharing the news about them on the different social medias and blogs online. They are also asking their members to continue to vote and rate for them in the different monitoring sites and forums. 

Lastly, TivSol has vowed to provide only the best services to their members by issuing pay outs within minutes to 24 hours and to make sure that all inquiries and concerns are attended right away. If by the case that you are not satisfied with their services, you are very much welcome to send out a complain or suggestion letter to their complaints department at [email protected]

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Most Valued,
It is with great pleasure that I the director; Philip Soller of Total Investment Solution (Tivsol) write you today’s news update, I am pleased with the reception from the online industry since the very day of opening Tivsol up till this date. Anyway not a long update just to inform you of what to expect this coming weeks and give my words of appreciation.

Appreciation: It’s not a matter of how beautiful our website is; off course they are many more beautiful websites out there or even a case of our personnel, by conviction you choose to join Tivsol believing we will render you the best of online profit making and advertising solution, for this I say Thank you. I am most delighted with every participant of Tivsol, you’re all great people and we hope to continually offer you the quality of services you all desire which is the very BEST.

Expectations: We are still trying to finalize the issuance of Tivsol payoneer cards to our members, from the look of things this might take a few more weeks however we want you all to have your minds relax while looking forward to positive results.

Secondly, Mass advertising /campaigns would be going out, we shall be published in blogs and seen on top forums and monitoring website and we look forward to seeing some of your contributions, login to Talkgold, MMG, DTM, MNO Forum e.t.c, drop a line of what you think about Tivsol, also try to make honest votes this could help strengthen our program as well as serve you better.

Generally, all withdrawal requests are been processed in a minute to 24hours and we address all members with respect, attending to their individual needs and requests, if we have not served you right kindly send a mail to [email protected], it is our policy to treat all members with respect hence we want to evaluate our services and how we need to improve.

Thanks my friends I shall be reaching you from time to time, for now I would like to leave you with my daily quote “As a matter of fact we run Tivsol but it’s all about you”

Sincerely Yours,
Philip Soller

Finvance New Pay-Out Schedules

Finvance, one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and definitely one of the largest HYIP in the industry sent out a newsletter today. It is worth taking note that despite multiple attempts of defaming the company in to put it down, and multiple attempts of creating falsified ratings in the different monitoring boards, Finvance has remained one of the fastest growing and most successful program in the industry.

Offering a daily rate of 8% for 28 days, Finvance has already surpassed the milestone of over 50,000 active members and is continually growing everyday. Finvance has been online for more than 100 days now servicing the 4 major payment processors, namely Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Having witness on how great wonderful their team have been doing, it is of no mystery that have long proven to the HYIP industry how a great this program has become already.

As the company shows, it is their intention to maintain the quality of work that they are servicing to the members. With hundreds and thousands of old and new members signing up or depositing on the system every day, it is of no wonder that Finvance has already reached more than 4 MILLION deposits in the account. The sheer volume and number being put into the system and into their people is so great that they have to device  plan to maintain the caliber of work they have for their people.

Thus to buffer up the said program, they have decided that the original processing time be changed from within 24 hours to 48 hours for Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay while 48-72 hours for SolidTrustPay which is the most used currency. This change will not affect much since Finvance's dedication to customer service and satisfaction will remain of top quality.

If by the case there will be missing deposit issues, Finvance advises you to send out an email to their support team with subject \"Missing Deposit"\.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Finvance Members,

Finvance has surpassed 50,000 active deposits and continues to grow at an amazing rate daily as we pass 100 days online paying to four e-currencies daily: Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. Finvance has proven itself as the top choice for investors.

Due to our rapid growth we are instituting a new payout schedule to provide the best service possible to all our investors. It is a measure we are putting in place before our workload reaches that point, so you will see that we have changed payout times even though the majority of our investors receive their payouts well before the stated time in our FAQ.

Withdrawal requests to Liberty Reserve, PerfectMoney and EgoPay are paid within 48 business hours and the time of day is subject to the change on a daily basis. SolidTrustPay Withdrawals are paid within 48-72 business hours. There is not a set time period for processing withdrawals.

You may view our full FAQ here:

For those experiencing missing deposit issues with EgoPay or SolidTrustPay, please submit an email with the subject \"Missing Deposit\". In the contents of the email, please include your username and the COMPLETE transaction details in text format.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sirius Union: delayed payments

Due to serious attacks on the server host of Sirius Union, they were forced to issue delayed payments. Another reason for this is that they had to transfer to a different host provider because of the continuous massive attacks experienced lately by AntiDDoS, their previous provider.

Fortunately, they are now under a different host and they are hoping that everything will be back to business as usual. As a result to the multiple attacks done, Sirius Union had to delay their payouts and is asking that all the members who requested payouts to due a do the said same request for processing.

Sirius Union is one of our Top Most Favorite Programs and is offering 12% daily for 11 days. To become an active member, you need a minimum of $10 for deposit. It also offers a 15% referral bonus.

Here is the entire newsletter:
"Hello Crispin Irving Vendiola 
Sorry for temporary problems and breaks in site working. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our database after change hosting partner. Now all the technical problems were solved. Please ask for withdrawal again - and we will processed it in our usually mode.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Have a nice day!"

HYIP New Scam List 10/23/2012

Unlike last week, we have few number of programs on the program and closure section. Nevertheless, we should always consider the fact that programs in these sections is very dangerous for investing unless you want to toss your money to them for free.

By definition, problem programs are programs having a delay in pay-out for about 1-2 days time regardless of whatever reason that is (valid or invalid). A pay-out is considered delay if it has passed the pay-out period specified by the program in their FAQ.

On the other hand, closure programs are programs that have already passed more than 2 days without payment and have not explained their side upon attempt of contact.

Here are the lists for last week:

Agro Finance - not paying
JM Fund - not paying
Oil Gold Money - not paying
Online Raise - not paying
Model Fund - not paying
Clean Energy Fund - not paying
Reactor Fund - not paying
CNN Inv - not paying
Martinika Invest - not paying
Libertyreserve Capital - not paying
Best Time Profit - not paying
Mutual-Capital - not paying
Extra Deposit - not paying
Smart Profit - not paying
Aro Investment - not paying
GainBank - not paying 

Invs (13 days)
RIGHTfive (67 days)
Fresh Capitals (30 days)
LibertyPool (20 days)
Solid Progress (8 days)
GBfin Corp (21 days)
Mobile Finance Fund (5 days)
Hourly Benefit (7 days)
Secure Cash Flow (11 days)
Paco Funds (8 days)
Mass Auto Pay (13 days)
Benefit 20 Days (15 days)
Netdeal Club (32 days)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Benson Union Winners for Cash & Prizes!

Finally the results are out for Benson Union's Cash & Prizes!

Benson Union, one of our Top Most Favorite Program who never went down to ranks lower than 3, released a newsletter today for the winners of their latest promo - Cash & Prizes.

Offering 1.2-2.45% per day for 170 business days, Benson Union is now considered to be one of the best long term programs today with a lifetime of 280 days to date. If you want to know the full detail of the said program who has been dominating our Survey Poll every week, you can click here.

Last week, they had a promo for their representatives who are very much active in promoting the said program. Winners are decided basing on how much referral commissions the representatives get and how much active referrals (referrals who deposited) they get.

The winners of the said promo are the following!

You can also view the list here: